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  • Continuing Education As Nurses

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    Continuing Education as Nurses Introduction The definition of education is, “the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university” (Merriam-Webster, 2015). Education in general is important. In nursing it is especially important because the medical field is constantly changing. In order to keep up with these constant changes, continuing education becomes the number one way to learn the new changes. There are many opinions regarding why education should

  • Continuing Education

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    Gen 201 September 22, 2014 Continuing Education In order to be successful in my education one of the most helpful things to understand is what learning style I possess. I believe it is also important for me to set goals, be aware of my learning style and utilize all of my educational resources and support systems. Learning the material in a way that I can apply it in real life is also key to considering myself educated. My writing style is doing or active experimentation. Active Experimentation

  • Continuing Education Courses

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    Education is something that never depreciates. It is one of the most valuable aspects of one's life and career. To be successful at something you need to be a master of what you do. The easiest way to ensure this is by continuing your education. No one knows everything, but the more you know about your profession, product, and clients, the better off you are. Many professions require a certain type of continuing education courses to be completed every 1-2 years. For instance, insurance agents must

  • The Pyramid Model Of Curriculum Evaluation Model For Continuing Education Programs

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    curriculum evaluation model already in use. This assignment will explore the classic model used for evaluation called the pyramid model of evaluation for continuing education programs in relation to the University of Washington’s BSN curriculum. Evaluation Model According to Guin and Jax (2016), the pyramid model of evaluation for continuing education programs is based upon Donabedian’s structure (1966), process, and outcome model of evaluation as described by Hawkins and Sherwood (1999) in conjunction

  • Continuing Education Is Important For Health Professionals

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    Continuing education is important for health professionals and is required by AHPRAH (AHPRAH, 2016) Continued Professional development is particularly important for Nurses. It is important they keep up to date so that they can be informed of best practise and give their patients the greatest likelihood of good health outcomes. (Pool, Poell, Berings, & ten Cate, 2016) Even if these factors were not important The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has mandated that all nurses and midwives must

  • My Education : Continuing My Educational Experience

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    Continuing My Educational Experience A college education exposes a person to new experiences and gives them ideas that improve their intelligences and make them a better learner. Gaining knowledge from professors who have experience in the field of my interest is what really excites me about college and has motivated me to join the Manor Early College High School program. In my case, I believe that rather than getting a job or joining the military college is my next step in life. I know that this

  • 7 Steps to Selecting a Continuing Education Class Essay

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    Whatever may be the reason – we will give you some tips on what to look for when choosing your classes. Points of Interest: • Location, location, location • Flexibility and availability • Cost and reward? There is a certain way the adults connect education and future employment. If something is not applicable to the job and does not represent practical knowledge, people tend to be less interested. However, once the connection is made, they tend to go deeper in the desired field and explore all of the

  • Continuing Crisis in Tertiary Education of Developing and Transition Countries

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    CONTINUING CRISIS IN TERTIARY EDUCATION OF DEVELOPING AND TRANSITION COUNTRIES Persisting Inequalities There are a lot of problems already mentioned in tertiary education of developing and transition countries but inequalities in many forms are very persistent and evident in developing and transition countries. We feel these inequalities being included in the developing countries. Some of those inequalities are the following: 1. Caste- The unequal treatment for the students that come from

  • Continuing Medical Education Essay

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    Legislation regarding continuing medical education for health care professionals remains on the minds of many. Although this hasn't been a hot topic recently, as world events and political campaigns have taken precedence, those in the industry wish to know where past legislation stands and what the future may hold. When it comes to obtaining continuing medical education credits, however, one thing is certain. Doing so has never been easier, thanks to free CNE courses available online. When choosing

  • Continuing Education Research Paper

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    college degree not enough? Do you want to enhance your education and skills? Then, you can expand your knowledge and obtain additional credits by continuing education or post-secondary education. Most college graduates who undergo post-secondary education are nurses and teachers. They study to acquire a particular field based on their degree. Example, some nurse practitioners continue education by applying in special programs. Continuing education is beneficial to nurses because it enhances their understanding