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  • Tang Dynasty Dynasties

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    parties throughout history have been comprised of several dynasties. Each having their own agendas and their own ways of accomplishing what they strive to realize. Emperors have claimed “Heavens Mandate” to place themselves in their ruling positions. They have ruled in different capacities, most have ruled by strength and intimidation, building massive armies to enforce their rule. Dynasties such as the Sui Dynasty, Tang Dynasty and Song Dynasty have had major impacts on life and the evolution of China

  • The Sui Dynasty: The Tang Dynasty

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    The Sui Dynasty was in control of the empire from 581-617 C.E. They only had 36 years of being in control which is not long at all comparing to other dynasties. The Sui Dynasty was before the Tang Dynasty. The Sui had three emperors before losing control of the empire. Sui Wendi (Yang Jian) Sui Wendi was the father-in-law of the last emperor of Northern Zhou; After the emperor died, Sui seized the throne for himself and established the Sui Dynasty. Sui Yangdi (Yang Guang) was the second emperor of

  • Disadvantages Of Political Dynasty

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    Political dynasty is a well known method of politicians in the Philippines wherein the members of the family been made also a member of the government in order for them to not lose power but gain more power. This act abides an unfair and unjust for the reason that the government is not a business that a family can run by themselves, but the government is for all and other people should be given chances wherein they can be the one that leads a community. The government or politics is not a business

  • The Qin Dynasty And The Han Dynasty

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    Two influential and focal points in ancient Chinese history, the Qin and Han dynasties together spanned from the 2nd century BCE to the 3rd century CE, both of which utilised comparable philosophies in order to establish control and continuity in a centralised empire. With the Qin dynasty adopting Legalism and the Han dynasty using a combination of Confucianism and Legalism, the two dynasties’ bureaucratic governing systems, while similar in nature, achieved varying levels of success. [Change Slide]

  • The Han Dynasty And The Qing Dynasty

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    The Han Dynasty lasted from 206 B.C. until 220 A.D., making them one of China’s longest lasting empires. Their power and reputation rivaled that of the Roman Empire, which was also around at the same time. With only a few moments when they had some difficulties, they lasted four centuries that went through the times of B.C. and through the A.D. times. The Han Dynasty was thought to be the golden age of the Chinese, with their main points of development being in politics, technology, and the arts

  • Advantages Of Political Dynasty In The Philippines

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    An Argumentative Essay About a Phillipine or Local Issue Topic: Political Dynasty Despite not being an economically rich state, Philippines is known for having people who deeply value their family members. Family-oriented Filipinos give importance to even to their most distant relatives as long as they have the same blood running through their veins. In this practice also, Filipinos tend to seek advices from the elders of the family before making a huge decision. Thus, decisions are made not by

  • The Song Dynasty

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    My Journal of the Song Entry# 1: Good day journal, I have ventured further into my research on the Song Dynasty, I have learned very much about the landscape, geographical features, and much more like some major epochs of their time and even some quotes directly from some of the people living there. To start the song dynasty lasted from 960 to 1279 A.D. they lasted 319 years “Their climate had a very diverse range, ranges from tropical in south and subtropical in the north. The terrain is mostly

  • The Shig Dynasty : The Success Of The Ming Dynasty

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    The Ming Dynasty is considered to be the greatest time of social stability and government order in the world, but that is the final result of the changes made during the Dynasty. This paper argues that although it is common to praise the Ming Dynasty for its successes and advancements, nevertheless it was not always successful in the beginning because the Ming Dynasty went through many changes in laws and regulations to achieve a strong government and lasting society. The edicts that were set to

  • The Han Dynasty

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    commanderies were composed of counties.” A county was the smallest division in this era to have centrally appointed official.” “The founder of the Han Dynasty was Liu Bang.” He ruled from 202 BC to 195 BC. “Liu Bang was a commoner of peasant origin who would be known historically by his imperial title of Han Gaozu.” This made him one of the few dynasty creators in Chinese history to have emerged from peasant class to emperor. Before he became emperor he was a patrol officer. He used this to forge

  • Ming Dynasty

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    The Great Ming dynasty has been a dynasty where the basis of its rulings and organizations have been derived from Confucian ideals. Its Emperors held titles as the "Son of Heaven", making them almost deities who should possess the wisdom as well as integrity to oversee such an enormous and centralized empire. Still, in 1644, the Hans were overtaken by a growing power the of brave warriors on horseback who had an expertise of western firearms. The Great Ming dynasty, arguably China's most flourishing