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  • Classroom Observation In The Classroom

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    programs offered at the school. Before this observation I did not know that culinary was a program offered at an area tech center. During my observation I used the domains of the Danielson Framework for teaching observation. I also learned many new ideas and I plan to apply them to my future classroom. For this observation I specifically observed for domains 2c: Managing Classroom Procedures and 2e: Organizing Physical Space. For 2c: Managing Classroom Procedures, I looked for little instructional

  • Observation Of A Classroom Observation

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    Student A is an 8 year old Hispanic child. This student has a haircut that is short on the sides and longer on the top. Their stature is about 3 ½ to 4 feet tall with a stockier body build. The day of observations, this student was wearing a black sweatshirt with a large blue stripe down the hood and back and had dark wash jeans on. This student was also wearing skater shoes that were very loosely tied. Student A was observed for the social and emotional domain during math. For the social domain

  • Classroom Observation

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    student and talking with them. She would resolve the issue quickly and quietly, so none of the other students would know and the student in trouble wouldn’t be embarrassed. I also liked how she handled technology issues. There were 4 computers in the classroom that the students would take turns

  • Classroom Observation

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    Classroom Observation Conducting classroom observations are very important to the prospective teacher. Observing helps show how experienced teachers manage their classroom. For this observation it was important to notice how the classroom was arranged, how the teacher interacted with the students, the teacher’s management style, and interview the teacher. Upon speaking to the principal about observing he assigned me to Mrs. Johnson’s

  • Classroom Observation

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    For this project I observed a kindergarten room at Bret Hart elementary in Burbank. Before the kids enter the room I was looking around at the supplies they have in the classroom. Everything in the class room looks safe and was very organized. I also noticed many things where label and have comfortable library space in the classroom. There were many posters that help the children identify with certain objects, shape, and letter with many other things. Now the day begin with the teacher greeting the

  • Classroom Observation

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    Properly conducted classroom observation is a powerful tool in the continuing professional development of teachers. The revised performance management arrangement for teachers, which came into force on 1 September, 2007, clearly set the expectation that classroom observations are to be developmental in nature and multi-purpose in usage. The Education ( School Teacher Performance Management) Regulations 2006 state that the total period of classroom observation allowed per performance management cycle

  • Observation Report On Classroom Observation

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    For this observation, I observed in a fifth-grade elementary school classroom at Dunlap Elementary School in Yucaipa. The teacher, Mrs. Aldulaimi, of the classroom has been teaching full time for the past five years but has been substituting for twenty plus years. She has a class of about thirty so students but as of recently many of her students are moving away and changing school districts. She really seems to be passionate about teaching but may appear overly strict with the children. The physical

  • Classroom Observation

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    I observed Cynthia McLamb’s eighth grade classroom at Pine Forest Middle School. While observing, I looked for many different aspects of the teacher, students, and the environment. Some of these aspects include classroom management, engagement, and safety. The environment in the classroom was open and safe for the students; however, the school lacked security. The teacher did a great job with classroom management, and the students were very engaged. After ten hours of being at the school, all of

  • The Classroom Observation

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    Classroom observation is a main approach of teaching research. Scholars or researchers use video to record the real whole class and observe the teachers and students’ actions, words and the efficiency in the class. Though the observation, they analyze what approach is more suitable. This paper will select video 5 and video 3 as the material to do the classroom observation. Different aspects such as teachers’ responds, questions, instructions notes and students’ behavior will be addressed to analyze

  • Classroom Observation

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    gift and a blessing. Being able to observe different classroom environments was a great eye-opening and life changing experience. My observation experience was a little different. I was able to observe five different teachers and they all were very different. Each classroom had a different environment, some more welcoming than others, and each teacher had a different teaching style. One thing that I had to take into account during my observation was that the kids were in Summer School. They are relearning