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  • Cult Is A Cult Or Cult?

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    think of it as a Cult but, I ask the question “Could a religion actually be considered a cult?” A few religions that we have studied in class have actually been considered a cult at one point in history, either many years ago, or very recent. What intrigues me about this is: the definition and characteristics of a cult or religion, what groups/religions have been considered to be a cult, and why do we think that a cult is not considered a religious group. Some characteristics of a cult can be: that

  • Religious Cults And Other Dangerous Cults

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    In addition, many dangerous cults can be described as totalitarian (Kent, 2008, p. 109) and are often the defining characteristic of a cult. If a group revolves around one central leader who is controlling, authoritative, destructive, yet charismatic, it could be called a cult (Halperin, 1982, p. 21). In many instances, to be considered a worthy member of the respective group, one must perform in accordance with group norms as set by the leadership. If an individual meets the expectations of the

  • Cults

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    Cults Cults are often seen as an alternative religion. “A cult is defined as a religious or secular group that employs unethical and extreme measures of manipulation to recruit, control and retain its members” (Study Resources). Most cults are started because someone doesn’t like the way the world is and want to create what they feel the perfect world is. Then this person strives to make others believe as they do so they will join. There are somewhere around 3,000 to 5,000 of these cults throughout

  • Cults Essay

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    Cults have become a phenomenon in our world today. Each year "hundreds of Canadians join some of the 3,000 unorthodox religions of one type or another" (Fernell, Branswell, 189) all across North America. Like every organization, club or even in the common work place there is usually a person who is a figure of authority or other wise know as a "leader" and with every leader there are always rules and objectives that each and every member has to do and follow. The common psychological

  • What is a Cult? Essay

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    A cult is a good place for social outcasts to express their ideas freely, to feel safe, and to be enlightened for the future. A cult is a good thing to be involved in especially if you are a delinquent or criminal. Most people that join cults have a desire to belong, a lack of self-confidence, a desire for spiritual meaning, or to quit their addictions. A cult is a religious group that is not part of a larger and more accepted religion and that has beliefs regarded by many people as extreme. The

  • Cults Essay

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    Cults Many people feel that cults are nothing more than a nontraditional religion, because of beliefs, organization, and interest. Cults are much more than just little religions. They are a dangerous, and in the United States there is little we can do about it. The term cult has many different meanings. According to Jan Groenveld, a cult researcher and author, Christians define a cult as anything that differs from traditional orthodox teachings, but the general definition is that, a

  • Utopian Cults Essays

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    For many years, cults have been a subject of great controversy. A cult is a group of people that are bound together by an appreciation of the same thing, person, ideal, etc. Usually these groups keep close because of religious reasons, but their beliefs are almost always considered strange by outsiders. Cults are similar to clans or congregations, but are usually referred to as sects. There are many different categories that a cult could be sorted into. Apocalyptic, Utopian, Spiritualistic, Satanic

  • Cult or Religion Essay

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    TBA “A cult is just a religion I don’t like.” “All religions are cults.” “Religion is just the search for truth.” We may have heard someone use one of these three statements to explain cult and religion. Yet, are the statements accurate? Though cult and religion do share some characteristics, they are set apart by their leadership, the amount of authority over their members, and the rigidity of their boundaries. Many people use the term “zealot” synonymously with “cult leader.” Cult leaders

  • The Cult You're In

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    day and you want it. During the length of this paper we will talk about two important writers, Kalle Lasn the writer of “The Cult You’re in” and Benoit Denizet-Lewis writer of “ The Man Behind Abercrombie & Fitch”. They both talk about similar topics that go hand and hand with each other, they talk about the consumers “Dream”, how companies recruit the consumers, who cult members really are, how people are forced to wear something they don’t want, and about slackers. What is The Dream we all have

  • Cults Essay

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         The word cult is defined as an alternative religion. Most cults are started because someone doesn’t like the way the world is, and feels that his/her church isn’t doing anything to make it better, so they leave and create what they believe to be the perfect religion. Then this person strives to make others believe as they do so they will join (Miller, 1991, p. 15). There are somewhere around 3,000 to 5,000 of these cults throughout the United States, but only 75 to

  • Cults And Its Effects On Society

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    Cults have been around since the 1930’s and are becoming well known around the world. Although awareness has been spread out about the serious consequences joining a cult may have on a person’s life, individuals continue falling pray into cultic groups and remain an active part; the result of joining is decades being brainwashed into believing only the members hold the “truth”/enlighten by already brainwashed, devoted members and their “prophet”. The majorities of individuals in a cult live under

  • The Rise of Cult Activity Essay

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    The Rise of Cult Activity Cult activity has been on the rise over the past few decades. With it there has been an increase in the fear surrounding it. From this fear, society has learned much about cults, how they get members and what to look out for as far as cult recruiters go. Society as a whole has also learned what can be done to deal with cults. Cult activity and the fear that surrounds it Throughout the last couple of decades more and more stories of illegal cult activity or

  • Characteristics Of Cult Classification Of The Family

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    many characteristics that classify it as a cult rather than any other new religious movement, and it will hold that classification unless it undergoes some serious structural changes. By looking at this group through the lenses of different theories pertaining to cult classification, I am confident in saying that this group meets enough qualifications to put it into the ‘cult’ grouping. The Family is a new religious movement that I am defining as a cult. It hits on all the qualifications concerning

  • Essay about Cults and Their Leaders

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    Cults and Their Leaders      For many years, cult leaders always had a psychological hold on their followers' minds. Whether it was to kill other people or to kill themselves, they did it without question. Some cult leaders used fear, violence and guilt as a means of a weapon to control the minds of their followers. Other cult leaders used persuasive and spiritual speeches that made their followers believe they were doing good and fulfilling God's plan. Because cult leaders are powerful through

  • Essay on Why People Join Cults

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    CULTS I. Introduction Thesis: The forces that draw individuals into cults can be explained by psychological doctrine. II. What is a cult A. Brief description B. Types of cults 1. religious 2. psychotherapy or personal growth 3. political 4. popular or faddist III. Popular cult groups A. People's Temple B. David Koresh C. Heaven's Gate D. The Family IV. Charismatic group A. Brief desciption B. Characterization V. Sigmund Freud's beliefs A. Belonging to a group

  • The Destructive Effects of Cult Conversions Essay

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    A cult is a group of sadistic people that harm and take advantage of young, innocent people that are ripped away from their families and into a cold, dangerous world. There are many questions as to are cults really harmful. Cult leaders have many persuasive ways to trick you into believing their beliefs and their twisted ways of life. One common way that cult groups usually do is they pick out the most innocent and lonely victim. Then they make you feel comfortable and welcome and raise you on a

  • Why people join cults Essay

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    CULTS I.     Introduction      Thesis: The forces that draw individuals into cults can be explained by           psychological doctrine. II.     What is a cult A.     Brief description B.     Types of cults 1.     religious 2.     psychotherapy or personal growth 3.     political

  • Mind Control Is the Foundation of Cults Essay

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    Mind Control is the Foundation of Cults What are cults and what are the issues society argues about them? Many people argue over all different central issues of cults. One issue people argue is that cults cause social and personal disruption. Another issue would be that people in society dismiss the whole notion of cults completely saying that every religion can be viewed as a cult. However, when it comes down to it a cult is simply nothing other than a person using mind control over the

  • Essay about Social Psychology and Cults

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    A cult is defined as a social group or a social movement under one charismatic leader. It maintains a belief system, which includes a transformation of a group member. Members of the group have a high level of commitment to the leader, members, and beliefs (Lalich). An additional definition to consider is from the American Journal of Psychotherapy: …groups that often exploit members psychologically and/or financially, typically by making members comply with leadership’s demands through certain types

  • Religious Cults - A Threat to Society? Essay

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    Religious Cults - A Threat to Society? On November 18, 1978, in a cleared-out patch of the Guyanese jungle, Reverend Jim Jones ordered the 911 members of his flock to kill themselves by drinking a cyanide potion, and they did. It seems cultists were brainwashed by this megalomaniac Jones, who had named their jungle village after himself and held them as virtual slaves, if not living zombies. Jones himself was found dead. He'd shot himself in the head, or someone else had shot him. Is it plausible

  • Cults and the Moral Decay of Society Essay

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    I. Introduction A. Cults are becoming prominent in our society. B. Main points Secret organizations such as cults have been around for a long time and yet, more our emerging into our society. Cults preform acts, that are against the laws of the countries that govern them. C. More cults are emerging from society, and therefore is causing more rebellion against the spirit of goodness. II. Opposing view A. Some people believe that religious cults, are not cult at all, instead they are communities

  • Religious Cults Being Manipulative, Abusive And Exploitative Exploitive

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    Religious Cults being manipulative, abusive and exploitative exploitive Cults are developing and flourishing, as they cause a profound suffering to many individuals. Many individuals close-mindedly follow religious Cults, thus Religious cults tend to hinder their true reality in terms of their aberrant philosophy. Religious cults are the parasites among religious institutions feeding on the insecurity of their members by being; manipulative, abusive and exploitative.

  • Essay about Cults and Sects and Their Influence in Contemporary Society

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    Cults and Sects and Their Influence in Contemporary Society A sect is a small religious group that has branched off a larger established religion. Sects have many beliefs and practices in common with the religion they have broken off from, but are differentiated by a number of theological differences. Sociologists use the word sect to refer to a religious group with a high degree of tension with the surrounding society, but whose beliefs are largely traditional. A

  • The Cult Of Personality : Lynden Voth

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    The Cult of Personality From Jamestown, to Scientology, and even at one point Christianity, cults have helped to shape our way of viewing religion so much so that it is hard to imagine a life without them. Cults have a negative connotation in our modern world typically due to the violence that their members undertake in attempting to save their way of life or convert others. The question must be asked then; what would happen if a cult became a place of community rather than a place of religious

  • The Religious Cult Of Cults

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    Most of our thoughts about cults today are often a misconception of ideas that derive from our imagination. Practices that resemble a strange ritual or ceremony would certainly be fitting. Most of our culture could potentially spot a religious cult if the anomalies, or strange behaviors were evident. This simply is not a good way to identify cults today though. These groups are no longer apparent to the naked eye. Their systems of religious veneration and highly devoted groups blend in with our everyday

  • Jim Jones Essay

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    other hand, uses unethically manipulative techniques of persuasion and control to induce dependency in a person with an established identity, which the manipulator seeks to alter radically without the informed consent of his targets.   	Cult leaders and members use mind control to inundate their message into the minds of prospective and existing followers.Groups that demonstrate exaggerated devotion or commitment to some person, idea, or thing and demand an unquestioning loyalty, may potentially

  • The Cult Of Heaven Gate Cult

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    Cults are the groups that exhibit intense and unquestioning devotion to a single cause. All the group members have a same goal or mission, and the group thinking helps the group members to stick on the same goal. For the Heaven Gate, their goal is to enter the kingdom of heaven, the kingdom level above human. The documentary of “Heaven Gate Cult” perfectly shows the four ways for the cult to promote their group thinking. First, Heaven Gate have a persuasive leader-Do, who foster loyalty. Do said

  • The Role Of Religion And Sociological Perspective

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    symbols, people, difficulties, suffering, etc. as I believe that God has His ways to communicate with all of us. The types of religious groups are cult, sect, church, and Ecclesia. All denominations began as cults because a new or different system of beliefs appears in a culture that it is not well known with it. A sect is bigger than a cult and it is the middle of the road to find out if a religion will succeed or die. If the sect succeeds (with the exception of a few religions, like the Amish)

  • Jonestown Massacre : The Mass Suicide

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    1978, is what soon come to be acknowledged as the “Jonestown Massacre” in modern history of the late 1900s. Where a cult leader names Jim Jones brought his followers to Guyana, South America to commit a mass suicide of 900+ people. He accomplished this by having every one drink a laced Kool-Aid. A few other things that will be discussed about with be how the Peoples Temple (the cult name) grew and got this many members. Also on what was in the drink and how they members were treated throughout while

  • Assess the Sociological Explanations for the Growth of New Religious Movements.

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    in terms of wider social changes. Hence, in this essay, I shall discuss several sociological explanations for this occurrence. Firstly, Steve Bruce (1995, 1996) attributes the development of a range of religious institutions, including sects and cults, to a general process of modernization and secularization. He believes the weakness of more conventional institutionalized religions has encouraged some people to consider less traditional alternatives. As modern societies developed and faith in traditional

  • Heaven's Gate: A Colossal Failure Essay

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    Throughout history, there have been many instances of cults, many of which share the common characteristic of having corrupt leaders. For instance, Charles Manson led his cult in a homicidal spree, and David Koresh and Jim Jones convinced their followers to commit mass suicide. It is apparent that in cult history, leaders are the main cause of the tragedies that ensue. Heaven’s Gate, a religious cult, was founded on a mixture of Christian beliefs and a belief in UFOs. They stayed out of the

  • The Alchemist ( Book )

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    and Short Round find thousands of people taking part in a human sacrifice ceremony as a part of a religious cult. They also find that this cult is enslaving countless children in a mine and have three of the stones that belong to the village. After Thugee captures Indy, he forces him to drink a mind-control potion that puts him into a deep trance and brainwashes him to side with the cult. He then forces Indy to serve the Thugs and perform a human sacrifice on Willie, his own friend. Meaning

  • Religion on the Internet Essay

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    particular type of religion. Then there are sites that try to lure you into joining their religion, and even some cults that are trying to gain new, vulnerable members. With the different ways that they present these sites, it is very easy to get caught up in them and possibly even join. The way they present them to the viewer doesn’t make them seem bad or not even close to being a cult. The sites on factual and on-line religion services don’t seem to be a problem, and I will discuss their presence

  • Managing Cultism in Tertiary Institutions

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    MANAGING CULTISM IN TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS BY SULAIMAN ABDULLAHI KARWAI, Ph.D, fmca, mnim, mimc, DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AHMADU BELLO UNIVERSITY, ZARIA. Abstract Importunate secret cult activities have created a culture of fear and turned many tertiary institutions into centres of violence, where Fear, anxiety and insecurity of lives and properties are the order of the day. These scenarios have resulted in poor learning, poor performance and low academic attainment. The objective

  • Polytheistic And Catholic Rome - Polytheistic Vs. Roman

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    day Rome relate to those used in cults of all kinds. Cults will use harsh punishment such as the paddling to keep the followers from disobeying the leader’s rules. Cult leaders will preach their messages to the people, conveying the same lessons such as eternal damnation. Comparisons to well-known cults    There are several cults that have the same forms of punishments and fear tactics as the Catholic Church. This essay will examine the history of four different cults and how each compare to the Catholic

  • Jim Jones Essay

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    on the other hand, uses unethically manipulative techniques of persuasion and control to induce dependency in a person with an established identity, which the manipulator seeks to alter radically without the informed consent of his targets. 	Cult leaders and members use mind control to inundate their message into the minds of prospective and existing followers.Groups that demonstrate exaggerated devotion or commitment to some person, idea, or thing and demand an unquestioning loyalty, may potentially

  • Argument Essay : ' Heaven 's Gate '

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    Emiliano Diaz CW- 5th hour Argument Essay By definition religions can be considered cults. “Great devotion to a person, idea, object or work” (Merriam-Webster). But regardless of definitions, the media has made the word “cult” become surrounded by a negative connotation. A few famous examples of cults that have made headlines in America, especially in the 1980’s and 90’s include The Manson Family, Heaven’s Gate, and Scientology. Only Scientology is still active today and they have 25,000 followers

  • The Shawshank Redemption And Exploring The Espoused Values Of The Religion Inside The Prison

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    community of people. These ideas lead me to explore cults. I have always had the perception of cults as being shady, underground groups of people chanting manically and performing sacrifices. I am interested to see if there is any truth behind my perception or if in fact, they are just formed from idle gossip and stereotypes. In order to gain a better, more educated opinion I am going to explore the definition of a cult and some of the most famous cults, and then evaluate if they fit the definition or

  • The Blind Obedience And Authority

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    always themselves they hurt. The Followers There are three main behaviors followers of authority typically do. The first is that they often feel the need to satisfy their adversary-in-command. According to the FBI, “Cult members generally act to serve and please the cult leader rather than accomplish an ideological objective” (2000). The need to please others is common among social animals, primates will often clean one another, so the more others like you, the cleaner you’ll be. So when humans

  • The Kingdom Of Matthias By Historians Paul E. Johnson And Sean Wilentz

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    passionate religion. The authors wonderfully organized the book, splitting it into 4 large sections. The first and second sections were written purely to introduce the reader to Elijah Pierson and Robert Matthews, the men who started the Kingdom (or cult); the third and fourth concern the Kingdom (how it functioned, and it 's members) and how it failed. In these chapters, the reader slowly becomes involved with the characters as the authors illustrate a story which many had forgot. Throughout the

  • The Difference Between Leadership and Followership

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    benefit society and to destroy it. This is why some of history’s more charismatic leaders are also symbols of destruction and evil. One of the most famous examples of charisma used for destruction is Jim Jones. Jim Jones was the founder and leader of a cult called the Peoples Temple, which is best known for the November 18, 1978 mass suicide of 914 members in Jonestown. The mass suicide consisted of Jim Jones having his followers knowingly drink cyanide-laced Kool-Aid. Not only was he able to accomplish

  • Kingdom of Matthias Essay example

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    Kingdom of Matthias As a United States American culture there are many possibilities for a cult like Matthias to occur again, this is contributed by not only a market-oriented American culture but also by tendencies that are present in every society. We have rights and freedoms given to us by our United States Constitution, including the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. These freedoms mean that anyone has the right to speak publicly about their religious

  • Essay about Inherit the Wind

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    and honored by the locals. This rubs off on Brady, making him extremely pompous and arrogant. His ego eventually gets the best of him as it literally compromises his prosecution in the trial. Brady resembles many of the same characteristics of a cult leader. He has a strong following by speaking to the issues that the locals want to hear. However, he is smart, charming in a sense, successful and is a convincing public speaker. His admirable and convincing tone makes it easy for the locals to believe

  • Social Penetration Theory And Social Judgment Theory

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    I was raised in a religious cult. Our beliefs and rules kept us isolated from the outside world; because I was educated at home, and rarely saw anyone outside of my fellow cult members, I did not grow up learning the unspoken rules, cultural norms, and societal expectations that define the life of an average American kid. However, at the age of twenty I decided to leave home, realizing I could no longer believe in the restrictive values I had been raised with. I am thirty years old now, and the last

  • American History X By Tony Kaye

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    connections to something if it is what you believe in, this can be very scary as some religious belief groups can also been seen as a cult. In Derek 's case the group that he ran was very much like a religious cult. Everyone who followed him had the same drastic beliefs that African Americans are disgusting creatures and only white people should live. Like these religious cults people are forced into incriminating acts of mutilation and violence. Later in the film we see Danny being forced down the same

  • Mad Max : Fury Road

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    “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015) – George Miller Clip: ‘He looked at me’ Genre subverting “Mad Max: Fury Road”, directed by George Miller explores themes of objectification, the cult of the V8’s and Norse Mythology through the material body of the film. This 2015 film is set in a post-apocalyptic world, where Miller relies on practical effects rather than CGI, in order to keep the action onscreen authentic, according to Casey creating an intuitive masterpiece. (Casey, 2015) Known for its fast paced

  • Summary Of ' The Call Of Cthulhu '

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    it. The story is split into three chapters that introduces us to Thurston and Angell who learned of Cthulhu and starts researching about it, then in chapter two it gives us more detail about the fanatic cult and then in the third chapter, we learn a horrible truth behind the monster and the cult. The story shows how anyone who knows or anyone who even conceives the idea of Cthulhu becomes crazy or even dies. This fate has happened to the great uncle Angell, the narrator Thurston, and even possibly

  • Critically examine sociological explanations for the emergence and growth of religious sects in an apparently secular society.

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    of commitment shown by their members. The people's temple is at one extreme, while some other movements require little more of their members then to attend a short course. People have seen much in the media in recent years about the phenomena of cults and sects. For example, the tragic mass suicide of the People's temple in Guyana, the horrific flaming destruction of the Branch Dravidians and many more. This tells us how deeply particularly the western society is getting involved in strange and

  • Essay on Jonestown Massacre: Mass Murder Suicide in Guyana

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    investigate Jonestown. The U.S government told California Congressman Leo Ryan about Jonestown and he decided to go there himself and make sure that everyone was okay. He took a newspaper reporter and a cameraman with him. When he got there one of the cult members threatened to kill him if he did not leave. Ryan decided to go back to the U.S, and fifteen other Jonestown members wanted to go with him. As they were boarding the plane, Jones sent over gunmen who killed Ryan, his cameraman, the reporter

  • Is Scientology A Cult?

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    supreme being. A cult can be defined as group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others as strange or sinister. Scientology is a cult. My essay will raise points to support my thesis. I consider Scientology a cult. I do not consider it a mainstream religion because “mainstream” entails that many people are aware of this and to be honest, this is the first I am hearing of this organization/religion. After reading about the background of Scientology, the word “cult” is befitting