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  • Court Case Study

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    The video link is the place the victim is taken to a room within the court building usually and is linked up to the courtroom where the trial is taking place, like skyping. So, the victim sits in front of a television screen and the camera is focused on them, for the barristers and sometimes judge, in the court to ask questions and the victim can answer, without being in the actual court. This special measure enables the victim to be in a safe environment away from the courtroom. This also in some

  • Divorce Court Cases

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    parties despite gender. In 1849, the courts became responsible for divorce, and the grounds included “Life imprisonment, any infamous crime involving a violation of the conjugal duty, and any such misconduct as permanently destroys the happiness- any such misconduct as permanently destroys the happiness of the petitioner and defeats the purpose of the marriage relation” (Simmons, 1998). In the 1950s, the Family Court system was created so that there were specific courts to handle the responsibilities

  • Magistrate Court Case Study

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    What is Magistrate Court? Magistrate Court is the lowest of DeKalb’s courts. If the court system was a hospital, Magistrate is triage. Most all criminal cases start here from stealing a candy bar to murder. We do not see cases all the way to the end. What do we do? We issue warrants and review bond. We can only do three things on a hearing: dismissed cases, reset cases or bind over cases. (Bind over means send the case to a higher court to finish them out) We do not determine if someone is

  • Taken To Court Case Analysis

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    For a case to be taken to court, there are a lot of factors that have to be considered. When the case is taken to court, the judge has found there to be enough evidence for the case to be taken to trial and now it is up to the prosecutor and the defendant’s attorney to prove their side of the story. The prosecutor has to prove the defendant is guilty with all the evidence that he has to the jury and the defendant’s attorney has to poke holes in the prosecutor’s points in order to prove that the

  • Court Case Summary

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    claim in district court in Nebraska. Mr. Alphin was served notice to appear in court and he refused; therefore, the Nebraska court entered a default judgment for the amount of $8.942.30 against Mr. Alphin, defendant for Race City Classics, LLC. The amount awarded was for the necessary cost of repair alleged by Mr. Meyer, plaintiff. Mr. Meyer then filed a “Docketing of Foreign Judgment” and a “Notice of Filing for Judgment” in Iredell County Superior Court. This is the county and court in North Carolina

  • Chinese Government Structure and Court Cases

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    Comparison of the Gang of Four and Bo Xilai’s case The media has often referred to Bo’s case as the most important case in Chinese history since the Gang of Four case. In fact, there are various points of similarities between the two cases in terms of their political importance. For instance, both cases related to political functionaries who had fallen from grace, and tested the legal system’s ability to secure a fair trial. Indeed, according to Jerome A Cohen, the criminal justice system is perhaps

  • Trial Court Case Study

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    The trial court erred and abused its discretion in granting the State’s motion to admit evidence of prior uncharged incidents of domestic violence, because the evidence denied Mr. Davis of his rights to due process of law as guaranteed by the Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution, and Article I, Section 10 of the Missouri Constitution, in that the evidence was more prejudicial than probative because it was too remote in time to be relevant to the charged crimes and had

  • Martha Simpson Court Case Essay

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    Everyone has heard of the OJ Simpson court case – a rich and famous man is accused of murdering his ex wife and despite an overwhelming amount of evidence presented against him, he somehow manages to be found not guilty. Many people find themselves wondering how that could possibly happen. Was his defense team simply that good? Were there mistakes made? Was he actually innocent? Simpson’s case is not the only one that has yielded such a strange outcome because of his status and stellar defense team

  • The Court Case Of Gideon V. Case

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    to adjudicate these cases has become an issue for the federal, state and local courts across the country. The overcrowding of our court dockets has become a major problem for court administrators working in every courthouse in the United States. Why the courts are so overcrowded, and how the court administrators, judges, and attorneys deal with overcrowding will be the focus of this paper. [There are several factors that contribute to the excess numbers of cases in the court system today. One of

  • Criminal Court Report On Juvenile Criminal Cases

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    Criminal Court Report Each year in Canada, over 400,000 adult criminal cases are brought in front of a judge. That number may seem incredibly high, but considering the amount of charges brought against individuals daily, it really is not all that high. I had the opportunity to see a number of different adult criminal court proceedings, from bail hearings to guilty pleas, but the one that I’m going to analyze today is the sentencing hearing of a young man who was charged with uttering threats, breach