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  • The College Tuition Crisis

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    College Tuition Crisis College tuition has been an increasingly intense topic of discussion over the years. The costs of higher education have been debated by many people, and it has been discussed as to whether costs are becoming too high for students to afford. College has become more and more popular, and now as many as 20 million students attend universities reported by The National Center for Education Statistics (1). The value of a college degree is immense, but college tuition is becoming

  • The Importance Of College Tuition

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    Furthermore, tuition annual rate has an outrageous inflation relationship with time. In Josh Mitchell and Andrea Fuller Wall Street Journal it states, “Among the four-year schools in the Journal's analysis, the average increase in tuition and fees was greater than 75% in the past decade, outpacing inflation.” (pp9). As college tuition continue to increase, the more individuals will be in debt. While the importance of a higher education increases the chances of becoming successful, more people will

  • Importance Of College Tuition

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    College Tuition: Why is it so high? After high school, people either go right into college or find a job and decide whether or not college is the right choice for them. The choice would be a lot simpler if college tuition wasn’t so high. Nobody wants student loan debts following them for the rest of their lives. Lowering or even making college tuition free, will encourage more people to get an education and become successful. People shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars, in order to try and

  • College Tuition : Is No Worth Paying For College?

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    College Tuition Intuition Nobody enjoys paying for college. No one thinks about college and gets excited about all the money they might spend, but now people are actually thinking of ways to fix that. Currently colleges are very expensive, especially private colleges. However, with the current presidential election going on, the possibility of free public college is being brought up. This concept would be greatly beneficial to today’s youth and help them graduate college debt free. Each year, college

  • The Rise Of College Tuitions

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    The sudden rise of college tuitions began right after the recession in 2008. Many people lost their jobs, and their current jobs were not paying well enough for them to survive through this devastating time. More people turned to higher education and college tuition began to rise because obtaining college majors will guarantee a higher pay other than minimum wage. This downturn didn’t end here because over the years, tuition rose even higher. In 2014, the debt for college students reached to 1.2

  • Annotated Bibliography College Tuition

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    7 2014 Annotated Bibliography: College Tuition Ayres, Ian. "Why California's Tuition Hike Might Be a Good Thing." Freakonomics RSS. Freakonomics, 23 Nov. 2009. Web. 07 Nov. 2014. According to this article the gap in college has become larger as of late because of students financial situations. Public universities cost on average one forth of private universities. The wealthier students benefit from this because of the way financial aid operates. When the tuition cost are raised it benefits the

  • Advantages Of College Tuition

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    College tuition should not be free by any means necessary. Students would not take college seriously if there was no price. College students would totally take advantage of the opportunity to go to college for free and completely blow it , it would even the playing field for everyone to be equal because college tuition is what keeps everyone else out. College would then be accessible to anyone who wanted to go. Tuition is put in place for a reason. It shouldn’t be lifted because if it is the government

  • Persuasive Essay On Tuition In College

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    prepare for college. To prepare us for a thirteen thousand dollar yearly tuition not including books, housing, and transportation. Do colleges assume that our parents are going to fund on average, fifty-two thousand dollars as a basic tuition just so we can attend college? Let’s be real, half of the U.S barely makes that on a yearly basis. Most loans in America are student loans, and most are still paying them off as adults. College tuition deters people from college. College tuition hold students

  • The Effect Of Bureaucracy On College Tuition Rates

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    Bureaucracy on College Tuition Rates: The Case of University of California The state of California has long been reliant on the University of California system to provide its resident companies with skilled and educated business, technology, and science leaders. Highly regarded as one of the top educational systems in the world, the University of California boasts a high number of distinguished and respected faculty members in almost every field of study. However, while most private colleges and universities

  • College Tuition Should Be Free

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    College Tuition Should Be Free The rising college tuition fees have been a controversial issue in recent times. The impact of this phenomenon on the education levels amongst the populations in nations all over the world is a matter of fact. Most of the affected individuals have been unable to complete their courses because the fees often become exorbitant and therefore deny them the chance to finish. Some studies even note that “college tuition has risen sharply, reaching record highs, and college