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  • Documentary Analysis Of The Documentary Mommy Dead And Dearest

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    Documentary Analysis The documentary Mommy dead and dearest filmed by Erin lee Carr retold the events of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Dee Dee Blanchard, mother of gypsy, was killed on June ninth two thousand fifteen. Gypsy and her mother were hurricane Katrina survivors and because of gypsy's illnesses, many people often helped the Blanchard's either financially or through organizations. Many would describe the pair as loving, kind, and inseparable. People would never see one without the other and thought

  • Bag It : Documentary Review

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    “Bag It” Documentary Review Every time my family and I go grocery shopping we end up having numerous plastic bags after unloading the food. For the most part we save these bags, keeping them underneath the sink in case we need to use them for something else later on.  However, we have done such a great job at saving these bags that they have begun to take up space. As such we have recently started throwing most of them in the garbage.  After watching the Bag It documentary in my English class I

  • The Dropbox Documentary Analysis

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    every day. Whether we are aware of it, or not, every media source will use multiple persuading elements to create different emotions or attitudes towards the information being presented. Three documentaries are guilty of using persuasive techniques similar to various media outlets. The Dropbox, a documentary directed by Brian Ivie, explains how a controversial invention, which allows mother to anonymously drop off their unwanted babies, is impacting a small community in South Korea. Blackfish is produced

  • A Documentary On Debris Flow

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    In geology, it would be known as a debris flow. Debris flows amass in stream valleys and more or less resemble fresh concrete. They consist of water mixed with a good deal of solid material, most of which is about sand size. Some of it is Chevrolet size. Boulders bigger than cars ride very long distances in debris flows. Boulders grouped like fish eggs pour quickly downhill in debris flows. The dark material coming toward the Genofiles was not only full of boulders it was like bread dough mixed with

  • What Is A Documentary?

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    by interrogating the production of fourteen music documentaries I created for commercial radio between 2008 and 2013. These findings provide a narrative of discovery, which build on the first four chapters by capturing the multitude of processes involved in shaping my work as a freelance radio documentary producer. By isolating and identifying key responsibilities and technical considerations, I provide insight into contemporary freelance documentary production for commercial radio, enabling me to

  • The Real Slumdog 's Documentary

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    a. Globalization/pg. 29: The growing interconnections among nations due to the expansion of capitalism The Real Slumdog’s documentary was very interesting and eye opening. The amount of businesses that are run in the one square mile area of Dharavi affect the entire capitalism of the world. Look at it this way, the Slumdog’s as they’re called make crappy money to make some very intricate products. These products will be shipped from Mumbai to the rest of the world eventually. As the products are

  • Swimming South Documentary Review

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    Swimming South – Documentary Review Small, unnoticeable and lurking in the waters just off the coast of some of Queensland’s most popular beaches with the power to kill a person. Tracking further south than normal are the Irukandji jellyfish, the focus of the 60 Minutes documentary Swimming South aired by Channel 9 on the January 19th 2017. Through first hand sting victim stories and evidence of the jellyfish being found further south, the documentary presents to the viewer the immense threat these

  • Involuntary And Unmoved: Documentary Analysis

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    Before I begin to answer all the questions involved in this discussion, I must note that if watching this documentary once made me upset, watching it twice made it worse. It makes me sick to see how women are treated in the fields of my beautiful, America. It made me even sicker to see that many times the men doing the assaults were Hispanic themselves. The entire time I would think, “How could they being doing such a thing when they should be helping!” Awful, just awful! (1) When we talked about

  • Analysis Of The Documentary ' Armadillo ' Essay

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    The Dutch documentary Armadillo (2010) directed by Janus Metz Pedersen takes its audience into the world of the platoon of Dutch soldiers as they complete a tour of duty in Afghanistan against the Taliban. Majority of the dialogue in the film was spoken in Dutch, as well as Arabic spoken by the Afghanistan citizens, the use of English subtitles translated for understanding. The documentary begins with 4 men and then the introduction of other comrades, the documentary moves forward as the actions

  • Mission Blue : A Documentary Analysis : Mission Blue

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    Earle. It is a great documentary because it uses 4 techniques to reinforce the theme of environmental awareness. The first method is through code, where they use technical codes and symbolic codes.The second approach that makes this documentary great is their creative use of conventions. In addition to this part of expressing a message we have great use of methods of persuasion, which includes the trio of Logos, Pathos and Ethos. Lastly to tie everything together, the documentary provides a great path