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  • Tourism in Dubai

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    TOURISM IN DUBAI ( Dubai Tourism, 2013) Tourism is defined as an activity when people travel to different places for leisure, recreation, sightseeing, business, health, religion and many other purposes. The history of tourism can be traced back to the ancient times when man use to travel in search of food, water and for trade and gradually over the years started travelling for pleasure, festivals and cultural exchange. Later on with the development in modes and speed of transportation like roads

  • Essay On Vacation In Dubai

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    Enjoy Vacationing with a twist in Dubai “’If people sat outside and looked at stars each night, I bet they would live a lot differently.” says an anonymous writer who apparently understood the quintessence of beauty and romance under the stars. What if you can do this on a spectacular vacation with your special one on a most miraculous place on earth the world knows as Dubai. Dubai is a city of business tycoons, celebrities and a country that never sleeps. Just like in the folklore of Arabian Nights

  • Disadvantages Of Capitalism In Dubai

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    especially with what Dubai had achieved in short time but, how about Dubai real heritage. Dubai capitalism model is a huge mistake because it leads to inequality, support destroying the legacy and cause unstable Economy. First of all, the biggest issue of the capitalism is the inequality and that is why other cities should never copy Dubai. According to Roche,C.(2015), capitalism main idea is monopolization because it is depends on maximizing

  • Tourism And Tourism In Dubai

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    Dubai has been considered, globally, as one of the fastest developing regions of the twenty-first-century. Goves and Go described Dubai in their report (2009:73) as “riding the waves of globalization, having firmly established itself in less than fifteen years, as an important node in the network of global flows”. Dubai’s strategic expansion has been factored towards its large influence within the tourism and leisure industries- instead of the competitive oil markets in which its neighbouring countries

  • The Magic Of The Surreal Dubai

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    The magic of the surreal Dubai Dubai - is a giant Disneyland, where everything is based on the law of supply and demand, and life is artificial; the main destination on Tourists’ map and one of the main cities of the United Arab Emirates, most of the time, wrongly assumed as a capital of the country. Dubai attracts with inadequate amount of entertainments, and ability to earn and live a better life. In the past four decades the United Arab Emirates developed with the speed that takes other countries

  • The Economic Growth Of Dubai

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    Economic Growth of Dubai Now known as a tourist destination like no other, Dubai was once a small fishing and pearling community of close to 1,200 people. Appearing regularly in Western pop culture, such as, movies, music, television shows, and advertising, the city of Dubai has come a long way from its humble origins. The purpose of this paper is to look at what contributing economic and cultural factors, throughout history, that have contributed to the explosive growth of Dubai, with the early establishment

  • Dubai : The Land Of Miracles

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    Dubai: The Land of Miracles. Abdullah Alhajji English 104 Professor McNett 3 April 2015 Dubai: The Land of Miracles. There are many incredible cities around the world. Some of which are famous for its history, while other cities are famous for its malls and entertainment attractions. However, the city of Dubai is one of the United Arab of Emirates cities, and it is known for many different aspects. Dubai is the biggest economic city in the golf region for the past decade and it is indeed

  • The Importance Of Tourism In Dubai

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    Dubai is a modern city, it did not become modernised until the great oil discovery in 1966- which led Dubai to be the popular tourist destination it is today. Before it was mainly sand but now it is a contemporary city which attracts millions of people every year. The population of Dubai has increased dramatically- in 1975 the population was 183,200, now (2017) it is around 1.67 million. (Ref 1) Although modern Dubai foundations are from the money from the oil industry, that soon will change as the

  • The Strengths Of Culture In Dubai

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    non immigrant population. Dubai has become a cosmopolitan city with a maintained rich culture, tradition and customs. It is a stable and yet progressive society and culture. Even tough Islam is the major religion of Dubai there is tolerance and respect for other religions of the migrants which is another strength of the diverse population of Dubai. This culture of absorbing the different cultures and understanding the differences is the true strength of culture here in Dubai. Question 2: What is your

  • Descriptive Essay About Dubai

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    about “Dubai”. I lived in Dubai for 5 years and I felt life in Dubai and Tokyo is totally different. Therefore, I'd like to introduce you about how did I spent 5 years in Dubai. I will discuss main difference between Japan and Dubai, but I’m not going to tell you general differences such as language, currency, etc. I also want you to know famous sightseeing spot. I asked some of my friends to find out what they know about Dubai and I found that most of my friend heard the name of Dubai, but they