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  • Dalai Lama And The Lama

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    Dalai Lama “I pray for a more friendly, more caring, and more understanding human family on this planet. To all who dislike suffering, who adore lasting happiness-this is my heartfelt appeal.” The fourteenth Dalai Lama who was born on July 6. 1935 is came from a very small village in northeast Tibet called Taktser. The Dalai Lama is the fourteenth leaders of Tibet. The Dalai Lama means different things to different people. Dalai Lama called “Ocean of Wisdom”. The Tibetan Government

  • The Dalai Lama

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    The story of the Dalai Lama has been told and repeated innumerable times and usually leans toward the personality, ideas and teachings of the current Dalai Lama who is the 14th incarnation named – Tenzin Gyatso. This paper, instead, revolves around the position and concept of the role of the Dalai Lama. The conception of the Dalai Lama originated in Tibetan Buddhism and comes from a line of learned preachers, known as tulkus, that are considered to be the incarnations of the Boddhisattva of compassion

  • Essay on The Dalai Lama

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    the 14th Dalai Lama. Now you may not be too familiar with exactly what that means, and no it does not in any way have to do with the llamas that spit. In short, the Dalai Lamas are the manifestations of the Bodhisattva (Buddha) of Compassion who chose to be reincarnated to serve the people, and indeed helping people is exactly what his holiness the Dalai Lama sets out to do. As I continue, I'd like to discuss with you

  • Dalai Lama Beliefs

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    Tibet is Tibetan Buddhism, different than regular Buddhism. Tibet was ruled by the Dalai Lama, a political and spiritual leader for the Tibetans. The practices of Tibetan Buddhism are part of the Tibetan people’s culture and are incorporated into their everyday life. This way of life is one that values all beings on Earth and is followed by very few people around the globe. Today, Tibet is not governed by the Dalai Lama, and the practice of Tibetan Buddhism is diminishing. On October 9, 1950, China

  • Dalai Lama Essay example

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    The Dalai Lama: Leader in Exile Among world leaders, there is no one like His Holiness the Dalai Lama, religious and political leader of Tibet and winner of the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize. Brought up from an unusual childhood, he became head of the state of Tibet at age 16, and was later forced into exile by the Chinese government. Despite all the hardship he had to endure he does not give up his fight for freedom and treats all sentiment beings with love and compassion. Through his fight for freedom

  • Dalai Lama Essay

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    other than the Buddha. The fourteenth Dalai Lama, also known as the Bodhisattva of Compassion, is one of the most significant religious leaders in the world and is also exceptionally important to Buddhism. He has been especially influential with regards to reinterpreting traditional Buddhist teachings so they are relevant in a more contemporary context and using them to deal with issues that have arisen and effect the Buddhist people. The Dalai

  • The Last Dalai Lama? Essay

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    The Last Dalai Lama? The twentieth century is rife with examples of countries being torn apart or experiencing great upheaval. Multi-ethnic Yugoslavia broke apart into several nation states with loose foundations. The Soviet Union collapsed, transforming the area into the Commonwealth of Independent States. Germany split in half as a result of World War II and then reunited over forty years later. One country that has experienced tremendous crisis and upheaval on a scale even greater than these

  • The Dalai Lama And Chinese Anger

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    As I was mindlessly scrolling through my news feed, I took an extra glance at a video titled ‘Lady Gaga and the Dalai Lama talk kindness’. Needless to say I didn’t pay much attention to it. Not too long afterwards it was announced that Lady Gaga is now banned from China because of that video. This sparked my interest quite a bit actually and I wanted to know more. The video itself showed nothing offensive or jaw dropping, yet still the Chinese government took the liberty of firewalling the video

  • Why Is the Dalai Lama Living in Exile? Essay

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    The Dalai Lama is Tibet’s leading political and spiritual leader, who was forced to leave his homeland in 1959 due to the unrest caused by the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1949. The Dalai Lama is very important to Tibetan society, he is revered as the supreme leader of Tibet, as he is believed to embody the ideals of Buddhism that govern Tibetan society. The Chinese occupation of Tibet and their aggressive and hostile actions have made it a dangerous place for the Dalai Lama. The Chinese invasion

  • The Pros And Reputations Of The Dalai Lama

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    based on his past. Some people see the Dalai Lama as an evil person and the others see him as a kind and peaceful person. He has a good reputation in the West. However, Chinese people hate him and accuse him of hypocrisy. So the Dalai Lama has two different reputations. The Dalai Lama is the Tibetans’ political and spiritual leader. He is the most important leader in Tibet. The Dalai Lama is a monk of the Tibetan Buddhism. The 14th and current Dalai Lama is Tenzin Gyatso. Tenzin Gyatso was born