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  • concert comparisons Essay

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    the concert excerpts, construct a comparison of these two concerts. For this assignment I chose to compare and contrast two concerts. The first concert is from the modern era, while the other is a Baroque Era concert originating from the 17th Century preformed by a modern day orchestra. The Baroque Era Concert takes place in a large modern day Lutheran Church in front of a small crowd of well dressed onlookers. The second concert that I chose for this assignment is a modern day rock concert from

  • Concert Report On A Concert

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    Alexis Reeves Concert Report 1 Music Appreciation 120-2D November 11, 2017 Dr. Jeff W Reynolds Last Thursday, I attended the Department of Music Concert Series at the Alys Stephens Performing Arts Center. I was able to listen to both the Symphony Band, under the direction of Dr. Cara Morantz as well as the Wind Symphony Band directed by Dr. Sean Murray. They presented a tremendous performance comprised of pieces by J.B. Chance, Frank Ticheli, Samuel Hazo as well as a wide variety of other authors

  • Concert At Msg, And I Missed It

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    And they were able to share the very specific artists and shows that they have seen and would like to see next. I believe it was a Michael Buble Concert at MSG, and I missed it as I was away on my honeymoon…Yes, I 'm planning to check out Shakespeare in the Park in the next few weeks as it just opened for the season…Live events help bring out the exciting adventurous side of my personality, as well as the energetic and fun-loving side. Dina I want peace and culture that I feel through ballet and

  • The Importance Of A Classical Music Concert

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    to hear several guitar concerts each semester. If you’ve never attended a classical music concert before, you might feel uncomfortable with the idea of it. This is perfectly normal and is not specific to classical music. I’m sure you can imagine how out of place one might feel attending a Phish concert if one wasn’t accustomed to the culture that goes along with that music. The same can be said for all genres of music. The main thing to remember when attending these concerts is that the focus is on

  • Descriptive Essay On A Live Concert

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    sister, and I, went to go attend a live concert because I had never viewed one before. Although, both my sister, and father had seen many concerts before me (thank you my beloved family for leaving me alone with no form of entertainment, every time you left for a concert). We planned to see the band Blink182, one of my family’s favorite punk rock bands, in Maine. There are three main parts to this wonderful journey, it begins with the drive, then the actual concert, and finally the drive back, which were

  • Concert Report For A Wind Concert

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    Eric Fang, Wind Symphony Concert Report     On Friday, October twenty-second, Simi Valley High School had their fall concert, however, they only had two bands so there was not much to write about. The concert band opened up with, Apparitions, by Brian Balmages, which was a song with a very mysterious intro with the percussion. The song is later developed into a soprano winds melody which was very well balanced with its counter and support. Unfortunately before a very beautiful, yet eerie flute solo

  • Descriptive Essay About Concert

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    four years, I’ve gone to over thirty concerts for artists whose genres range from pop, rap, and alternative. Since I’m experienced with them, I’m aware of the different price ranges and the stage performances. After my first concert, I started working so that I could afford to have concerts as a hobby. Even though I have gone to many different types of concerts, like pop, rap, and alternative, my favorite kind to experience are alternative concerts. My first concert was also my first time seeing a pop

  • No Bruce Springsteen Or Billy Joel Concert

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    and uneasy. This is how I felt the night my friends introduced a new idea to go to a metal concert for the first time. This was no Bruce Springsteen or Billy Joel concert; it was a new entity that was explicitly more fierce and threatening that I have ever imagined. Metal concerts are dangerous and unappealing places where people fight, get hurt, and are reckless with their behavior; attending these concerts have demonstrated how revoking the people and venue can be, and have changed my views on them

  • My First Concert - Original Writing

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    could pick one that makes me smile every time I look back onto it. It would be the first concert I ever went to. It was not only my first time hearing my favorite band live, but it was also my first time listening to live music. On top of the already intense experience, I had learned something very important that day. Through the generosity of a very kind woman, I was able to experience my very first concert. I learned that Generosity pushes beyond simple gestures and acts of kindness. It can leave

  • Example Of A Concert Critique

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    Concert Critique On November 27th, the Allen Wind Ensemble Band performed their winter band concert consisting of Scherzo for X Wings by John Williams, Hymn to a Blue Hour by John Mackey, and Second Suite in F for Military Band by Gustav Holst. The concert opener, Scherzo for X Wings by John Williams, was written originally for the use of the Star Wars movie, A Force Awakens. John Williams also has many other well-known pieces, such as Imperial March and Duel of the Fates which were also