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  • Art : Why Photography Is A Fine Art?

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    not define this as an art. Photography should hold the same esteem as other fine arts, because of the similarities that come between other arts in the final project. As photography has gained years in age from when it was invented, it has progressively become credited in the art world. Photography is defined as the art or process of producing images by the action of radiant energy and especially light on a sensitive surface. Fine art is a creative art, especially visual art, whose products are to

  • Persuasive Essay On Fine Arts

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    schools are planning on getting rid of music and other fine arts for good. Some schools don’t believe that they serve a purpose to anything. “At least 31 states provided less state funding per student in the 2014 school year (that is, the school year ending in 2014) than in the 2008 school year, before the recession took hold. In at least 15 states, the cuts exceeded 10 percent(Leachman)”.However, what people don’t realize is that fine arts in schools give many purposes to people. They help people

  • The Importance Of Fine Arts Education

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    Throughout many years, art has been proved to play a crucial role in life. Research have shown that art courses are important even necessary for children and students in kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high schools because art can help out in emotional, mental, and physical being. Many art classes include visual arts but performing arts such as dance, theatre and choir are also included. David A. Sousa a neuroscientist stated that “Certain brain areas respond only to music while others are

  • Fine Art And Commercial Art

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    Fine Art and Commercial Art With rapid economic growth and improving technologies, many artists are increasingly become interested in commercial art. This trend is mainly influence by the fact that the financial gains in commercial art are much greater than in fine art. Since the designers are instructed on what to do by their clients, their level of creativity and ingenuity is minimized. This is partially attributed to the fact that many people have misunderstood the true meaning of fine art. However

  • What Are Fine Art? Essay

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    1. Fine art is a rather wide-spanning assortment of creative works able to be observed through our senses, such as buildings, sculptures, pottery, songs, and paintings, created primarily or solely for their imaginative, aesthetic, or intellectual content. Works are meant to recall a memory or invoke a certain opinion or view of a situation or subject. They often capture imagery found in nature or human regions such as farms and cities. The topics depicted by fine art are nearly limitless, covering

  • Fine Arts And Cultural Studies

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    Fine Arts and Cultural Studies The educational subject areas focusing on the fine arts and cultural studies are notable for their many shared developmental outcomes and related teaching methodology challenges. Analysis of previously implemented art-based programs and learning strategies devised to supplement cultural studies indicates it may be a uniquely productive approach. The use of creative instruction in forms including but not limited to play-acting, creation of visual arts, and musical instruction

  • The Importance Of Fine Art Education

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    Fine art education is an essential part of the development of the brain; this education is not necessarily the same as a Math or English class, but serves just as important of a purpose. Fine art education includes the studies of music, theatre, dance, and visual arts (“The Importance” par. 1). Students should have the option to study more fine arts because these programs are scientifically proven to: boost brain activity, reduce the number of high school dropouts, create a new appreciation for different

  • The Importance Of Fine Arts

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    stimulating environment for students? Fine arts have played a very small part in academic education as of recent years. Yet, studies have shown a positive correlation between the two. Teachers should be required to integrate fine arts into their curriculum to create a more engaging environment. Students perform better when they have a captivating environment to interact with each other. Every student is different meaning that they all learn separate ways. By using the arts in academic classes, it can help

  • The Museum Of Fine Arts

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    express the culture of a region or a country. Therefore, art has played a very important role throughout history. When talking about art, the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is probably that art is a painting or it is a sculpture. However, art has many forms of expression, and it closely connects to human’s daily life. Besides paintings and sculptures, art is everywhere around us. I am always interested in how people have linked art with daily life throughout history. For this reason, the

  • Essay on Fine Art and Applied Art Should Be Defined

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    Before studying the arts, the terms fine art and applied art should be defined. Fine arts became popular in the Renaissance era due to the aesthetic qualities of the art. This form of art allowed for individual expression and a new way of interpreting ideas. Fine arts can be many different things, such as: music, paintings, theater, dance, films, sculptures, architecture and more. A modern day example of fine arts is photography. Back when the fine arts became popular, cameras were not invented yet