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  • Diplomacy Is Diplomacy

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    extent has diplomacy failed to adapt to the international system brought by globalization? Diplomacy which came into play thousands of years ago before they concept of globalization was conceived have gained much recognition over time in the world today. Diplomacy and Globalization are all major aspects in the study of study of International Relations. The concept of an international system brought by globalization and fostered through a varrying number of mechanisms in which diplomacy is a part of

  • Art Diplomacy: Art And Diplomacy

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    that art and diplomacy cannot have connections or these two are very different and do not have interaction with each other. But if we look and observe closely we will see that art can play a diplomatic role for a country to another country. Basically, art diplomacy is a part of cultural diplomacy as art is a part of a culture and plays the role to exchange cultures and ideas and develop mutual understanding from one country to another country to promote foreign policy goals or diplomacy and “art can

  • The Importance Of Public Diplomacy

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    other Muslim countries in the region. Public diplomacy functions as a tool to inform and educate the target audience so that there can be favorable relationships with other countries (White and Radic, 2014). Another function of public diplomacy is building dialog and creating sympathy for the country itself. As a field, public diplomacy has no theoretical perspective and strong background (Entman, 2008) which it could provide a framework. Public diplomacy became popular in the years of the cold war

  • The Defence Of Defence Diplomacy

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    increasingly involved in defence diplomacy. The Indonesian Defence White Paper issued by the current administration in 2015 expresses clearly how defence diplomacy will be used to further Indonesia’s national interests in the defence sector. In its implementation, international cooperation will be employed as its key instrument. Defence diplomacy itself was first included in the Indonesian Defence White Paper in 2008. However, the document only included one mention of defence diplomacy. In the latest 2015 version

  • Disadvantages Of Successful Diplomacy

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    Diplomacy is the sum of strategies and plans one country uses to communicate with another country to best protect its national interest.A diplomacy is a non-violent approach to international relation, that depends on negotiation, dialogue, and compromise. Diplomacy tries to find solutions to conflicts with convincing ideas, which includes knowledge-based solutions. Diplomacy has a very important role to play in terms of international relations as many international conflicts don't always have a military

  • Diplomacy As A Communication Process Of International Relations

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    In the field of International relations, one of the most important instruments is referred to as Diplomacy. Diplomacy according to various scholars is extremely important in the process of implementing a country’s foreign policy and its various objectives in the international community. Some scholars describe diplomacy as a communication process between international actors that seek through negotiation to resolve certain issues and also to push their foreign policy objectives. Research states that

  • Multilateral Relations : Multilateral Diplomacy

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    Diplomacy is useful negotiating tool that state can utilize to negotiate with other actors and to expand their role in the international system. Multilateral diplomacy, where the diplomatic statecraft inves official representatives of more than two states are especially useful. Multilateral diplomacy are often used as a device for both identifying and advertising the membership of those countries that are of the great power club. Often times these countries with great powers come together and form

  • Research Paper On Coercive Diplomacy

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    COERCIVE DIPLOMACY During the Cold War, states avoided the use of force because of the nuclear war threat. Instead of using force, when states wanted to create a change in another states’ behavior, they use coercive diplomacy. Coercive diplomacy means that, using limited force or threats to impose a request, to stop or undo an action of adversary and convince to adversary that there will be a punishment if they do not accept request or stop their actions. Coercive diplomacy is more easier and advantageous

  • Source Analysis : Diplomacy And Religion

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    Source Analysis – Diplomacy and Religion Daniel Rogers’s discourse on the political, commercial and religious environment of Denmark-Norway, Jean Hotman’s musings on the ideal diplomat and Francois Dubois’s representation of the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre appear disparate and unrelated; however, their wider significance as a vignette of the evolving diplomatic and religious landscape of Western Europe in the latter half of the sixteenth century is extremely noteworthy. Rogers wrote the ‘discourse

  • Diplomacy in the United States and Saudi Arabia

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    Growing up being a diplomat has always been a career I wanted to pursue. When I was in elementary school my best friend’s father was diplomat for the State Department. He would constantly tell me stories of his travels from living in South Africa, Germany, and Thailand. I already loved traveling and I was so in love with this job because the career would be receiving a check for something I already love to do. However it is not only about the traveling this job has many benefits including being able