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  • The Effects Of Elderly On The Elderly

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    incurred by older adults though falls each year (Stevens, Corso, Finkelstein, & Miller, 2006). That amounts to approximately 5,480 falls-related injuries per day. Falls in the elderly population are such a serious problem that in 2002, the United States Senate Subcommittee on Aging held a hearing to talk about the effects of elderly falls in the community and potential legislation to mitigate those falls (Preventing Elder Falls, 2002). While some of these falls might result in minor or no injuries, many

  • Elderly Care For The Elderly

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    As the need for elderly care is increasing, the problems of caring for the elderly is also increasing. The number of elderly persons in the United States is steadily rising. This brings into play the issue that the cost of the care for the elderly is also steadily elevating: as the cost of living grows, the cost of long- term care is also going to continue to increase. Seven out of ten people will receive long-term care in the United States. In 2010, there were an estimated 40 million people over

  • The Practicality Of The Elderly

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    The Practicality of the Elderly in Contemporary Society After reading Henry David Thoreau’s “Walden”, I was mesmerized by a certain paragraph on page five. In said paragraph, Thoreau states how worthless the elderly actually are. He writes about them having no advice worth listening to and how any valuable experience he has gained throughout his life was not taught to him by his seniors. More specifically, he says “I have lived some thirty years on this planet, and I have yet to hear the first

  • The Treatment Of The Elderly

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    COMPARISON OF THE TREATMENT OF THE ELDERLY IN THE US, EUROPE AND THE REST OF THE WORLD. In Saudi Arabia people are costumed to treat their elderly fairly, after all that is what they deserve. However western nations like the United States (US) and European nations, like France, Germany and the many others in the European Union (EU) do not. Actually, they are sent to foster homes for the elderly and neglected there. It is cruel, but it is a reality. The way the elderly are treated varies across the world

  • An Advertisement For The Elderly

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    easy to figure out, but how do you know if it is for the elderly? This question is not complicated to answer with a small amount of knowledge. Most advertisements for the elderly are for more expensive products because most marketers think that once children move out of the house there will be more money for older parents to spend on what they want. The next concern would be at what age is a person considered elderly? Most people think of elderly as over 70 years old, but it is

  • The Dangers Of The Elderly

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    population, and this number is expected to double over the next 45 years. The effect of the elderly living longer is that the occurrence of illness and disabilities, as well as recovery time, is increased (Lovell, 2006). Associated with this is the increase in demand for health care resources, and the negative stereotype of the elderly being an economic burden (Lovell, 2006). The stereotype of the elderly being frail is perpetuated by the media’s promotion of youth and vitality, as well as the biased

  • Elderly Drivers: The Pros And Cons Of Elderly Drivers

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    2016 Elderly Drivers We all have elderly grandparents who drive and have either hearing or vision impairments As people age, driving can become more difficult and more dangerous. The elderly drive less, but they have more accidents per a mile than younger drivers. This is partially because elderly individuals are more likely to be affected by poor eyesight, chronic disease and medications that might impair driving. Some states monitor the elderly drivers is by not letting them

  • Physical Needs For The Elderly

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    period of life. Many elderly people have specific physical needs where adaptations to their home are necessary or where they need specific equipment for self care. Old age also brings new emotional challenges for the elderly person when the family can be useful in helping to meet the persons mental health needs. Senior citizens experience needs in their social life; they also experience the need for activities with other seniors. Health needs also negatively affect the elderly and cause multiple physical

  • Caring For The Elderly And Aging

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    Walden University Caring for the Elderly and Aging Old age or the later years of adulthood and the final steps of life begins about the mid-sixties. .With people living longer, the elderly population is growing nearly as fast as the U.S. population as a whole. As more people retire from the labor force, the share of retired elderly will increase, demanding more health care and other resources. But most importantly, the elderly will be more visible in everyday life. For most of our population

  • Depression With Elderly Women

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    Depression with Elderly women Aremelder Johnson Steiner Leigh HDC 542 University of Illinois in Springfield, Illinois What do we still need to know about your vulnerable population and what programs address their needs? What programs and policies are needed? Social and demographic trends are making information and assistance services increasingly important to the average American family. Americans live longer and require more help to cope with chronic conditions and frailties