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  • Character Analysis Of Ann Frank 's First Diary Entry

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    while in school. Another name associated with Hitler as well as his time of power is Anne Frank. “...But I 'm not sorry, memories mean more to me than dresses.” From Anne Frank’s first diary entry (Simkin, John.) that simple sentence speaks volumes to what kind of person Anne was. From books, plays, movies and her diary about her life they have captivated so many for years. A child who grow up in a time that would go down in history and be forever remembered for generations to come, that still managed

  • Diary Entries

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    Day 1: My day started as any other day. We all got on the plane, on our way too a place, I forgot the name. Then the next thing, the plane was in flames and we crashed on the island. I was climbing this hill when I heard this sound, I took the choirboys with me and we found this boy with a shell and a bunch of other boys crowded around him. We all introduced ourselves and three of us when off to find food. I was with Ralph and Simon, this boy, Piggy, wanted to come but I told him “no.” We found a

  • Diary Entry Essay

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    Diary entry 23: I don’t know. I just don’t know what I should do. Father says that I have to join the Sons of Liberty, but I’m not sure that I want to. He says that they fight for a independence, freedom, and not having taxes. I don’t know much about taxes but, I have noticed that ever since they have gone into place, we haven’t had much food anymore. The conversation at dinner tonight got more tense than regular. Father said that tomorrow night we are going to have to give up our beds to British

  • Macbeth Diary Entries

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    If I ever find out who has killed my loved ones, I will be the death of them or they be the death of me. Macduff I am writing this entry, sitting at a desk in Scone. I have recently witnessed my dear friend Macbeth crowned King of Scotland. I am still in shock after the strange happenings of the past few days, so I am not yet overcome with neither joy nor grief. I should be happy for

  • Diary Entry Analysis

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    Diary entry 2: We landed in independence, MO. We took a little rest overnight and one of the Indians took our kid Hamilton Weaver. We have not found him yet and I think that they are going to give up hope. He's been gone for 5 weeks and we are already at the Platte River.I can only imagine what he looked like: blonde and brunette hair but mostly brunette about 3”. I didn't know him that well because he usually just stayed in the wagon but most people say that he was really nice and never complained

  • Conductors Diary Entries

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    Journal #4: My Conductor has been with me and we are traveling north by night. There is a group of us and we don’t dare show our faces during the day. From Virginia, we have moved into Maryland. Our destination is Pennsylvania, but I won’t be happy there. I want to be as north as possible. I heard that some slaves go all the way to Canada, which is past New York. My conductor told me that I was not unusual. May runaway slaves want to go to Canada to be safe from bounty hunters and U.S. lawmen

  • Ww1 Diary Entry

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    I don’t know where to start on how much I miss staying at home and working in the factories. Life here is more unbearable then you could imagine, and with all these news reporters here reporting stuff back must have you worried sick. I'm lucky to have lived this long in this treacherous war. I'm sorry I haven't talked to you in a while, just there is so much stuff going on here! My daily routine includes waking up and hour before dawn the boys here call that "stand to". Then we go to a separate

  • Napoleon Diary Entry

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    Today, fifty-odd years later, I sit on my porch alone, swinging gently in the morning. I can look out over the yard. It looks just the same as the place were my most important moment of my life happened. I’ve kept it like that, so I never forgot. It's a large yard, that looks like a tiny meadow in a forest. It’s the height of summer right now, so all the trees are full and green. Just like it was then. I remember the year of 1778. I was in my prime, the my early twenties. The Revolutionary War

  • Cinderheart Diary Entry

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    Entry #1 Page Range: 1-84 Entry: Blossomfall and Foxleap did an amazing job during that training session today. Cinderheart said I’d looked like I’d been pulled through the thorn barrier backwards, but I don’t mind since those two are amazing fighters. Then we heard Sorreltail come back to camp, yowling her head off, with her patrol, Birchfall, and Ivypool. She said there was tension at the WindClan border and Ivypool and Birchfall nearly started a fight with a patrol, only because they were washing

  • Grissom's Diary Entry

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    Entry #1 Page Range: 1-34 Entry: Dear journal, Carter here. Yesterday we went to the Fifty-first Nome in Texas, to attend the Dallas Museum of Art’s party that was held by J.D. Grissom, the leader of the Fifty-first Nome. We had gone to warn him about the lord of chaos, Apophis, and how he planned to find an artifact, destroy it and kill everyone in the museum. We had met up with J.D. Grissom in the sculpture garden where the main party was being held and warned him of the upcoming threat. He