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  • Executive Chefs : Executive Chef

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    Executive Chef Work Schedule: Our Executive Chefs daily hours vary. They usually consist of a 9:30am to 6pm, 6 days per week. These are subject to change due to events. Daily Procedures: • The Executive Chef will first assign his or her employees their duties for the day, by communicating with them effectively and respectively, through a team meeting. • The Executive Chef will observe each of his or her team members, by carefully recognizing the areas of progression and the areas in need of improvement

  • Yes Chef By Chef Marcus Samuelsson

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    Introduction Written and narrated by chef Marcus Samuelsson, the autobiography Yes Chef shares the journey of a novice home cook transforming into an elite celebrity chef. Originally born in Ethiopia, a Swedish family adopted Samuelsson at the age of three due to the Ethiopian civil war. Samuelsson grew up in Sweden as a member of a middle-class Caucasian family, but throughout his life he traveled around the world in order to advance in his cooking career. Currently, Samuelsson owns multiple restaurants

  • Speech About Chef

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    A chef is a highly trained and skilled professional cook who is proficient in all aspects of food preparation of a particular cuisine. The word "chef" is derived (from shortened) from the term chef de cuisine (French pronunciation: [ʃɛf.də .kɥi.zin]), the director or head of a kitchen. Chefs can receive both formal training from an institution, as well as through apprenticeship with an experienced chef. There are different terms that use the word chef in their titles, and deal with specific areas

  • Essay On Being A Chef

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    Being a chef goes above and beyond what the average person might expect. Beginning a journey into the culinary arts and making a career out of it requires endless hours of practice as well as laborious work. While some people are born with an intuition of what flavors that pair naturally and how to assort them, in the current state of the profession, it is integral to have the right qualifications (“What Does a”). This however, is not the only qualification; you must also have a passion for the career

  • Chef Research Papers

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    A chef most think like a scientist, organize like and accountant, inspire and motivate like a warrior, move like a track star, plate like an artist, and cook like a grandma. Being a chef is the best challenge you can choose in life. To be a chef you need to have a lot of passion, you really need to like it. Some people say that being a chef is boring and it requires a lot of time. It is not boring, it is creative, intense and interesting because one get to learn a lot about different cultures and

  • Job Descriptions Of Executive Chef

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    Job descriptions Executive chef: The executive chef is expected to manage as well as train the kitchen, he must supervise the kitchen team and also come up with strategies for the kitchen to run smoothly. The executive chef must have a minimum experience of 8-10years and should have a good understanding of how to run a kitchen. Other than that he is expected to come up with innovative and new recipes and menu for every season. He will also be responsible for controlling and estimating food cost

  • The Art Of A Pastry Chef

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    Ossman English IV 29 August 2014 The Art Of A Pastry Chef The art of the pastry chef has been around since the eighth century BC. Being a pastry chef is a difficult job and requires a creative mind. I 've chosen this project to get a greater understanding of the art. Pastry chefs work in varies places, bake many pastries, and work long hours. Many get training on the job while others receive their training at a culinary school. Pastry chefs require an eye for detail and good managing skills; they

  • The Making Of A Chef Essay

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    The Making of A Chef: Book Report Lydia Beckwith CUL.140.1402 November 16, 2016 The Making of a Chef was a fascinating book that alternated my perspective on cooking giving me a clearer view of working through a culinary program. Michael Ruhlman gave readers a glimpse of life within the Culinary Institute of America, which is the most critical culinary school in the United States. Nothing is left to instinct or assumed information, everything is shown whether it is with culinary

  • The Top Five Pastry Chefs

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    Throughout the city of Chicago there have been several trends of plated desserts. The trends of the past five years will be discussed. The top five pastry chefs of note in the city of Chicago will be discussed. Each of these chefs have their own style, technique, and inspirations. The style, technique, inspirations, and methodology of each of the chefs will be explained thoroughly. In the last five years there have been several trends of plated desserts. A trend use in 2010 was desserts of smaller size

  • Analysis Of The Book ' Head Chef '

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    but an art form, something that goes overlooked and underappreciated in our strange American culture. I know that to become a chef it takes years of experience and technique. Infact, the title of “head chef” is very coveted and respected. It is fairly rare to become a head chef when you are first hired, unless you have several years of experience and were a former head chef at another restaurant. Restaurants like to choose staff they already are familiar with because they are assured that they are