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  • The Second Crusade And The Third Crusade

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    the facts for what they are. After much discussion and exploration, we figure that the third crusade actually did follow the principles of Christianity to some extent. Portions of the third crusade were definitely morally wrong and conflicted against the teachings of Christianity, but not all of it fell out of order in which the foundation upon which Christianity was built. At the beginning, the Third Crusade was called under the belief that by reclaiming the Holy Land of Jerusalem, the Christians

  • The Crusades: The First Crusade

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    Driven by two awesome rulers, King Louis VII of France and King Conrad III of Germany, the Second Crusade started in 1147. That October, the Turks pulverized Conrad's powers at Dorylaeum, site of an awesome triumph amid the First Crusade. After Louis and Conrad figured out how to collect their armed forces at Jerusalem, they chose to assault the Syrian fortification of Damascus with a multitude of approximately 50,000

  • The Crusade : The Causes Of The Crusades

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    The first crusade was the first Christian journey to Jerusalem, the holy land so that they could aid the Eastern Christians lay siege to the city and take it back from the Saracens, a name for the Muslims during the Crusades. In November 1095, Pope Urban II called for the first crusade and announced it at the town of Clermont, central France. He proposed that Christians go to Jerusalem to liberate the church in the name of religious devotion, a cover-up for people seeking honour or glory. The crusaders

  • The Crusade Of The Children 's Crusade

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    During the early 13th century, while the wars against he Albigensians were occurring, crusade preaching became integral aspect of life in parts of Germany and northern France. On top of the already present religious fervor the most of Europe had, these preachings drove people to act on their devoutness to God. The Children’s Crusade, which was a popular religious movement in Europe during 1212, was a movement in which thousands of youth assembled and took crusading vows, their objective was to recover

  • The Crusades : The Beginning Of The Crusades

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    The crusades was a religious war between Muslims and Christians started primarily to secure control of holy sites considered sacred by both groups. The crusades occurred in the Middle East between 1095 and 1291, there were nine crusades in total. Ask anyone if they’ve ever heard of the Crusades the answer would most likely be yes. But does that mean they know what the crusades were. No. And most people are unaware of the beginning of the bloodshed that took place. So what was the beginning? How did

  • Crusades: The Peasant Crusade

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    The crusades lasted for a total of 195 years. There are eight official crusades there is one minor crusade known as The peasant crusade. The peasant crusade This crusade is the one and only unofficial crusade of the nine. It got its name because of it’s a lack of orderliness and military experience. Pope urban the second call the apon those believers to stand up against the Muslim Turks, to take back the holy land. Well he wasn’t expecting for the help he received to be ordinary men who had almost

  • The First Crusade And The Crusade

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    The first crusade started in autumn of 1095. Pope Urban II initiated the first crusade by calling upon his Christians to reclaim the city of Jerusalem. The Crusade was also meant to seek revenge on the followers of Islam. The followers were accused of committing crimes against “Christendom”. Pope Urbans crusade was made possible by the work of St. Augustine on Christian Violence in the past. Many Christians joined the crusade because the Pope promised rewards for the afterlife. After the fourth

  • The First Crusade And The Crusades

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    As the historian John Riley Smith points out “The First Crusade was a violent and brutal episode during which the crusaders cut out a swathe of suffering through Europe and Western Asia.” In this description of the First Crusade (1095/6- 1099) Smith makes it difficult for us to see and, or uncover any elements of pilgrimage in the crusaders actions. However, there are many different ways in which the crusades have been described, the historian Christopher Tyerman on the other hand, steers towards

  • The Crusade : Causes And Crusades?

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    Crusade. A word that creates inspiration in one part of the world and hatred or fear on the other part. For most of the people, their thinking is dictated by others. They only take what is commonly known and repeat it like parrots. They don’t question their source of knowledge. Things they think they know, how do they know that and from where that knowledge came from? We are going to adopt this method in our understanding of the Crusade. There are several questions we will try to find the answers

  • The Crusades: The Second Crusade

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    The Crusades was a movement that stemmed from the growing appeal and power of the church (von Sivers, Desnoyers, and Stow 326). As von Sivers Desnoyers and Stow infer that the crusades were in part inspired by the religious enthusiasm sweeping across Europe (326). In 1180 the Seljuk Turks took control of a substantial territories in the middle east which caused Pope Urban II to call for the launch of a crusade against to the Holy Land at Council of Clermont in France in 1095 (von Sivers, Desnoyers