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  • The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

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    There is always someone who choose to deny the revelation of Jesus Christ. In this investigation, it will be looked at how Jesus proved himself to the naysayers of his time. This will be accomplished by looking at several different factors that include topics of was Jesus mentally ill when he claimed to be God? How did Jesus prove that he was not only talking the talk but he was also walking the walk? This was done the evidence of the actions he performed. Finally, an evaluation will be done to prove

  • Is Jesus Christ Our Lord?

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    community we are able to bind and connect together through Jesus Christ our Lord. It is time we stop sitting on the sidelines of the field and become the main players when it comes to getting involved in the issues that are going on not only throughout our community and city but as well as national and international issues. This sense of involvement will provide a fulfillment that will come along with a sense of fellowship. Jesus Christ our Lord has placed each and every single one of us on this earth

  • The Revelation Of The Lord Jesus Christ

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    was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God” (John 1:1 KJV). This familiar passage of scripture recorded in the Gospel of John indicates the deity and or preexistence of Jesus Christ prior to time as we know it and before the creation of earth. The strongest proof that the Lord Jesus Christ is God are the divine attributes, divine names, divine works, divine worship, divine claims and divine relationship ascribed to Him. Jesus himself also made claims which could only have been

  • Simon As A Christ Figure Analysis

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    The Christ Figure A Christ figure could be interpreted as an individual that is a manifestation or delegation of Jesus Christ. It is apparent to distinguish a Christ-like human from someone of common characteristics by their alluring behavior. For instance, one could define this feature using appearance, personality, and attitude. The Lord of the Flies is a novel that opens up with a plane departing a group of schoolboys from Britain that had been shot down over a desolate island. Britain had been

  • Personal Statement : God And Jesus Christ

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    beginning I was having a very hard time trying to figure out what Christ like attribute that I need to work on most. As I prayed and ponder and look at the all the Christ like attributes it stood out to was believing. I started to ask myself why, why do I need to need to believe more in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Well going thru this semester I have found out why. There is so many reason why we need to straighten a Christ like attribute. Here are some of the thing that I learned and needed

  • The Corrupted Christ Figure In The Poisonwood Bible

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    The Corrupted Christ Figure A Christ figure can share attributes with Jesus and be the antagonist of the story. In Thomas C. Foster’s novel How to Read Literature like a Professor, he analyzes what a Christ figure looks like in literature. He argues that a character who shares personality traits and or physical characteristics with Christ is a representation and reflection of Jesus. Similarly, in Barbara Kingsolver’s novel The Poisonwood Bible, her character Nathan Price believes he is synonymous

  • Buddha and Jesus Christ in Literature Essay

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    Buddha and Jesus Christ in Literature Many pieces of literature and characters in literature are based off of religious figures or beliefs. In the literary pieces that we have read this semester, Buddha, Jesus Christ, and their religions have often been motifs. Buddha and Christ have many striking differences, but also quite a few similarities. They have both been very influential in many of the worldly religions of today, and in literature throughout the years. The man commonly known

  • The Character Of Simon As An Allegory Of Jesus Christ

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    as an allegory of Jesus Christ, which is highly important, as Simon plays a significant role through the novel. Simon and Christ do not only share natural, unconditional kindness, there are many parallels to be drawn with Simon’s and Jesus’ lives. Many would argue that the following arguments discussed are more than just a coincidence, and that Golding intended and/or based Simon on Christ. Firstly, a main reason why it can be interpreted that Simon is an allegory of Christ, is their role that they

  • The Passion Of The Christ

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    “Passion of the Christ” In this film “Passion of the Christ” the scene begins with Jesus being brought into a Roman court yard bound in shackles and chains, limping and visibly beaten from the night before. Jesus was arrested in the early am hours so that any protest of the Pharisees behaviors would not be made. The elders of the Synagogue want to be in full control of what happens to Jesus. In this analysis I will explain my viewpoint of “Why it was so vital for bad things to happen to this man”

  • The Characteristics Of Jesus Christ And The Counseling World

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    counselor great. It can be agreed upon that some of the characteristics that make up a great counselor include, but are not limited to: empathy, compassion, being nonjudgmental, trust, confidentiality, and commitment. These are all traits of Jesus Christ who is referred to as the Great Counselor. It has taken the mental health industry decades to even begin to reach the place Jesus reached in His three years of ministry. By comparing Jesus and the counseling world one can see why Jesus is referred