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  • The History Of The Dominican Republic:. The Dominican Republic

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    The History of the Dominican Republic: The Dominican Republic also known as the island of Hispaniola is the second largest island in the Caribbean, which contains two countries, Haiti & the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic was first explored by Columbus on his voyage to the New World. However, the origin and true history of the Dominican Republic goes far beyond his voyage. Before Christopher Columbus went on his journey to explore America, he stumbled upon the island of Hispaniola. Columbus

  • The Republic Of The Dominican Republic Essay

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    The dominican Republic is known as the breadbasket of the Caribbean because it grows, farms, and catches almost everything that’s served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Dominican Republic was the first colony founded by Christopher Columbus. It used to go by “La Hispaniola” in colonial times. Also the flag of the Dominican Republic is the only national flag in the world to feature the image of a bible. My country is the Dominican Republic. I learned about the culture, food, religion, imports

  • Democracy In The Dominican Republic

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    there’s so much potential for it. In the Dominican Republic the framework is a representative democracy where in the elections there is an FPTP method, which simply means that the candidate with the higher amount of votes in the first round wins, also the candidate needs at least a 51% of the votes to win. (Electoral Law 275-97, Dominican Republic). I don’t believe our political system’s fair, neither does it represent the

  • The Culture Of The Dominican Republic

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    Haiti, the small country located west of the Dominican Republic, is a unique and beautiful country with its own unique culture and geography. The people of Haiti are proud of their country and their culture. Even though the nation is plagued by earthquakes and storms, due to its geographic location, it does not stop the Haitian people from continuing their unique culture and happy lifestyle. Taking a look at this country’s culture and geography, anyone, civilian, military or political personnel can

  • The Dominican Republic Essay

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    The people of the Dominican Republic are knowledgeable of their past in order to know what their future might bring. The Spanish settlers gave them their language, as well as their predominant faith. Africans were brought to the Dominican Republic as slaves, bringing their faith, music, and art. Their love of baseball came from the United States troops. Creativity such as music and art is a large portion of the Dominican Republican culture and lifestyle. Their music ranges from forms such as meringue

  • Today's Dominican Republic

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    Today's Dominican Republic Current political system and its structure The Dominican Republic is a democratic state that is governed by a representative democracy. The democratic system is made up of three branches of government in the executive, judiciary, and the legislature. The president (Bencosme & Norton, 2005) represents the head of state. The president is the head of the executive branch. This branch is assigned the duties of making and executing the laws of the country. The laws are passed

  • The Corruption Of The Dominican Republic

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    The Dominican Republic was discovered by Christopher Columbus on his first voyage in 1492. He named it La Isla de Española. The capital, Santo Domingo was founded in 1496 is the oldest European settlement in the Western Hemisphere. Spain ceded the colony to France in 1795. The island was conquered in 1801 by Haitian blacks under the command of Toussaint L’Ouverture. In 1808 the people revolted and captured Santo Domingo the next year, setting up the first republic. Led by Pedro Santana the Haitians

  • The Dominican Republic and Haiti

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    The Dominican Republic and Haiti Imagine yourself as a businessperson on a trip to the island of Hispaniola to check on how production is faring. You land in Santo Domingo to transfer to a short commuter flight to Port-au-Prince. During the flight, you gaze outside your window to admire the breathtaking view of the Sierra de Baoruco, with its luscious forests. As the plane approaches the Haiti-Dominican Republic border, you notice that the land has been completely denuded of trees directly

  • Essay On Dominican Republic

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    For this map project, the country of research is the Dominican Republic located in both the northern and western hemispheres in the Caribbean. The country is located on the east section of the island of Hispaniola, with the country of Haiti on the west section. The island of the Hispaniola is the second largest island of the West Indies and it is 29,418 square miles in total. The Dominican Republic's shores are dominated by the Caribbean Sea to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the north, but its

  • Dominican Republic Essay

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    There are four Mirabal sisters, Patria, Dede, Minerva, and Maria Teresa. They did something remarkable for all women who lived in the Dominican Republic. The girls started a revolution that they were doing things to stop Trujillo. Patria, Minerva,and Maria Teresa Died in the process. Six months after their deaths Trujillo was assassinated. Everything they did for women started then. Minerva was the sister that saw how Trujillo really was first. She felt like she was trapped, “ sometimes watching