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  • Example Of Visual Art Critique

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    Visual Art Critique For my visual art critique, I attend the Texas State University Wittliff Collections on Tuesday, October tenth. During my visit I viewed works of art from the Lonesome Dove collection. The first piece of work I critiques was the photograph “Crossing the Rio Grande” taken by Bill Wittliff. This photo was taken on the set of the Lonesome Dove in 1988. What stood out to me was the significance of how real this photo is. So many slaves have tried to cross this river to escape persecution

  • Institutional Critique Essay

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    someone enters an art gallery, they believe they are going to view art, but under the guise of Institutional Critique, this notion often false. Instead of being the traditional art of painting, sculptures, and installations, viewers encounter, in the work of Hans Haacke, Daniel Buren, and Michael Asher in the 1970s, not much to look at, but a lot to think about. In essence, Institutional Critique is a protest against museums/galleries demanding them to view art and art exhibition in new ways, exemplified

  • An Analysis of Solipsism in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason Essay

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    An Analysis of Solipsism in Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason My goal is to examine solipsism and discover how Immanuel Kant's Transcendental Idealism could be subject to a charge of being solipsistic. Following this, I will briefly review the destructive impact this charge would have on certain of Kant’s positions. After the case for solipsism is made, I intend to describe a possible line of rebuttal from Kant’s perspective that could be made to the charge. The issue of solipsism is intriguing

  • Feminism In Desiree's Baby

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    identity during a historical period of time through Desiree’s character. Derek Foster and Kris LeJeune's critique, focusing on the feminist standpoint of Desiree’s Baby, attempts to demonstrates how Desiree’s act to flee into the bayou is her first accomplishment of independence. Desiree’s Baby is a short story written in the late 1800’s encompassing the issues of

  • Kant's Philosophy on the Metaphysical World Explained in Critique of Pure Reason

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    In the Critique of Pure Reason, philosopher Immanuel Kant aims to thoroughly explain his philosophy of the metaphysical world. Within the Transcendental Aesthetic, Kant focuses on confirming that space and time are a priori intuitions. He provides reasoning and arguments as to why they are transcendentally ideal but empirically real, making space and time subjectively necessary for experiences. Simultaneously, Kant distinguishes space and time from secondary qualities, which belong to our senses

  • Speech Critique : Critique And Critique

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    Speech Critique (Self-Critique=2 x 25 Possible Points) (Peer Critique=25 Possible Points) For the process and informative speeches you will view the video of your presentation and critique yourself. Your responses to the questions below will be submitted to the D2L dropbox as a MS Word file by the date designated on the syllabus for each speech. You will use the same questions for your peer critique. When answering questions, answer in complete sentence form, check spelling/grammar, and use

  • Critique Of Piano Critique

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    For my piano critique, I went to see Sean Cavanaugh with accompaniment of Dominic Muzzi, play Ludwig van Beethoven’s Concerto No. 1 in C Major, Op. 15. This recital was performed on campus, in Recital Hall November 6, 2017 at 8:30pm. Both Cavanaugh and Muzzi performed their portion of the piece on the piano. Cavanaugh was the lead pianist, so he had the piano closer to the audience while Muzzi was farther back. Something that I found interesting, was that Muzzi was dressed in all dark colors, while

  • Critique Of Agora Critique

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    Agora Critique The 2009 feature film, Agora, which was directed by Alejandro Amenábar, depicts the religious, political, and intellectual events in the city of Alexandria during the life of Hypatia, a female philosopher. Since this film’s primary goal is the entertainment of the audience rather than accurate historical instruction, there are some fictitious or unproven details in the film that give an erroneous impression of history to the common viewer. The movie gives a fair representation of

  • Critique Of The Gypsy Critique

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    Ray Byers Professor Rafferty Race and Theatre 27 October 2017 Gypsy Critique Gypsy was performed at Bridgewater State University in a production directed by Colleen Rua. Gypsy is a musical with book written by Arthur Laurents, music by Jule Styne, and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and is based on the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee. The musical tells the story of Rose as she tries to get her Vaudevillian show consisting of her two young daughters, June and Louise, successful. The first we see of Rose,

  • Critique Michael Jordan Critique

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    Amanda Casertano Book Review November 20, 2014 Critique of “Michael Jordan and The New Global Capitalism” written by Walter LaFeber Michael Jordan is more than just an athlete. He is a celebrity, a brand, and the face of many thriving companies. Everyone in the world, sports fan or not, knows Michael Jordan. If they don't know what he does or who he is, they have heard of the name, or can relate him to something. Michael Jordan was lucky enough to have been offered lucrative opportunities early