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  • The Revelation Of Jesus Christ

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    of Jesus Christ. In this investigation, it will be looked at how Jesus proved himself to the naysayers of his time. This will be accomplished by looking at several different factors that include topics of was Jesus mentally ill when he claimed to be God? How did Jesus prove that he was not only talking the talk but he was also walking the walk? This was done the evidence of the actions he performed. Finally, an evaluation will be done to prove that when an individual has a revelation of Jesus they

  • Is Jesus Christ Is Jesus A Feminist?

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    Jesus was a man who loved all who came to him. From the little children to the oldest of men, Jesus Christ was not discriminatory to anyone he came across. But when it came to women, the gender that most people ignored aside from the purpose of procreation, Jesus did not feel any different. However, was Jesus just showing them the love of God or was he truly on their side? Therefore, if Jesus truly is who the Bible says He is, then He is a feminist through and through. Firstly, before the argument

  • Jesus Christ Superstar Analysis

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    I think the rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” gained much attention because it appealed to youth, but appalled the older generation because of its rock theme and interpretations. After all, some believed the theme went against the grain of the church (Bible) and how people viewed it. The brilliance in this opera was to tell the story of Jesus Christ using “rock” music to tell the complete story of Jesus Christ from beginning to end by providing a synopsis of the story as was told in the Bible

  • The Revelation Of The Lord Jesus Christ

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    1:1 KJV). This familiar passage of scripture recorded in the Gospel of John indicates the deity and or preexistence of Jesus Christ prior to time as we know it and before the creation of earth. The strongest proof that the Lord Jesus Christ is God are the divine attributes, divine names, divine works, divine worship, divine claims and divine relationship ascribed to Him. Jesus himself also made claims which could only have been made by God. He said He was one with God in John 10:30 and that “I

  • The Following Of Jesus Christ

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    The Following of Jesus Christ Discipleship is the study of theology, having a religion, and being a follower of Christ. Dietrich Bonhoeffer had many themes and studies pertaining to discipleship. Throughout his book Bonhoeffer shared his views and the way he sees discipleship. I learned about Bonhoeffer’s writings on the call to discipleship, discipleship and the cross, discipleship and the individual, and the church of Jesus Christ and discipleship. By learning discipleship through Bonhoeffer

  • Is Jesus Christ God?

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    Is Jesus Christ God? The debate, “Is Jesus Christ God?” between Dr. James White and Sheikh and Jalal Abualrub represents one of the numerous discussions that question the deity of Jesus Christ, particularly among the Muslims and Christians. Both debaters give differing perspectives to justify their claims (Dr. Oakley). Dr. James White employs numerous quotes from the Bible to prove that Jesus Christ truly is the Lord, God. On the other hand, Sheikh Jalal Abualrub also employs some Bible quotes, scholarly

  • The Church Of Jesus Christ

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    Mormonism The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as the Mormon Church is properly known, was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith, Jr. Mormons assert that Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith in 1820 with the express purpose of restoring His Church and gospel in its purity and fullness to the earth. The Mormon Church uses two sources as its primary authorities: the Book of Mormon and the Bible. The doctrine and covenants in the Pearl of Great Price are also viewed as divine authority. According

  • The Church Of Jesus Christ

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    prefer to be known as Latter-day Saints. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was formed in the first-half of the nineteenth-century by its founder, Joseph Smith. Smith was said to have been visited by God, the Father, and Jesus Christ after retreating to the woods to pray for guidance. At the time there were multiple competing facets of Christianity and Smith was unsure which to join. To answer his question, God and Jesus Christ told him not to join any of the churches, but to restore

  • Jesus Christ Reflection

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    but also the word that left a lasting impact. The character of Jesus Christ has always portrayed a spirit of compassion and love for those lost in hurt and pain. Jesus Christ instruction was divine and anointed, as believers the instructions are no different. The common approach to any unexpected should be prayer because not all of God’s people response the same in crisis. A person losing a love one to death is not same as a love one being in a nursing home, or house fire. Training is important

  • The Day Of Christ Jesus

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    Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. Philippians 1 :6 Carrying On To Completion Good Morning and Welcome To The Tree Brown Ministries Sunday Morning Devotional. As always thank you for allowing us to share a small portion of your Sunday Morning.  As I reflect on the this day, the last day of the first month of the new year, I marvel at the thought that God has blessed me to have the great privilege of sharing