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  • Cult Is A Cult Or Cult?

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    think of it as a Cult but, I ask the question “Could a religion actually be considered a cult?” A few religions that we have studied in class have actually been considered a cult at one point in history, either many years ago, or very recent. What intrigues me about this is: the definition and characteristics of a cult or religion, what groups/religions have been considered to be a cult, and why do we think that a cult is not considered a religious group. Some characteristics of a cult can be: that

  • Cults

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    Cults Cults are often seen as an alternative religion. “A cult is defined as a religious or secular group that employs unethical and extreme measures of manipulation to recruit, control and retain its members” (Study Resources). Most cults are started because someone doesn’t like the way the world is and want to create what they feel the perfect world is. Then this person strives to make others believe as they do so they will join. There are somewhere around 3,000 to 5,000 of these cults throughout

  • Cults Essay

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    Cults have become a phenomenon in our world today. Each year "hundreds of Canadians join some of the 3,000 unorthodox religions of one type or another" (Fernell, Branswell, 189) all across North America. Like every organization, club or even in the common work place there is usually a person who is a figure of authority or other wise know as a "leader" and with every leader there are always rules and objectives that each and every member has to do and follow. The common psychological

  • Meaning Of Cults

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    A cult has many different meanings. Our textbook defines a cult as a “group that is typically characterized by three things; the first being rituals and beliefs, showing devotion to a god or person, the second being a charismatic leader, and the third is isolation” (Myers, 2015). In general, when people think about cults the response is usually “why are people persuaded to leave everything behind and join a cult?” There are usually two views on cults. The first is that a cult is not different from

  • Joining Cults

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    Former Members Perception of Cult Movement, is a study researched and done by Dr. Carmen Almendros, Dr. Jose A. Carrobles and Dr. Alvaro Rodriguez Carballeira. The research paper was published online under the ICSA ( International Cultic Studies Association), a non-profitable anti-cult organization, in 2007 in Volume six of the Cultic Studies Review. As the title of the study states, the research was used to find the perception of former cultic members before and during their involvement in the

  • Cults Essay

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         The word cult is defined as an alternative religion. Most cults are started because someone doesn’t like the way the world is, and feels that his/her church isn’t doing anything to make it better, so they leave and create what they believe to be the perfect religion. Then this person strives to make others believe as they do so they will join (Miller, 1991, p. 15). There are somewhere around 3,000 to 5,000 of these cults throughout the United States, but only 75 to 100

  • Cults Essay

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    Cults Many people feel that cults are nothing more than a nontraditional religion, because of beliefs, organization, and interest. Cults are much more than just little religions. They are a dangerous, and in the United States there is little we can do about it. The term cult has many different meanings. According to Jan Groenveld, a cult researcher and author, Christians define a cult as anything that differs from traditional orthodox teachings, but the general definition is that, a

  • The Cult You're In

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    different types of water you can buy. You go pick one either because the picture is better or you seen the commercial the other day and you want it. During the length of this paper we will talk about two important writers, Kalle Lasn the writer of “The Cult

  • Conformity And Cult Development

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    Cult development is fascinating phenomenon that occurs all around the world. Their membership growth is a complex interaction facilitated by conformity and manipulation. Cult membership can have a major impact on those who are involved. Leaving a cult can cause much distress for both the ex-member and their family. It is important to understand cult affiliation factors and the development of their membership in order to provide proper therapeutic intervention for those who leave cults. Cults tend

  • Utopian Cults Essays

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    For many years, cults have been a subject of great controversy. A cult is a group of people that are bound together by an appreciation of the same thing, person, ideal, etc. Usually these groups keep close because of religious reasons, but their beliefs are almost always considered strange by outsiders. Cults are similar to clans or congregations, but are usually referred to as sects. There are many different categories that a cult could be sorted into. Apocalyptic, Utopian, Spiritualistic, Satanic