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  • The City Of Glendale City Council Meeting

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    On September 9, 2014 I attended the Glendale City Council meeting which was held at the Council Chamber which is located on the 2nd floor of the Glendale City Hall, Room 200, 613 East Broadway, Glendale, California. The meeting commenced at 6 p.m. and lasted for approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. Several policy proposals were made and discussed in this particular meeting. This paper is aimed at discussing the various policy proposals made and debated at this meeting with a view to establishing

  • Reflection On City Council Meeting

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    action is by attending a city council meeting, whether it be in an urban or rural area, public administration still has a part in each event. As Kettl (2018; p. 244) referenced in his book, there is not a civil system that would be sustainable without strong leadership. This paper will discuss the author’s description, observation, and reflection during a city council meeting. DESCRIPTION On Monday, October 23, 2017 the author attended Bellevue, Nebraska’s city council meeting. The meeting was

  • Carrollton City Council Case Study Paper

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    I went to the Carrollton City Council on Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 1945 E. Jackson Road Carrollton, TX 75006 at 7pm. First, I thought it will be boring to go at the Council meeting but I was wrong. The reason is that everything is new for me and the people that I met they were new face to me. At the meeting, I saw a few Citizen couple, University and College Student like me, the speaker that who like to report what is happening around the city, Race trace company is requesting mayor to relocate their

  • A Report On The York City Council Passed Council Bill 118437

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    On August 10, 2025, the Seattle City Council passed Council Bill 118437, which creates an ordinance allowing the City to impose a tax on businesses that sale firearms and ammunition. The ordinance added Chapter 5.50 to the Seattle Municipal Code, which states in part: 5.50.030 Tax imposed; rates A. There is imposed a tax on every person engaging within the City in the business of making retail sales of firearms or ammunition. The amount of the tax due shall be equal to the quantity of firearms sold

  • Reflection Paper On City Council Meeting

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    pleasure of attending my first city council meeting in the city of Durham, North Carolina. Located in downtown Durham, the meeting took place at City Hall inside the council chambers on the first floor. The meeting began at 7:00 pm and lasted for approximately 2 hours. Although it was open to the public, not too many people attended the meeting. Including myself, no more than 10 people were accounted for at the meeting. As far as the board members and official council staff, there were about 20 people

  • Essay about City Council Meetings Observations

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    The Dahlonega City Hall was crowded on the evening of March 1st 2010. The seats were full, except for at the very front, and the standing room was filled almost out the door. The crowd, mostly made up of students, leaned in to hear as the voices of the City Council members faded in and out of the faltering sound system. The six City Council members and the mayor sat along a bench as if they were the judges at a hearing. Because of the ongoing discussions and the crowd, I thought I had arrived a few

  • Brisbane City Council Case Study

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    A City Opportunity – how do we help Brisbane residents be more active and healthy? Brisbane City Council is the largest local government in Australia which has many benefits and also challenges. The organization came up with Brisbane Vision 2031, which was released in 2013, through two main purposes which are creating a long-term community plan for Brisbane and making a better Brisbane for the future generations (Brisbane Vision 2031, n.d.). The organization has identified eight themes of its Brisbane

  • The New York City Council

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    to a legislative body. In the case of the New York City Council, the bill is introduced into the Council at a Stated Meeting and becomes a law after an intricate voting or vetoing process with the Council and the Mayor of New York City (“Legislative Process”). In the last year, many bills were passed by the New York City Council. While browsing through the list of bills passed in the last year, a bill in particular stood out to me – “Reducing city government emission of greenhouse gases by 40 percent

  • Research Report On The Glasgow City Council And The Scottish Government

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    information will be critically analysed using the BREEAM as the standard for the analysis. RESULT Results obtained from the previous researchers showed that there is evidence of shrinkage mostly at the developed cities. However, all the research work shows that the major challenge to shrinking cities is how to regenerate and maintain

  • Reasons For The Food Policy Council For New York City

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    Reasons to establish Food Policy Council for New York City New York City has about 8 million residents. Out of 8 million 1.8 million low-income residents rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program ( According to Hunger Experience poll done by food bank of NYC approximately 2.6 million new Yorkers reported difficulty to buy food in 2012 which is 32 percent of the population. About 30 percent of the residents buy less food to afford living in the NYC, and about 17 percent of