Endangered Species Act Essay

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  • Endangered Species Act : Is It Endangered?

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    Autumn Harriger Professor Hebard English 180 26 November 2014 Endangered Species Act: Is it Endangered? Could the Endangered Species Act itself become endangered with the current debates? Recently, many conservation advocates and government officials think so, pointing to the proposed policy change that could make it harder for wildlife to receive protection under the Act. So, what does the future hold for the Endangered Species Act? With more than 40 years since the passage of the ESA in 1973,

  • Endangered Species Act Essay

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    The Endangered Species Act was enacted by Congress in 1973. According to Reference 1, this act requires the federal government to protect endangered species, threatening species, and their critical habits. Animals are protected from being harmed, sold, or traded and plants are protected if they are on federal property. The conservation success of this act is very important because it saves wildlife and plants from going extinct. Many people do not realize that the loss of a species can be disastrous

  • Defending The Endangered Species Act

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    What is being done in the United States and across the world to aid in habitat loss? Making sure habitats are not destroyed by defending the Endangered Species Act, which provides an essential legal safety net to prevent the loss of plant and animal species to extinction, and strengthen the act by adding more provisions to aid wildlife. If we are not able to destroy habitats the wildlife that lives on them can thrive. Protecting and restoring habitats which wildlife live on, and protecting

  • The Endangered Species Act Essay

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    The Endangered Species Act Introduction: Long-term survival of a species depends on its ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions (Murphy, 1994). Genetic diversity within a species, which has taken 3.5 billion years to evolve, makes adaptations to these changing environments possible. Unfortunately, the rate of extinction of genetically diverse organisms is rapidly increasing, thus reducing this needed biodiversity, largely due to the human impacts of development and expansion.

  • The Extinction Of The Endangered Species Act

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    Since earth was created, there has been a natural phenomenon of species across the globe appearing and disappearing. However, in the past century, many species of animals have been disappearing at an alarming rate. Mainly, this rapidly occurring issue is caused by humans. Humans that contribute to the harmful actions that cause side effects such a pollution, deforestation, habitat loss and poaching. The natural rate of extinction pales in comparison to the extinction rate caused by all of these.

  • The Endangered Species Act (ESA)

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    animal and plant species around the earth. Over the course of time on the earth there have been five mass extinctions, with many predicting that a sixth has already begun due to human fault. The Endangered Species Act (ESA) was designed to save both animal and plant life from these great feat. The ESA has seen only a 2% recovery rate since it enactment (Why is U.S. Recovery Rate (2%) for Endangered Species So Low?). Many critics and politicians have been calling for a reformation of the act for years.

  • Ocelot Endangerment On Endangered Species Act

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    Ocelot Endangerment in Texas Zoë Steele 1184042   The leopardus pardalis, or the ocelot, also known as the dwarf leopard, has been endangered since 1982 and is protected by the Endangered Species Act (FWS, 2010). Ocelots have been declared a federally endangered species (Tewes, 2001). They are native to South and Central America as well as Mexico (FWS, 2010). Texas is a far north as the wild cat has been found, but a few have been noted to have lived in Arizona and Louisiana in the past (Campbell

  • Essay on America's Endangered Species Act

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    America's Endangered Species Act Save the Bald Eagles! Save the whales! Save the Mountain Lions! Such were the environmentalists rallying cries that brought about the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Although, the first official endangered species legislation was a 1966 bill that called for saving U.S. wildlife, but lacked the powers to do so. The Endangered Species Act(ESA) of 1973 set forth the basic rules that apply in the U.S. today. Two agencies, the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National

  • The Endangered Species Act Is A Good Thing

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    and many that are endangered. The Endangered Species Act is a good thing because it has provided a set way in helping to protect different species. The Endangered Species Act was signed by past president Richard Nixon, and it was passed with 99% support from Congress. They wanted to protect different species no matter what. Between 40%-50% of endangered species in the U.S. have made improvement, but others are moving toward extinction. The law has helped in the rebirth of 36 species, but a similar number

  • Endangered Species Act Commentary Paper

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    Mo Yi Lam BISC_102 Professor Kiefer Nov 30th, 2010 Final Paper (Summary of Endangered Species Act) Endangered Species Act “What is an endangered species?” is a question that needs to be addressed before getting known of endangered species act. An endangered species is a population of organisms which is at risk of becoming extinct due to three possible reasons: it is few in numbers. According to the theory of Exponential Growth Curve proposed by Malthus, a lower population tends to have