Coral Reefs Essay

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  • Coral Reefs And Coral Reef

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    Coral reefs in Belize have declined in abundance over the past decade. The reefs have experienced massive losses due to many local and global stressors such as bleaching, disease, sewage, overfishing, climate change, and tourism damage. After Hurricane Iris in 2001, the coral reef in Belize was left for the dead due to no growth. Direct impacts such as hurricanes are associated with the loss of architectural complexity of coral habitats. The loss of this coral reef complication drives the decline

  • The Reefs And Its Effects On The Coral Reefs

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    there are many coral reefs. This island I chose to look at, is called Desecheo Island or Isla de Desecheo. It 's just of the coast of Puerto Rico. The coral reefs in the island are continental reefs according to geomorphologists( people who study physical features of the Earth’s surface). It is a fringing reef around the coast of the island and a shelf reef beyond that. In the fringing reef, the depth of the reef is mixed between shallow and deep. When it gets near the shelf reef areas, the depth

  • Coral Reefs : Human Effect On The Coral Reef Ecosystems

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    marine biologist presenting a seminar titled ‘coral reefs under threat’, which discusses human impact on reef systems. A sceptical member of the audience questions whether there is sufficient evidence to support your claims, and goes on to state that maybe the issues regarding coral reefs have simply been exaggerated by the media, environmentalists and scientists. – 750 to 1000 words There are multiple human factors that can and are affecting the coral reef ecosystems globally. One of the simpler ones

  • Coral Reef Papers

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    The coral reef is in the shallow part of the ocean it is usually clear and the warmth is about medium. The warmth in the coral reefs stays between 75 degrees to 85 degrees. The coral reefs is located around the indo pacific region Austria American and African west coast. The coral reef biome is over 1,200 miles. The plants that there is algae and sea grass and also mangroves mantes forage on the sea grasses. Also, there is sea stars and cuttle fish clown fish sea snakes and sharks. The clown fish

  • Coral Reef Essay

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    The coral reef is a vital part of our ocean. Coral also is a big part of life for people who live near coastal regions. We need to identify the causes of coral degradation, and find ways to repair and keep the reef healthy. Coral reefs are one of the most biodiverse and productive ecosystems on earth and are essential to the plant. Coral reefs only account for less than 1% of the oceans tidal area, but are still home to 25% of all marine creatures like crustaceans, reptiles, seaweeds, bacteria fungi

  • Coral Reefs : The Ecosystem

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    Coral reefs are an essential component to the ecosystems in Hawaii. Coral reefs are comprised of numerous Cnidarian species that grow sympatrically to form structured colonies. Coral reef colonies support a wide range of marine wildlife. The marine animals utilize coral reefs as their habitat, as a source of food, and as a catalyst for community interactions. Coral reef communities that are well established are known to be highly biodiverse. Coral reefs are known as the tropical rainforests of the

  • Coral Reefs : The Contribility Of Coral Reefs And Ecosystems

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    many, coral reefs are an immense necessity to ecosystems across the globe. They act as a major source of nitrogen and other critical nutrients for the hundreds of marine food chains that live close to or in these ecosystems. Coral is proves to be a major factor is recycling these nutrients. On top of this, coral reefs are a major component when it comes looking at its assistance in carbon and nitrogen fixing (an essential process due to the rise is global warming and pollution). Coral reefs absorb

  • Effects Of Tourism On Coral Reefs

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    motivation for countries to protect their reefs from these various forms of destruction, yet the boom in this industry is also contributing to the degradation of reefs in some areas” (Weber, 1993). The conservation of coral reefs will also lead to the preservation of some of the allure tropical destinations like the Bahamas and Cayman Islands hold, only in part, due to their coral reefs. While the islands, as well as destinations like Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, have a lot to lose from the industry

  • Climate Change On Coral Reefs

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    change has on coral reefs is very concerning. The increase in sea temperatures is causing the coral reefs to become bleached. When a coral becomes bleached it causes them to expel the algae, leaving the corals white. Bleached corals results in many negative effects. When a coral is bleached they have reduced growth rates, the species that depend on them are affected, and there is a decline in coral reef protection from shorelines. The devastating impacts that climate change has on coral reefs are unpredictable

  • Coral Reefs: The Rainforests of the Sea

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    The Rainforests of the Sea Coral reefs are one of the most diverse habitats in the world today and it this diversity that makes them so important to the overall health of the oceans and thus the overall health of the oceans as a whole. Coral reefs take up only a very small percentage of the entire surface of the ocean's surface. However, despite this, they provide a home to about one-quarter of all of the species that live in the oceans. (Mulhall, 2007, p. 321). Among the other life forms that live