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  • Opponents Of The Electoral College System

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    Opponents of the Electoral College system also point to the risk of so-called "faithless" Electors. A "faithless Elector" is one who is pledged to vote for his party 's candidate for president but nevertheless votes for another candidate. There have been 7 such Electors in this century and as recently as 1988 when a Democrat Elector in the State of West Virginia cast his votes for Lloyd Bensen for president and Michael Dukakis for vice president instead of the other way around. Faithless Electors

  • The Failure Of The Electoral College System

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    Electoral College is a system of voting that requires for certain number to be attached to states as a way determine the voting output of a that state. The number varies from state to state and each assigned electoral college votes are claimed based on the candidate who has the highest number of votes. There are few states in the US that divide their college vote base on the percentage obtain by each participating candidate. In 1787, the constitution met and adapted several systems of electing public

  • The Electoral College Voting System

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    downsides to our current system. And with every aspect of our system, politicians can come up with loopholes to benefit themselves. We are provided free healthcare, but you must fit certain circumstances in order to receive it. We have the right to a fair trial, but a “fair” trial can quickly become a matter of race, religion, or beliefs. In the same way, our democracy and how we elect our president must be dealt with a tablespoon of salt. The Electoral College is our voting system based off of 538 votes

  • The Electoral College System Essays

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    The Electoral College System After the last presidential election, which is still underway apparently, there is much controversy over what should happen to the Electoral College system. There are people who say that the Electoral College is good but should be modified to meet the needs of the modern world. There are those who say that the Electoral College system is too outdated to be modified and should be entirely eliminated. Finally there are those who say that it is has stood the test of

  • United States Electoral System

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    The portal I envision consists of the complete revamping of the United States electoral system. The current method for electing presidents is the most undemocratic, horrifically convoluted, and downright ridiculous system that I have ever observed. My favored electoral system would work to serve its purpose: to elect the people’s choice. The electoral college is a mangled amalgam of 50-separate First-Past-the-Post elections that indirectly select the president in rather disproportionate methods;

  • Electoral College System Essay

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    The roots of the Electoral College System can be traced way back to more than 200 years. A controversial debate on the effectiveness of Electoral College continues over years. The founders established it as a resolution between president choice by a vote in congress and choice of the president by qualified citizens’ popular vote. 538 electors constituted the Electoral College and 270 majorities of electoral votes choose the president. The United States got its independence from Great Britain, and

  • The Electoral College System Is Outdated And Unfair

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    fourth of November an election is taken place to select the next president of the United States. Just recently, in the 2016 election, Hilary Clinton won the popular vote and Donald Trump won the electoral vote, in which he was elected president. This made many Americans question if the electoral college system is outdated and unfair and if the direct popular vote is a more effective way of electing the president. This has happened twice where the candidate who has the popular vote did not win the presidency

  • Pros And Cons Of The Electoral College System

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    The Electoral College System Every four years, on the Tuesday of the first Monday of November, millions of U.S. citizens go out and vote for the next president. These votes are counted and recorded, but whoever wins by popular vote, does not necessarily mean that whoever wins, will automatically win presidency. The electoral college not only takes part, but it ultimately decides who the next president will be. The electoral college system is a political institution that has been in place for more

  • Electoral College: The American Voting System

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    The Electoral College is a very important process to the American voting system however deciding who gets to be a part of the Electoral College is a two-step process. First, the political parties in each state choose slates of potential Electors sometime before the general election. Second, on Election Day, the voters in each state select their state's Electors by casting their ballots for President. Who makes The Electoral College? The American voting system is very confusing. Many Americans think

  • Electoral College System Essay examples

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    Analyze criticism of the "Electoral College" system and the alleged advantages and disadvantages of various reform proposals. The Electoral College is a system in which the individual voter does not actually vote directly for the president. When a person votes they are voting for an elector that has pledged their vote or allegiance to the running party. The Framers realized that without widespread communications available at the time and with other varying factors an "each vote counts" or "the