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  • The American Colonies

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    The American Colonies for the past 20 years have become accustomed to living a thousand miles from their sovereign, the King of England and Parliament. This separation from “monarchial” control and power has created a tough and independent society, which although they believe themselves to be subjects of the crown, has molded an experience and lifestyle unlike any found within the “Crown’s” realm. Subsequently, these differences in lifestyles bond both Mother Country and colony on a path that veers

  • The American Colonies

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    There were many reasons why colonists would have decided to go to the colonies. Whichever region they had chosen to live in had a different impact on them compared to the other regions, but still changed them for the better, most at least. A portion of colonists were afraid of traveling to the New World because of the possible dangers of natives. However in the colonies religious freedom, land, and the riches that lie beneath were tempting for many, therefore the colonists had many motivations to

  • How Did The Jamestown Colonies Lead To The Failure Of The Colonies

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    would encounter the difficulties of starting a new colony in a foreign new land. The life these settlers found was nothing like they expected. Their hopes for wealth and a new beginning were soon replaced with death and misery. The colonies of the Americas can be seen as a failure because European settlers would come to experience the horrors that the “New World” would give them including famine and diseases. Before even being constructed, colonies had already been set for failure as many colonists

  • The Chesapeake Colonies

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    Beginning 1625, the first colonies in America was established in the Chesapeake, New England, and Carolina region. More than 250,000 European settlers came over to the colonies, along with 300,000 West African slaves. The colonial societies would become the area for gold, god, and glory. Some of the colonies flourished while some struggled to survive. To begin, the Chesapeake region consisted of two colonies: Virginia and Maryland. In 1584, Sir Walter Raleigh went on an exploratory voyage with several

  • The Lost Colony Of The Roanoke Colony

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    Roanoke, one of the first couple of colonies built in the New World is famous today even in American history due to the fact that it had completely disappeared. Though there are many reasons as to why the colony may have disappeared no historian can place a finger on the direct cause of the colonies disappearance. The colony of Roanoke was built due to how close that it was to Great Britain and After the exploration of Roanoke, It was compared the island to the garden of Eden and how bountiful it

  • Effects Of Colonisation Of Colonies

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    come at the cost of the economies of the colonies. Those that argue that colonisation was economically detrimental to the colonies often point to the short-term impact of deindustrialisation and the long-term impacts of inequality and the inability of colonies to pursue development policies, that the European powers had on their colonies. Deindustrialisation of colonies was caused by the industrialisation of the European powers which shifted the colonies comparative advantage from manufacturing to

  • Characteristics Of The English Colonies

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    The early colonist of the English colonies left England for many reasons, they were in search of change, many wanted to improve their lives, and some where seeking religious freedom. They formed the idea of a democratic before they clearly understood what they signified. The American we live in today was formed by the original 13 Colonist. They began the democratic practices of freedom of religion, voting and equality. The freedom they gain from England led them to want a better way of life, with

  • The And New England Colonies

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    force took the form of God. Around this same time was when the Chesapeake and New England colonies were in the process of being founded. As a result, these two settlements did nothing without referencing their actions to God. Due to this heavy focus on God as the reason behind every aspect of their lives, chaos began to sprout soon after the settlers began settling and started living their new lives in the colonies. Since the colonist believed that God dictated their entire lives; they never felt that

  • The Lost Colony: Roanoke Colony

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    Marco Lopez M. Hoodenpyle History-104-3215 26 October 2017 Roanoke: The Lost Colony I. INTRODUCTION: Thesis: The plan of settling the American shoreline was executed when Queen Elizabeth granted a charter for Roanoke Colony to Sir Walter Raleigh. Although, due to deficient relations with the natives, negative geographical timing, and ineffective connections with the mother country (England) from foreign wars, the colonists of this first-ever English American settlement were cursed for failure. II

  • Essay On The Spanish Colonies In The American Colonies

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    America in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In each colony, settlement revolved around different types of trade: plantations and mining in New Spain, the fur trade in New France, and tobacco and the family farm in British North America. There were many similarities among these countries’ approaches to settling, but also enormous differences. New Spain The Spanish were the first European country to establish significant colonies in the Americas. By the 1570s, the Spanish had established roughly