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  • The Crucible

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    The Crucible Many different parts form together to make up the society we see in The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller. Whether it be religion, government, or social roles; they all play some sort of impacting part to the characters we met while watching The Crucible. Who knew that religion and government could change a person’s life in a matter of minutes like it did so many times throughout the movie. The characters like Abigail Williams and John Proctor both knew the risks of going against

  • The Crucible

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    The Crucible “The witch-hunt was not, however, a mere repression. It was also, and as importantly, a long overdue opportunity for everyone so inclined to publicly express his guilt and sin, under the cover of accusations against the victims.” (Page 7 of Act One). These conflicts result and produce even more tragic occurrences. These conflicts are between either those have sinned and been accused – John Proctor, those who have been sinned against and accused out of jealousy and fear – Elizabeth

  • The Crucible

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    The Crucible Act Four Questions Short Response Answer the following questions based on your knowledge of the drama. Write a response on a separate sheet of paper. 1. Where does Tituba think that the Devil is going to take her? 2. Give one example of how Abigail shows her dishonesty in this act. 3. What effect do the trials have on Salem? Use three details from the drama to support your answer. 4. When first arrives at the Salem jail, Danforth complains, “There is a prodigious stench in this

  • The Crucible

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    English Homework Sophia Cassan What role does sex, and sexual repression play in The Crucible? The Crucible is a play constructed on conflict, lies and deception, written by Arthur Miller in 1952. The key theme of this theatrical four-act drama is ‘Wheels within wheels’. Set in Salem, in the heart of puritan Massachusetts, in 1692, the plot follows a community of villagers plagued by accusations of witchcraft. Amidst the executions of their friends, the remaining villagers turn to religion, rumours

  • The Crucible

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    The Crucible: Act One 1. Where and when is the opening scene of the play set? * The opening scene was held in the Salem in the Spring of year 1692 2. Why has Parris sent for Reverend Hale from Beverly? * Parris sent for Reverend Hale to see what is going on with his sick daughter, Betty. 3. What do we learn about the events in the forest and Abigail Williams’ connections with the Proctor family? * Abigail is in love with John Proctor and drank some charm to

  • Reflection Of The Crucible

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    Understanding The Crucible begins with knowing the events that were taking place at the time of its writing. The Crucible was a play that took place during the Salem Witch Trials and is used as a metaphor for the McCarthy hearings that took place at the time of its writing. In the time period the play was set, American Puritans are fearful that the Devil is out to get them and stop their religious mission in America, as said in the Crucible: “...the Salem folk believed that the virgin forest was

  • The Crucible Analysis

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    The Crucible by Arthur Miller is an historical fiction play and book which is based on the Salem Witch trials back in the 1600s. Author Miller’s. The reason for The Crucible was for Arthur Miller to show us his critique of the human conditions. The Crucible was first released in New York (1953) and it has been an amazing play till this day. The Crucible, show us the fight between the evil and the good characters through the plot that will later demonstrates the well-written theme. The way he wrote

  • Review Of ' The Crucible '

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    different. People in today’s society tend to relate this topic to politics because it is most commonly occurs within that faction of society. Corruption is a reoccurring theme throughout The Crucible, it shows through the political, McCarthyism, religious and personal reasons of the Colonial Era. The Crucible takes place in the early England colonies in Salem, Massachusetts during what we know as the witch trials. It is based on a group of girls involved in “witch like” activities, who begin to accuse

  • The Crucible Essay

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    Miller utilizes his diverse cast of characters in his play write “The Crucible” to demonstrate the ease at which lying to one’s self can create false realities and fallacious logic without our knowing. Arthur Miller’s play write of “The Crucible” demonstrates mankind’s inherited hypocrisy and inability to recognize our self-deception through Proctor’s repression, Elizabeth’s passive aggression, and Danforth’s denial. “The Crucible” demonstrates mankind’s natural hypocrisy and our inability to recognize

  • The Crucible Analysis

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    events that people can relate to their personal lives. The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a literary work that is based off of historical events, just with a few extra details make it more compelling to readers. The Crucible is based off of the Salem Witch Trials, which occurred during the 1600s. Most literature works, including The Crucible, can teach many life lessons similar to the way songs can teach many life lessons. In The Crucible, John Proctor’s affair with Abigail Williams plays a role