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  • The Debate Team Controversy

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    The debate team erupted in a great debate. The team captain argued and fussed, while the team members scrambled to find a solution. The team captain started to push of the members when the lead singer stepped in to interrupt. "You guys stop !" Callie said " showing your anger in a fuss, you must be disgusted!". "I'll tell a story about how wrath can be deadly, it's a must." One upon a time there lived a young man by the name of Jimmy. He was an average sized fellow and very bright. Although he

  • The Lincoln-Douglas Debate

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    Before watching the debate, read through this section twice. The first time will give you the gist of what is presented, while the second time will allow you to see if you can actually do as it instructs. In the world of debate, as in any other technical environment, specific terms are used to convey vitally important meaning. Apologetic jargon is fairly self-explanatory, with a few exceptions. However, it is important to note that there are multiple styles of debate, and each of these styles has

  • The Debate On The Circus Acts That Were Called The 1st Presidential Debate

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    the circus acts that were called the 1st presidential debate and the vice-presidential debate that aired earlier in the month, my expectations for the 2nd debate were not too high. Unfortunately my even my low expectations were not met and I felt as though there was not a large enough improvement during this debate to have made any difference from the first one. While we saw some improvement in terms of candidate behavior, the rest of the debate was severely lacking in substance. Questions posed by

  • The Debate Over Current Race

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    I have chosen the debate of 26th September. The reason I am selecting this is because, it was the first debate and was instrumental in leading up to future debates. In a way it was an inception point of agendas and policies that would unfold with time. The debate was deluged with policies and issues. Even though candidates probably had a plethora of issues they wanted to address, the time limit, and the debate format stood like a glorified barrier. The issue was raised on how to create jobs to minimize

  • Political Debates Of The United States

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    Political debates in the United States, has turned into a constant public dispute, on who is more convincing for the public eye. A political debate refers to a discussion engaging deliberate arguments, that involves opposing viewpoints. One of the issues that has been in a constant debate for years, is the “Tax Reform”. A recent Republican political debate that took place on November 28th, gave us insight on the thoughts of some of our candidates, regarding the imposition of taxes. In the United

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Debate Games

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    For me, every project is associated with a drop of water, and only the amalgam of drops can form the great ocean of good things, that do not require a reward. One of this drops is debate. I’ve started playing debates 3 years ago. Debate games formed in myself critical and logical thinking. I’ve gained ability to analyze constructively on different topics, for instance: ”THBT everyone who has attained publicly funded education should work a minimum of 3 years.”, ”Advantages and disadvantages of migration

  • The Debate On The Issue Of Poverty

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    Holding a debate on the issue of poverty, is one that can easily go awry due to it 's complexity and emotional aspects. In order to evaluate the debate, both teams need to fully understand the proposal and clearly articulate their stance. The debate teams need to be able to clearly explain their position, refute the opponent 's argument, provide solutions, provide a stimulating counter examination, and effectively answer questions from the judges. Other logistical aspects of the debate that will

  • Melvin B. Tolson's The Great Debates

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    The Great Debates is a drama that was released in the year 2007, it is based on a real life story of an African American man named, Melvin B. Tolson. Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington plays Melvin B. Tolson in the movie. Melvin B. Tolson was a professor at Wiley College Texas. In the year 1935, Mr. Melvin B. Tolson, motivates the students to join their school’s first debate team. The team made it all the way up to compete with Harvard in the national championship, furthermore, Harvard

  • Personal Narrative: Joining The Debate Team

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    freshman year, I wasn’t sure where I’d fit in, but I knew what I wanted to accomplish. I wanted to increase my confidence when it came to public speaking, what better way to do that then to join the debate team, I thought.. It was the first day of school and I wasn’t quite sure how to approach my debate class, I was afraid everyone would be much more qualified to be on the team then me. Afraid of the judgement and if I’d be of any use to the team throughout the year. But it was too late to turn back

  • The Debate Of Abortion

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    The debate over if abortion should be legal or not has always been a controversial issue. Opponents, identifying themselves as pro-life, claim that abortion is the killing of an innocent. Proponents, identifying themselves as pro-choice, claim that abortion is a fundamental right to all women thus; it should be allowed. One argument against abortion is that it is murder. This argument assumes that life begins at conception, so the unborn have a right to life. Nevertheless, personhood begins after