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  • Fine Art Classes

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    Should Fine Art Classes Be Required In All Schools ? Fine art classes can be helpful to students in many ways even if they have different mindsets. Fine art classes should be recommended in all schools because it consists of simple classes that students take to gain educational growth,an improvement in confidence, and a possible outlook into future careers. Fine art classes consists of music,drama,dance,and art classes.These classes help students gain more knowledge and it requires great skill or

  • Fine Arts And Cultural Studies

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    Fine Arts and Cultural Studies The educational subject areas focusing on the fine arts and cultural studies are notable for their many shared developmental outcomes and related teaching methodology challenges. Analysis of previously implemented art-based programs and learning strategies devised to supplement cultural studies indicates it may be a uniquely productive approach. The use of creative instruction in forms including but not limited to play-acting, creation of visual arts, and musical instruction

  • The Importance Of Fine Arts Education

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    Throughout many years, art has been proved to play a crucial role in life. Research have shown that art courses are important even necessary for children and students in kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools because art can help out in emotional, mental, and physical being. Many art classes include visual arts but performing arts such as dance, theatre and choir are also included. David A. Sousa a neuroscientist stated that “Certain brain areas respond only to music while others are

  • Fine Art And Commercial Art

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    Fine Art and Commercial Art With rapid economic growth and improving technologies, many artists are increasingly become interested in commercial art. This trend is mainly influence by the fact that the financial gains in commercial art are much greater than in fine art. Since the designers are instructed on what to do by their clients, their level of creativity and ingenuity is minimized. This is partially attributed to the fact that many people have misunderstood the true meaning of fine art. However

  • Fine Arts Funding

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    Funding in School Fine Art Programs While many people believe that there are other programs worth funding for such as sports, schools should increase the amount of funds that fine art programs receive. Not only is fine art a way to express creativity and have fun, it also benefits students’ academic achievement, child mental health, and child development. To begin with, education and engagement in fine art programs are an essential part within the school curriculum because subjects such as mathematics

  • The Importance Of Fine Arts

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    stimulating environment for students? Fine arts have played a very small part in academic education as of recent years. Yet, studies have shown a positive correlation between the two. Teachers should be required to integrate fine arts into their curriculum to create a more engaging environment. Students perform better when they have a captivating environment to interact with each other. Every student is different meaning that they all learn separate ways. By using the arts in academic classes, it can help

  • The Importance Of Fine Art Education

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    Fine art education is an essential part of the development of the brain; this education is not necessarily the same as a Math or English class, but serves just as important of a purpose. Fine art education includes the studies of music, theatre, dance, and visual arts (“The Importance” par. 1). Students should have the option to study more fine arts because these programs are scientifically proven to: boost brain activity, reduce the number of high school dropouts, create a new appreciation for different

  • An Assignment : Fine Art

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    Assignment One: Fine Art What influenced these paintings? Would these same messages translate through time if the paintings swapped places in history? Fine art is more than just paint on canvas. Historical events, social, educational and physical experiences of the artist season their work and influence the way the artist transcribes messages to the viewer, influencing their ability to receive those messages. Two oil paintings containing the same subject matter can be incredibly similar and yet

  • A Sample of Fine Art

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    Although different pieces of art come from different eras and different artists, what makes a composition fine art is its ability to evoke emotions in the viewer. These emotions can range from misery to ecstasy and everything in between. Conversely, if there are no feelings experienced by the majority viewers, no matter if they're positive or negative, than that piece does not fit into the genre of fine art. The great thing about genuinely fine art is the fact that the experience of emotion is

  • The Museum Of Fine Arts

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    express the culture of a region or a country. Therefore, art has played a very important role throughout history. When talking about art, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is probably that art is a painting or it is a sculpture. However, art has many forms of expression, and it closely connects to human’s daily life. Besides paintings and sculptures, art is everywhere around us. I am always interested in how people have linked art with daily life throughout history. For this reason, the