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  • Beauty Pageants : Beauty Pageant

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    Beauty pageants, competitions judged mainly on a contestant’s physical beauty, introduce the question if they adversely affect a child’s development. The first Miss America pageant, held in 1921, started the modern beauty pageant era that exists today. However, current beauty pageants differ greatly from the first ones held 93 years ago. Many of the pageants called “high-glitz” pageants consist of the competitors wearing a lot makeup, big hair, spray tans, fake teeth called “flippers”, expensive

  • Beauty Pageants

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    Beauty Pageants What is a Beauty Pageant? A beauty pageant or beauty contest is a competition that has traditionally focused on judging and ranking the physical attributes of the contestants, although some contests have evolved to also incorporate personality traits, intelligence, talent, and answers to judges ' questions as judged criteria. In American culture, beauty pageants have been around since the 1960s. The Beauty Pageants first started in Palisades Amusement Park in New Jersey for

  • Child Beauty Pageants

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    Beauty Pageants: From the Title of Mini Supreme to America’s Next Top Model English 106 Cassie Robinson 3 Otober 2012 Abstract Beauty pageants have changed drastically in the past fifty years. Beauty pageants used to be all adult females who dressed in their Sunday best and walked on the catwalk at the county fair. Now, little children are decked out in glitzy outfits, have wigs that make their hair twice as long, and have teeth to make it seem like their baby teeth haven’t fallen out yet

  • Persuasive Essay On Beauty And Beauty Pageants

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    on top you have to get a makeup artist and a pageant coach for the talent portion of the pageant. There are about 4 competition categories in each pageant. The cost of how they appear at the pageant is over $3,000 and to participate in a pageant is over $10,000. You are spending thousands of dollars on your children

  • Beauty Pageants Banned

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    Although most people say that beauty pageants are not always a bad thing, knowing that just like about most things in the world, there are the bad and good aspects. Pageants can definitely have a negative affect on a child. Children’s beauty pageants should be banned because they can be exploitative and detrimental to a child’s mental and physical health. They can cause children to have unhealthy egos, and a negative mindset towards themselves and others. Not only can children be negatively affected

  • Beauty Pageants Controversy

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    confidence when they become older, but there are so many biased opinions about beauty pageants for kids. After seeing young kids spray tanned, in revealing attire and a full face of makeup, beauty pageants are nothing less than blatant objectifications of these young girls. As entertaining and hysterical beauty pageants can be, pageants have raised immense controversy throughout the world. What is a beauty pageant? A beauty pageant is a competition that focuses on the physical appearance of its contestants

  • Beauty Pageants : The Beauty Pageant Essay

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    The Real Beauty Pageant “Nine out of ten girls in pageants ages 14 to 16 suffered from suicidal tendencies or depression” (Child beauty pageant). A beauty pageant is a competition judged mainly on four events to determine the winner: Modeling sportswear, evening wear, physical beauty, talent, and personal interviews. Beauty pageants originally can be traced to the first Miss America Pageant, which was held in 1921. Miss Universe and Miss USA soon followed, by the 1960’s, beauty pageants were firmly

  • Beauty And Beauty In The World Of Beauty Pageants

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    Beauty is defined as a combination of qualities such as shape, color or form that please people aesthetically. The world of beauty pageants gives people an idea of what real beauty is. The image is distorted because people claim to only see it in women that are thin, poised and inviting. Everyone that doesn’t in those categories are seen as unattractive. So people, women in general, compete with each other in contests that judge them by their beauty and talent. Beauty Pageants date back to as early

  • Argumentative Essay On Beauty Pageants

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    Beauty contests for women have always been popular around the world, but in recent years child pageants have become more successful. This success led to the production of the well-known show, Toddlers and Tiaras. Beauty pageants have now evolved and even include newborn babies. Contestants are not only rewarded with a title, but also receive cash prices. These rewards and fame without a doubt attract parents into the world of beauty pageants. Children who are involved in beauty pageants are perceived

  • Argumentative Essay On Beauty Pageants

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    term “beauty pageants coming up,” will result in 2,710,000 results appearing in 1.18 seconds. Children are the fastest-growing segment of the beauty pageant market, with annual children's competitions attracting an estimated 3 million children, mostly girls, ages six months to 16 years, who compete for crowns and cash. Infants, carried onto the stage by their mothers, are commonplace. April Brilliant, reigning Mrs. Maryland and the director of Maryland-based Mystic Pageants, says pageants give little