Discourse Community Essay

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  • Example Of Discourse Community

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    to aid you in these emotions, by having plenty of discourse communities you can join, or even offering you the opportunity to create your own. As quoted by Herzberg in The Concept of Discourse Community, “the idea of a “discourse community” is not well defined yet” (469). Despite the vague concept John Swales offers, he further goes on to elaborate on what six characteristics discourse communities can be identified through. A discourse community which one of my roommates participates in is the Vietnamese

  • The Ethics Of Discourse Communities

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    Discourse communities are groups of people who share similar values, goals, and ways of communication. Although it is more of a broad definition, to me discourse communities can be more simplified. My definition: sharing the same experiences, individual passion, and journey as your destined group. Even though high school is bygone, the Langston Hughes Volleyball Team is still considered my discourse community. Not to be biased but we are the best. Performing rigorous activities such as sports requirements

  • Joining a Discourse Community

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    Life is full of different paths that each person has to take to achieve their goals. In those roads, people might find groups that share ideas, knowledge, culture, or tastes with them, called discourse communities, which can lead to live experiences that might turn unforgettable. People can join an infinite number of these groups, however in order to accomplish that they must convince its members by applying some techniques taught in this class of English 1301, for example, knowing

  • The Concept Of Discourse Community

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    dealing with viewpoints, beliefs, or understanding towards a particular goal. These groups can be identified as discourse communities. According to, “The Concept of Discourse Community,” in the textbook, Writing About Writing, John Swales stressed that in order to be classified as a discourse community the group has to have all six defining characteristics. Swales emphasized, “A discourse community has a broadly agreed set of common public goals, mechanisms of intercommunication among its members, uses

  • The Discourse Of Discourse Community

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    Discourse communities are a prevalent part of society, whether we realize it or not. The most recognizable of these communities would be the discourse in different work fields. When student’s are going through their final years of schooling in college, most are taught only some of this discipline-specific jargon in their junior or senior years of schooling through their out of class experience in their specific work field. The most easily identified would be the medical fields, journalism fields

  • Who Is The Best For A Discourse Community?

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    begin to think about what will be. The best way to overcome everyday obstacles is to join a Discourse Community that reflects your own interests. Just recently, my life was too hard to stand, so I decided to kneel, and within that time, I was directed towards an organization known as Cru. So, what is Cru and why did I choose to join this organization amongst the rest, does it qualify as a Discourse Community, and through further investigation, will it hold an academic conversation? After recently

  • What Defines A Discourse Community?

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    What defines a discourse community? A discourse community is defined by John Swales as “groups that have goals or purposes, and use communication to achieve these goals.” There are many characteristics that are used to define a discourse community; one being having a common goal or purpose. To be considered a discourse community there must be communication with one another, and the use of feedback. There is often a specific genre for this communication and each community has it’s own lexis. For

  • Reflection Of A Discourse Community

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    defines a discourse community as an exclusive group of people brought together by a common goal. According to John Swales (1990), every discourse community has six characteristics that makes them a discourse community. Overall the group must have a shared goal, in which they communicate with each other through different genres and lexis they have developed; genres are different types of communication that the group employ and lexis is the specialized language utilized by that particular discourse community

  • Reflection Of A Discourse Community

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    knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together.” We do not often realize how important it is for everybody to work together to achieve a goal. A community is a group of individual people gathered together to form a whole, like a school, local church, government entity, non-profit organization, sport team, etc. This whole can make reference to a discourse community. According to John Swales, discourse communities are unions where individuals have a common purpose

  • Swales Six Characteristics Of A Discourse Community

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    Johns, a discourse community is a community that uses texts, language genres, and lexis that enable members throughout the world to maintain their goals and regulate their membership and communicate efficiently with one another (52). Every discourse communities has their own rules which makes them unique to one another. What makes up a good community are the members in the community that supports and communicates with each other so that they can all reach their goal. Each discourse community has members