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  • Eminem

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    17, 1972), better known by his stage name Eminem,[1] is an American rapper, record producer and actor from Detroit, Michigan. Having sold seventy million albums worldwide,[2] Eminem is one of the highest-selling musicians of the early 2000s and one of the highest-selling rap artists of all time.[2] Eminem was discovered by rapper and producer, Dr. Dre. When Dr. Dre first heard Eminem's mixtape, he thought Eminem was black.[3] Dr. Dre later signed Eminem to his record label, Aftermath Entertainment

  • Argumentative Essay On Eminem

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    Eminem Eminem is an iconic figure that millions of people recognize around the world for over decades now. Not only for his music but the pure controversy that his music includes. Many people see him as a politically incorrect artist who lacks awareness of his word choice which ultimately leads him to controversy. Throughout my essay, I will give some insight into the life of Eminem, some examples of his controversial lyrics, and the different points of view people have on him. Eminem also knows

  • The Bruce Mathers IIi : Eminem

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    known by his stage name as Eminem, was born on October 17, 1972 in Detroit, Michigan. He is a rapper, songwriter, record producer and an actor. He has been hugely successful, winning fifteen Grammy Awards, and selling more than 172 million albums world wide, making him one of the best selling global artists (“Eminem”, n.d.). He is well known for his clever wordplay as well as his controversial lyrics and multiple stage personalities, like Slim Shady and Stan. Eminem developed another stage personality

  • eminem auto biography Essay

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    EMINEM      The music business, how eminem got into the music business from his hard times living at home with his mother who was suffering from Munchausen Syndrome which means she was making Marshall (Eminem) take medicines he didnt need. First i will talk about eminems life when he was a kid and his relationship with his mother and uncle Ronnie.      Eminems father left him when he was only 6 months old and his mother was sick and sort of

  • Eminems Controversial Lyrics Essay

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    Spin, The Source, URB and Stress and go on a national tour months before their major label debut album is released. Then again Eminem isn’t the average rapper. Marshall Bruce Mathers a.k.a. Eminem. Born October 17, 1972, grew up in Kansas City. From there he began his career as an individual white rapper. Not many white people are able to succeed in the rap industry, but Eminem has proved everyone wrong. He is now one of the most talked about persons on the earth. His lyrics offend some people, this

  • Eminem: The Fall and Rise of a Superstar

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    the rapper Eminem offers his own perspective of his life and the events that have occurred throughout it. In this essay I shall be discussing a few key themes from his songs and how they are communicated to the audience through the use on language techniques and language in general, as well as how they relate to Eminem’s context. One theme that has a recurring use in his songs is the issue of poverty, as Eminem spent his childhood and early adulthood living in poverty. Eminem often refers

  • The Rapper Eminem Is Not An Easy Task

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    Eminem’s legendary music has inspired and intrigued many people and critics over the years. Even though Eminem became famous at such a young age, Eminem’s path to stardom was not an easy task. Although known for constant controversy, the rapper Eminem is a world renown artist whose music has influenced and impacted many fans and critics. On October 17, 1972, a child was born in the deep ghetto of Saint Joseph, Missouri, troubled with a hard life consisting of no father, a druggy mother, and seemingly

  • Is Eminem Or His Ego Slim Shady?

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    Eminem. The name is internationally known, almost notoriously, and for good reason. Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem or his alter ego Slim Shady has outsold every other artist in a still predominately African American genre, rap (Allison, 2002). Not only that, he’s one of the highest selling artists in any genre as a male solo artist. This feat is even more impressive when you consider the fact that his body of work, especially once he first got big was very controversial with critics stating

  • Eminem, Music Video Analysis Essay examples

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    Eminem, “My Name Is” Marshall Mathers, better known as Eminem, is recognized for his work as a rap artist who is able to connect with his audience through humor and rhythmically dicey lyrics. Eminem’s “My Name Is” music video is able signify whiteness and rearticulate race with the use intertextual editing techniques that parody common representations of whiteness. Eminem is using his “My Name Is” video as an approach to solidify his style of rapping and thus create new political and cultural

  • The I Ever Received : 8 Mile By Eminem

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    The power that a few words thrown together is amazing; the meanings we can conclude from them are so powerful. I remember the first rap music CD I ever received: 8 Mile by Eminem. The album was released in 2002. I was in 2nd grade but I would listen to it with my brother and his friends, who were a solid eight to ten years older than I was. That Christmas my brothers’ best friend gave me my very own copy of the album, but made me promise to not let mom and dad know where I got it from. I listened