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  • Graduation Speech : College Admission

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    College Admission ACT, GPA, SAT, and writing ability are some major factors that Simpson college’s admissions use when determining if a student will be accepted or not. Like most other school students must meet certain recommendations in these areas to even get accepted. I think that a student’s ability to write should be the cornerstone of college admissions it allows the student to state their goals and values, can help be the deciding factor in the admission process, and it can be an opportunity

  • College Admission Benefits

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    Until today, a majority of colleges and universities require students to send their SAT or ACT score to supplement their high school GPA, as part of the application process. In other words, students who are applying to prestigious schools must confirm that their college admissions exam meets the expectations of the college they apply to. However, for most students, this daunting requisite can actually harm their chances of getting accepted. It becomes a significant misconception when individuals

  • Discrimination in College Admissions

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    Discrimination in College/University Admissions There can be many factors that determine whether or not you can get into a college. Do you have the grades, are you involved in your community, have you been convicted. Many questions like those listed above have been commonly asked to applicants who apply for major colleges universities. However, you are never asked your ethnicity during an interview, usually they give you an application to fill out and they have a space that allows you to check

  • Marketing and College Admissions

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    are based. So what can schools do to make sure that they remain on the radar for prospective students? More importantly, what can small private liberal arts colleges, like Salem College, do to compete with big name public

  • The Legacy Of College Admissions

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    College admissions are simple. They check your GPA and ACT/SAT test scores and see if your scores match their expectations. If you do, they will take you. If you don’t, they will reject you. What about if your score is in the middle? What if you don’t quite meet their expectations, but you don’t really fall below them? Legacy is like a tiebreaker or the cherry on top of the cake, but currently is a very controversial topic. Being a legacy student can cause a significant impact on the admission process

  • College Admissions Narrative

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    never physically occurred. However, nightmares like these seemed to plague my mind during my sophomore and junior year. I knew very little of the ACT at the time; I knew that it lasted about four hours, and that it was a paramount aspect in my college admissions process. The thought of those four hours intimidated me, to say the least. I had no idea what to expect. I felt helpless, I felt anxious, I felt unprepared. Wisconsin

  • Essay On College Admissions

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    Do College Admissions Properly Ensure the Future? The future is always something many fear, and more so than others at different milestones of life. An example of this is when it comes time for college admissions. Students around the world begin to question their worth through scores and grades. Is this how we want the future of America to be based off of, rather than the content of someone’s character? Test scores and grades aren’t truly accurate to accept someone into a college because test scores

  • My College Admissions

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    of striving to overcome my own limitations and deficits, I have grown to value assiduity and diligence. College applications have surfaced, and I am definitely limited. Although, I grateful to have opportunities to be able to attend an institution of higher education and hopeful to fulfill my potential. Recent legislation, like the Maryland Dream Act and contemporary progressive

  • The Competition For Admission Into College

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    The competition for admission into college can be extremely tough, and a gap year, especially a mandatory one, can lead to even greater competition than before. When searching through application upon application, universities tend to look for students who have “passionate involvement in a few in or out of school activities” as well as “out of school experiences including work, community service, youth organizations, religious groups, etc.” (IECA, 1). Many universities look out for not only a student’s

  • College Admissions Essay Analysis

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    Admissions essays are a critical piece of any student's application process. College admission officers investigate admissions essays for affirmation that an understudy has the capacity compose well and contend a theme in a firm way. The admissions essay you compose speaks to you as a potential student to the staff of the college and layouts your fundamental accomplishments. Admissions essays give forthcoming students a chance to personally present themselves and are, basically, the college's first