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  • Eleanor Roosevelt: A Modern Woman

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    remarkable men and women met their problems head on and fixed them to the best of their abilities. Although I do not believe I could ever live up to the standard she set, if I could be anyone who has been active in politics, I would be Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt was the definition of a "modern woman." She did great things as First Lady and continued her legacy outside of the East Wing. She was outspoken and was not afraid to

  • Eleanor Roosevelt Analysis

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    Lili Lusvardi Mrs. Orbon Honors Language Arts 7 6 October 2017 Eleanor Roosevelt is a Speaker Anna Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “Do what you feel in your heart to be right. You’ll be criticized anyway.”(Roosevelt AZ Quotes) The world’s first lady believed in freedom and justice, as demonstrated in this quote, and showed these beliefs through speaking. Eleanor Roosevelt has impacted the future of the United States of America through her speaking. We can hear her philosophy in her words, through

  • Good Citizenship : The Purpose Of Education By Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Purpose of Education Eleanor Roosevelt born on October eleventh eighteen eighty four was known for multiple things she knows to be an activist, american politician, and diplomat, but she is most known for being the longest serving first lady of the united states. Also she is the author of this magnificent article named Good Citizenship: The purpose of education. She informed the audience on how education is needed and what it was put in place for. No it is not used to “give children the desire

  • Eleanor Roosevelt Personality

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    Eleanor Roosevelt A humanitarian and skilled diplomat—one hero rises to reshape what it means to be a woman, a mother, a wife, and a First Lady, to the world. Being a hero doesn't require acts of tremendous wonder. A single deed of pure generosity can prove you a hero to those you aid and care for. Eleanor Roosevelt, a warm-hearted, graceful individual, has come to show the world that she, a woman, wasn’t just confined to domestic chores and household work. During a time of segregation and fighting

  • Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

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    ignored by the men. This did not deter Eleanor, she would continue to work for women’s equal rights. She would never be silenced and continued to share her concerns with Franklin throughout his presidency. She encouraged Franklin to include women in his White House appointments and was successful in this endeavor. “At times she got on his nerves, but Franklin would consider her opinions, sometimes taking her suggestions, sometimes ignoring them.” (Harris, 2007) Eleanor herself may have been one of the

  • Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

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    Eleanor Roosevelt Eleanor Roosevelt’s work has made a significant impact on the interpersonal domain. Her work touched the lives of millions of Americans and influenced many aspects of American politics. She was a master of her domain, interacting with millions and breaking down many barriers. Her work can be considered creative because it was so unconventional. She took on roles that were considered untraditional for women, and with an innovative approach. I admire her work as a

  • Characteristics Of Eleanor Roosevelt

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    The quote “significant figures in history always have flaws” rings true for several historical figures, however, in regards to Eleanor Roosevelt, it can be argued that her achievements far outweigh her flaws. Eleanor’s contradictory policies and causes created confusion and inspired critics, although her compassionate attitude inspired several positive changes despite this. At the time, a lot of her actions were considered to be controversial; however, as society has evolved a lot of people can view

  • Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

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    respect as the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt gained a lot of her international esteem as a civil rights activist long before that. Eleanor’s interest in politics did not begin when her husband began his career in politics. Once he was named to the Democratic ticket, as Vice President Eleanor became interested in politics. While Franklin was becoming governor of New York she was campaigning for him unknowing that she was advancing her political career as well. Once Eleanor became first lady it was already

  • Eleanor Roosevelt

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    Hernandez 1 Hernandez 1 On October 11, 1884, a remarkable individual whom would later be considered one of the world’s most influential women was born. Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York to her parents Anna Hall Roosevelt and Elliot Roosevelt. With her blue eyes and light brown hair, she would warm the heart of every individual she came across. She grew to be five feet and eleven inches, which to this day makes her the tallest first lady. With regards

  • Eleanor Roosevelt Essay

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    Although Eleanor Roosevelt served as first lady from 1932 to 1945, her influence lasted much longer than expected. Eleanor became her husband’s ears and eyes during her husband’s presidency and aided human rights during her entire life. She did what no other First Lady, or woman had dared to do before; she challenged society’s wrong doings. Many respected her; President Truman had called her “the First Lady of the World (Freedman, 168).” Eleanor Roosevelt was an amazing first lady who helped her