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  • Reflection Of Church

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    demographics, age, and health of the church you can see why no church offers the same worship experience. Based upon those things can help explain why no two Pastors would be considered the same. Each leader has a unique ministry context. I have had to formulate and work out my unique ministry context and continue to build and shape ministry. For many years the church that I currently Pastor has uniquely been a predominately African American church. There have been times that some random

  • Church And The Church Of God

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    there was a difference between the church and The Church. Their distinction was that the church consisted of a building and worship space while The Church consisted of the Body of Christ. I was also taught that the Holy Spirit lived in me, and that because of this, I was a temple of God. Now, after studying and learning more about what scriptures say about church, I believe that the Body of Christ is more important than any building or house. I believe that church is communion and that its purpose

  • The Church Of A Catholic Church

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    told about a congregation in a small Catholic Church located in a mid-western state. One Sunday morning the mass began when the wooden door of the church opened with a loud creak. All the parishioners turned their head to see a young man—not a member of the church—enter. His hair was long and stringy……he wore shorts….with a short sleeved pull over T shirt. He had multiple tattoos on his arms and legs…..and…looked rough and unkempt. His presence in the church caused distraction and tension….and really

  • The Church Of The Catholic Church

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    for centuries, and is what gives man many of his personal beliefs, ideology, and morals. Historically, one of the largest and most influential churches is the Catholic Church. Today, the Catholic Church is the largest denomination of any religion with its influence stretching to all corners of the globe. Since the Catholic Church maintains great influence, it is important the Vatican and the Pope are promoting views they believe to best promote Christ’s ideals and mission, and to continue to engage

  • The Church : The Meaning Of The Church

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    “Just going to the church doesn’t make you a Christian, any more than standing in your garage makes you a car” (Chesterton) and to be completely honest I never pondered what the specific meaning of our church is, but what I know is that every time I hear the word church I always think about the people that serves and follow its rules, values and norms. The church helps its members to remain guided to do their role or mission and to direct our belief and behavior. For some it may be our “trademark”

  • The Church : The Roles Of Volunteering In The Church

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    Volunteering in the Church Whatever happened to having so many teachers and volunteers at church, that wanted to help do whatever was needed that you only had to teach once a year or so? Are people so involved with other activities that they do not want to devote their time and effort? Or are they just not devoted to their church enough to give up a little of their busy time? God wants us to be workers in his field and use our talents that he has given to us. In most churches, it is 20% of the people

  • Going To A Church : Going To The Church

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    Waking up on a Sunday morning and attending church has been something I have done with my family since I was an infant. I have always gone to a Catholic church, but my family and I began to find ourselves drifting from the Catholic Church because of differences in a few morals. We looked for a while for something that would better suit us. Two weeks ago my mom told my family we would be going to a different church the upcoming Sunday. Trying new things and going out of my comfort zone are two actions

  • The Role Of The Church In The Catholic Church

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    The role of the Catholic Church going to the peripheries is huge for the community. First off, the Catholic Church helps those in need by donating to people who don’t have shelter, or people who don’t have food or water to drink. They also help by holding volunteer work, so people who want to help those in need can by being there. Another thing the Catholic Church does to help those in need is praying. Some people get together to help those in need by asking the Lord to help them. Others pray for

  • Catholic Church : Observation To A Catholic Church

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    sights and sounds to observe in a Catholic Church service. When I have this topic about an observation, I choose to observe about the Catholic Church. My mother go to a Catholic church and I go to Baptist church so this topic will let me know her believe. I decides to go to St Joseph Cathedral church with my mother last week. Which happens to be one of the biggest Catholic Church in downtown. The church is made of stone and brown paint all over the church. The compound was huge and had a sculpture

  • The Catholic Church And The Church

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    The Catholic Church as we know it is much different than that of the past. Love, acceptance, forgiveness, giving, and tradition are all things that come to mind when the words Catholic Church are heard. If one were to ask those living in the 1400-1800s what comes to mind when thinking about the Catholic Church, their answer would have been very different. With the exception of a few countries, there is a separation of the church and state in todays’ government. In our current state of government