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  • The Similarities Between Mars And Mars

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    Mars, the red planet, and fourth planet from the sun. What is Mars really like, is it cold or hot, wet or dry? Can humans live on Mars, and if so how? For decades scientists have been studying Mars, they have been using rovers and from there they collected data, samples, and took pictures. These rovers study Mars’ atmosphere, temperatures, weather, if it has water, and a lot more. With all of the data the scientists have gathered we know that Mars’ atmosphere is a lot different than our, yet

  • Life On Mars: The Colonization Of Mars

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    COLONIZATION ON MARS Mars has been sitting out in space for so long Scientists have just looked at Mars as just a planet and now we are on the verge of colonizing it. Key resources are needed for Mars, like water, certain gases, and food,and labs in the USA have them all. Scientists should send people to Mars. Water on Mars is highly possible and is key for life on Mars.Scientists have found ways to repurpose water so the humans living on mars can drink purified and edible water.With storage

  • Water On Mars

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    In the article “Mars Shows Signs of Having Flowing Water, Possible Niches for Life, NASA Says” written by Kenneth Chang the central idea is that there is a probability of life on another planet other than Earth. The reason this article is important to us is because with these findings, researchers will be eager to follow up on the discovery so that we can find out if the probable signs of liquid water flowing mean that life could sustain on Mars. For many years scientists have been interested in

  • Going To Mars

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    Going to Mars Would you like to go to mars hmmm? Well now you can with Mars One. The people in our group is Kainan Yother, Trey Watts, and Kaylee Schneider. All you have to do is send in an application and hope you get in. With Mars One they are going to send people to mars and it's a good idea because one of these days we will run out of resources and we will be up on mars like woah we got all the things we need up here food water and shelter. Everything down on Earth will go to you know what

  • Is There Life on Mars?

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    THERE LIFE ON MARS? If you have a chance to go to a country side where you may have a clear view of the sky at night, you probably will discover a red star. That is probably Mars. With its bright and reddish color, Mars stands out for and easily noticed since the ancient times (Discovery). In 1877, astronomer Giovanni Schiaparelli discovered several crisscrossing lines on Mars that he believed to be the canals of water (Discovery). Go along with the hypothesis that life existed on Mars, several processes

  • The Mars Of The Martian

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    Mars Colony Essay For many years, people have envisaged a colony on Mars. Though the task may be daunting to some, the ideas and resources needed to sustain a colony on Mars is very important. The similarities and differences between the ideas presented will be analyzed so that the ideas that will form the future for Earth can be used. Moreover, these ideas will also be compared and contrasted to those from the movie, The Martian. In the Mars-X colony, the government was a popular sovereignty

  • Colonization On Mars

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    crawled out of the seas. Colonizing new worlds… the race will survive” -Charles Sheldon (AZ Quotes 1) Mars is the next step in pursuing a new frontier for man to explore. The journey is dangerous and costly and people who oppose, believe man should not risk their lives, but this is what human beings are best for, pursuing our dreams no matter the risks that are involved. Creating a settlement on Mars is not a question of if, when, or why, humans are going soon and we know why, but it is a question of

  • Mars Odyssey: Does Life Exist On Mars?

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    After landing on moon in 1969, human discovered that there was no life and no atmosphere on the moon. Then the mission changed to Mars. The question is whether life exists on Mars. To continue the mission of Mars Odyssey in 2001, a project was developed by NASA named Phoenix which is a robotic spacecraft orbiting the Mars planet. The total mission cost was about US $386 million, which includes cost of the launch. The mission had two goals. One was to search for evidence of geologic history of water

  • Mars Journey

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    It’s the year 3012, Jan 2nd. Today we’re the third group being sent up into Mars for a mission to find a colony called Matis. The other two groups that went up to Mars had something go wrong. Communicating had failed and they never returned. So being the 3rd group going and not knowing what’s going on up there is very nerve wracking. At least we have a different mission then them which consists of getting samples of the sand and rocks to see if it’s even livable. Maybe this why they never returned

  • Living On Mars

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    People will be living on Mars by 2031, but where is the next place we will colonize? When you think about the Earth what do you think of? The ocean? The grass? The sky? What about all the pollution that humans have put on the Earth? Why do we live on Earth? We as humans are fully capable of going to other planets. Heck, we have done it, but what about beyond those planets, and beyond the entire universe. What is out there? There is a many number of possibilities. There could be other universes