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  • Importance Of Community In Community

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    v. Community Cooperation and Responsibility Ekiti people must imbibe, encourage and promote community driven social responsibility and cooperation. This would be a replica of community self-help which was very helpful in the development of Ekiti traditional society by pooling efforts together during ploughing the land, weeding and harvesting, in building and roofing houses, in clearing market square and places of meetings. The communities mobilised financial, volunteered and provided in-kind resources

  • The Importance Of Community In The Community

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    at a random neighborhood in America, more often than not, one would be able to see a sense of community among this neighborhood. Sequences like children playing on the streets or adults conversing with each other over barbecue were considered a part of the norm. Overall, there were feelings of comradery and trust hovering around neighborhoods. However, in today’s society, this perception of a community is practically nonexistent. Rather than a social populace, individuals within neighborhoods are

  • Community Engagement In The Community

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    Engaging ourselves as well as engaging in the community with issues of our society makes us open to different things. Community engagement is the process of working with individuals and groups to achieve specific goals. It involves community members with making decisions and taking action. This process of creating a relationship with community members in society that can maintain a mission with an ultimate goal of making something better. It’s an ongoing process with collaborative work, cooperative

  • Mission Statement On Community And Community Service In The Community

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    feel that the youth group is lacking in the area of service. Not only is community service important to our church, I also believe it is crucial to have our youth involved in community outreach to promote emotional and spiritual growth. I believe our youth should participate in more community outreach because it will counter selfish tendencies, allow the youth to feel helpful, and promote our church’s presence in our community. Let’s face the fact, in general, the youth today are very selfish and

  • The Definition Of A Community In My Community

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    The word community is a broad term with many possible definitions. To me, community is my family, my friends, school, work and the neighborhood I reside in. For the purpose of this paper, community is going to be defined as my geographical location: the neighborhood in which I reside. All communities are different. They vary in size, population and most importantly culture. Issues arise in all communities no matter the closeness of such community. My community faces a range of issues including ethnic

  • The Importance Of Community Service For Your Community And The Community Of Others

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    Have you ever thought about what community service would do for your community or the community of others? Or at least thought of the impact that it could have on not only you , but others as well? Community Service or volunteering has a certain importance to it. Community service is helpful when trying to build or better a community for not only those in the community but you as well. By volunteering people gain compassion and understanding of the world around them. When people volunteer, they

  • A Small Community : My Community In A Small Town Community

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    Small Town Communities The neighborhood I live in is called Sugar Mill Pond; it’s surrounded by fields and has a huge pond in the middle of it; it’s located in South Louisiana in Youngsville in between two cities New Iberia and Lafayette. The town Youngsville and Sugar Mill Pond has become one of the happiest places to live and work; both have become both my community because of how small the town is so everyone knows everybody. It accommodates residents; it is surrounded by multiple schools, retail

  • Community Health Assessment of a Community

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    Community assessment and analysis Presentation Red group Interview with Community health Nurse Essex County New Jersey Demographic of Essex County Essex County is located in the North eastern part of new jersey. The history of Essex county dates back to 1666 when 30 families from Connecticut established settlement along the banks of Passaic river. Essex County was officially established in 1682 by east jersey legislature. Essex County is

  • Udean Community : The Utopian Sense Of Community

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    Sense of Community It is interesting the idea of a community, what is it stand for in the general perspective? Does it mean a nation state, a specific group, or just a neighborhood for that instance? There are many metrics make up a perfect community, from a utilitarian perspective to a unique personality one community has to offer. Above it all, in my opinion, the metric that has an outsized impact would have to be the priority of its people's welfare. The term “ideal community” tends to

  • Defining Community

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    Defining Community What makes a community? To get a better handle on this question, it may be useful to analyze a specific encounter between the individual and his community(s). Let's take, for example, the much-publicized soccer match between Mexico and the U.S. in the summer of 1996. This game received a great deal of media attention because, even though the match was held in Los Angeles, on U.S. soil, the vast majority of fans were cheering for the Mexican team. The U.S. team members, on