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  • Concert Review : The Concert

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    Concert Review The concert I attended was called the Faculty and Student Recital, which took place in the Cisco Auditorium on April 11, 2017. The music that was on the program was mostly what is called “classical” music, as well as a Chinese Folk Song, an electronic composition, and variations on an Indian Tala. In the classical pieces, the instruments that were used were the violin, the piano, the cello, and the oboe. In the electronic composition, the computer was used to make music. In the Chinese

  • Concert Review : A Musical Analysis Of A Concert

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    The first half of the concert was only instrumental. There were two violins, two violas, and two cellos. They sat on stage with the violins one my right, then the violas in the middle, and the cellos on the end. The violins played a few songs solo. The second half of the concert was only the choir and a piano. Their performance started with the song Daybreak. The song Daybreak also had a few girls playing percussion, one of them had a tambourine. Using SHMRG, the Harmony of most of the choirs songs

  • Music Review : A Critique Of A Concert Review

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    For my first concert review, I attended the Music at the Marley event at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. The event featured the University of Tampa Faculty Ensemble with Barbara Prescott on flute, Meg Cassell on oboe, Theodore Decoroso on clarinet, and Grigorios Zamparas on piano. They played a selection of pieces from the Classical period to the twentieth century which were performed in the following order: Franz Danzi: Sinfonia Concertante Op. 41 Allegro Moderato; William Grant Still: Miniatures

  • Essay on The Nutcracker: a Concert Review

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    Concert Review: The Richmond Symphony Orchestra featuring The Richmond Ballet Amber Hisaw Regent University – Music 101 On the evening of Sunday, December 16, 2012, I had the pleasure of attending a concert I’d wanted to see for quite a while. I was delighted to attend Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker, performed by the Richmond Symphony Orchestra and the Richmond Ballet. The performance took place at Carpenter Theatre in Richmond Virginia. As I entered I felt a bit out of place. I’d never attended

  • Adele Concert Film Review

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    Adele Concert Film Review The Performer: On July 28th in the evening at home alone, I watched Adele live at Royal Albert Hall on YouTube, which can be found following this link: Adele was born in 1988 in London, and is a well known British singer/songwriter. Adele has released three albums in her career: 19, 21, 25 and Adele has thirteen hits on the billboard top 100 chart as of 2017. Adele started her career in 2006 when a video of hers was

  • Christmas Concert Review

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    General reaction: The concert I attended was SPX Magic of Christmas, performed by the Charlotte Symphony orchestra and conducted by Albert-George Schram. This was the first professional orchestra concert I have attended, and the first since I was a student at UNC Greensboro. As I walked the streets of downtown Charlotte, with the wind peppering my face and small beads of rain being tossed through the air, I felt a sensation that Christmas was closer than two weeks away. I felt like Christmas was

  • Essay on Jazz Concert Review

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    Jazz Concert Review [pic] The first formal small jazz concert was held at the Maum Café on Sep. 25th, 2008. There were many music performances have held at the Maum Café but Zino Park, leader of the band, and manager of Maum Café agreed to arrange a formal jazz concert for the first time. The main theme of this concert was “Smooth Jazz with Zino Park at Maum”. Before the concert began, the band members introduced themselves to the audience. The names of players were: Acoustic guitar

  • Essay on Writing of a Concert Review

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    Writing of a Concert Review Bob Dylan’s songs are filled with inspirational messages. The songs were composed with inspiration and creativity being the main elements of the song. The obvious messages that are presented in the songs make them some of the most inspiring and creative pieces that have ever been produced. While he was performing in the Aver Fish Hall, Dylan presented a performance of 22 songs that were performed by 21 different groups. The performance was meant to be a non-profit show

  • jazz concert review Essay

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    The first question I asked myself at the beginning of the quarter was how much do I actually know about jazz? I have always characterized jazz music as a rhythmic and instrumental form of music. My impression on the basis of the jazz has always been portrayed with the African-American race. I think this was build up from the rhythm ‘n’ blues era and meaning according to the dictionary (“style of music that was invented by African American musicians in the early part of the twentieth century and has

  • Concert Music Review Essay

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    Concert Music Review I attended the Greek Music Festival because it was the culture and genre of music that I knew the least about. The music, culture, dances, and food was amazing and very interesting. Did I mention the food? The food was some of the best food I have had. I learned that a gyro is not how we “Americans” would say it. It is pronounced yi-ro and they were very quick to correct me on my pronunciation. This was a very fun and free style of festival and I enjoyed my experience. The