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  • Cleopatra And Cleopatra

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    Cleopatra is said to be the most beautiful woman in the history of human race, who successfully ruled the hearts of the most powerful men during her time. One article states,” Ever since the age of women-worship and chivalry the Egyptian queen has been one of love’s martyrs. She is a good woman to Chaucer and figures in his Legend. Being all save dull and stupid that a loving woman ought not to have been, having loved and been loved until death. That was the medieval cardinal virtue; without in holy

  • Cleopatra II : The Importance Of Cleopatra

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    Cleopatra VII is an important historical figure that ruled over Ancient Egypt as co-regent for decades with her younger brother Ptolemy XIII. Cleopatra was an utterly captivating woman who was able to attract men of high importance, including the famous Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. Although she was extremely beautiful, she was also exceptionally brilliant. The Pharaoh could speak various languages and even though she served as co-regent, she was the one who held most of the power during their

  • Cleopatra Essay

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    When you think of Cleopatra you tend to think of Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. Which isn’t far from the truth. Cleopatra was queen of Egypt, which is located on the Nile River. In her lifetime she had every luxury imaginable, which she used to gain the popularity of the roman authority. She was very important in terms of Egyptian history. However she was also very well known in terms of Roman history. She seduced some of most well known Roman men of her time. Cleopatra was a seductress. Who used

  • Essay Cleopatra

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    Significant Woman: Cleopatra 	I chose to write my "Significant Woman" paper on Egypt’s last pharaoh, Cleopatra. When I began my report, I knew very little about Cleopatra, except that she was the mistress of both Julius Caesar and Mark Antony of Rome. I wondered what impacts on history Cleopatra made on her own. 	I feel that Cleopatra was a very significant woman in history because she was very aggressive and assertive, characteristics that have always been considered

  • Essay on Cleopatra

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    books. Whether being remembered for their strength, courage, or honor, or even for their treachery, we remember those who came before us. If one character could stand out in Egyptian history, none other would be so worthy as Cleopatra would.      Cleopatra was an intelligent, political, and ambitious woman who changed the history of Egypt. She was only seventeen years old when, by the will of her father, Ptolemy XI, she was forced to inherit and share the throne of Egypt with

  • Cleopatra Biography

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    femme-fatale over all men; this was Cleopatra Queen of the Nile. Cleopatra's intelligence, wit and beauty are still remembered and written about to this day. Born a Greek, Cleopatra adapted to the Egyptian ways and even learnt their native tongue, a feat which had not been ccomplished since the Ptolemies had first ruled. Although not a "true Egyptian", she utilized her tremendous aptitude and cunning female ways to gain and provide, for her country that she so loved. Cleopatra was a born ruler and did so

  • Antony And Cleopatra And William Shakespeare's Cleopatra VII Philopator

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    Cleopatra’s full name is Cleopatra VII Philopator. She was born in 69 BC in Alexandria, Egypt. Cleopatra was the queen of Egypt from 51 to 30 BC, right up to the year she died. She is the most famous women in history. She was in a relationship with Julius Caesar for only nine months before Cleopatra had a baby boy. They ruled together from 44 BC to 30 BC. Unfortunately, Caesar was assassinated in 4 BC, Cleopatra had a relationship with Mark Antony and they had three children together. When Antony’s

  • Legacy Of The Cleopatra

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    Cleopatra was a noteworthy Egyptian Pharaoh whose legacy and role was shaped by her experiences and achievements in ancient Egypt. It can be argued Cleopatra was a significant figure and her role and legacy was formed by her experiences, achievements because she stood for a symbol of power and strength in a time where society was male dominated. Cleopatra’s personality and early life impacted the beginning of her rise to power and in 51 BC she became sole leader of the Egypt. The key events in Cleopatra’s

  • Essay On Cleopatra

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    Cleopatra, Greek queen of Egypt, was born at the beginning of 69 B.C and one of the few women rulers in ancient Egypt. Her father was Ptolemy XII And Cleopatra was the last pharaoh in Egypt. She is known as clever, covetous, skilled, beguiling and manipulative. Cleopatra’s physical features are not certain and there is not enough information about her profile. “The colour of her eyes and of her hair is not known; nor can it be said whether her skin was white as alabaster, like that of many of her

  • Personality Of Cleopatra

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    of popular culture, her name became a byword for beauty, luxury and intelligence. More than that, her story is twined with one of the most powerful historians like Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. She is of course, the last pharaoh of Egypt, "Cleopatra". Cleopatra, though she ruled for a short period, has a strong impression in the public consciousness because she was able to sustain an empire at the peaks of ever-expanding Roman empire. Moreover, the empire she established was very powerful.