Comparing Stories Essay

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  • Comparing Jackson And The Lottery Story

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    end. Similar to the lottery story.Mr Hutchinson and his family got beat with rocks I’m pretty sure they regret that. As well as the goldfish story. Sergei wanted to restart everything after he hit the boy.Changes can affect A lot of people in good or bad ways like the poem the boy wanted to bring back the way it was before. In addition the lottery story started off as a group of people showing up to a lottery really friendly then a couple of hours later a family got beat with rocks.The relationship

  • Comparing 'The Story Of An Hour And Interlopers'

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    The story of an hour and the interlopers are two completely different stories, most people would not think that they had much, if anything in common. When I looked harder at these stories I noticed that they have quite similar conclusions. In the story of an hour Louise Mallard is informed that her husband has just died, she asks to be alone for a while and goes to her room. When she is in her room she begins to have a strange sense of freedom. At first she does not want to accept this. Almost

  • Essay on Comparing “the Story of an Hour” and “the Necklace”

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    Comparing “The Story of an Hour” and “The Necklace” Short stories are always very enjoyable to read. They are very concise but mostly have such a deep message resonating throughout the text that the reader is left pondering over an extension of the story to imagine the possible ending if they were novels instead. The works under consideration are meant to be compared because of their unique theme which reflects how two authors can write similar yet distinctive stories in different times. Kate Chopin’s

  • Comparing The Story Fox Enchantment And The Old Nurse's Story

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    and forms, which now includes foxes. In some Chinese ghost stories, there are ghosts called fox spirits. These are ghosts that leave behind the carcass of a fox when they die. One Chinese fox spirit story “Fox Enchantment” is written by Pu Songling. A western ghost story “The Old Nurse’s Story” by English writer Gaskell, produces no fox spirit. However, both stories have similarities, one being the violent nature of the ghosts. These stories do have differences though, such as the form that these ghosts

  • Comparing Crimson Tide And A Soldier's Story

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    The movies I am reviewing are Crimson Tide and A Soldier's Story. The main characters in Crimson Tide are Captain Ramsay, played by Gene Hackman; and Lieutenant Commander Hunter, played by Denzel Washington, Ramsay's executive officer. The main characters in A Soldier's Story are Captain Davenport, played by Howard Rollins; and Sergeant Waters, played by Adolph Caesar. Ironically, in this movie a young Denzel Washington played a prominent role as Private First Class Peterson. This was before he became

  • Comparing the Plots of The Yellow Wallpaper and The Story of an Hour

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    When we compare contrast the two stories "The Yellow Wallpaper" vs. "The Story of an Hour”. If we first look at the similarities that they have, they are both about women who are controlled by their husbands, and who desired freedom. But both women had different reasons for their freedom. It sounds as though both husbands had control over their lives and both women had an illness. But I don’t believe the husbands knew their wives were so miserable. So as we look at the lives of women back in the

  • Comparing Stories Walk Two Moons And The Guest

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    The Stories Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creek and “The Guest” by “Uma Krishnaswami” both share a similar theme, Don’t judge a person by the way they look. Both of these stories show this theme throughout the both stories. Even though they share the same theme they show it in different ways. In Walk Two Moons the character the theme develops through the characters thoughts and actions. Sal the main character of the story meet a woman named Margaret Cadaver who had wild red hair, had a creepy voice

  • Comparing the Use of Images in The Other Wife and The Story of an Hour

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    Comparing the Use of Images in The Other Wife and The Story of an Hour The Other Wife and The Story of an Hour are two short stories both seemingly similar and contrasting in different ways. In Chopin’s story we see that Louise Mallard reveals her ironically natural feeling of joy and freedom following the news of her husband’s death. Louise’s sensation of freedom is conveyed through the use of vivid natural images and color. While in Colette’s story the two female protagonists contrastingly

  • Essay Comparing Story Of An Hour And The Revolt Of Mother

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    In Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”, Louise Mallard is caught in a cold marriage and a constrictive house. The same goes for Sarah Penn in Mary Wilkins Freeman “The Revolt of “Mother.’” Despite the fact that both stories share the topics of imprisonment and control, physically and inwardly, the ladies in the stories have diverse responses to their circumstances. Sarah battles the confinements without holding back, taking her opportunity, while Mrs. Mallard adopts a motionless strategy and is

  • Comparing Two Different Styles. Two Stories. Both Of Which

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    Comparing Two Different Styles Two stories. Both of which were written on the grounds of the controversial subject of abortion. Two stories. There is nearly an eighty year difference in publish dates. T. Coraghessan Boyle’s story—The Love of My Life—and Ernest Hemingway’s story—Hills like White Elephants—are both short stories about abortion. However, the stylistic techniques that both writers exhibit are entirely different. These two well-known authors both write entirely different from each other;