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  • Mountain Mountains On The Planet

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    Mountain climbing in Alaska When I hear a person talk about the great state of Alaska, I wonder what he or she would say about it. Is it the endless mountain ranges covered with snow, or could it be the frigid temperatures? The state of Alaska has mountains as far as the eye can see. If you have ever climbed to the top of a mountain, you know how exciting it can be once you have reached the top. Especially, when it is your first experience climbing the face of any mountain and you do not know what

  • The Pryor Mountain Mountains

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    Montana, just above the stunning Pryor Mountain Range. Bridger has a population of around 1,000 people. It is surrounded by small foothills and mountains. Montana is known for great skiing, it’s eyeful scenery, and there is an opportunity for adventure around every corner. One thing that is great about Montana is it’s looming mountains. The Pryor Mountain Range consists of one magnificent peak surrounded by meager foothills. When you are in the mountains, you feel free. There is no one to hold

  • Mountains Beyond Mountains Summary

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    “Dokte Paul.” the first part of the book titled Mountains Beyond Mountains, begins when author and journalist Tracy Kidder first met Dr. Farmer in Haiti. Kidder describes Dr. Farmer as a “big-shot” Boston doctor who has chosen to do humanitarian-type work in Haiti even though he could have an easy career as a lecturer back in Boston. Kidder realizes that Dr. Farmer is the atypical doctor who would rather get to know his patients as people and cares about their health holistically instead of just

  • Analysis Of Mountains Beyond Mountains

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    For my summer reading, I chose to read Mountains Beyond Mountains: the Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World. I chose this book without reading the description and mainly based my selection on the great reviews for this book online as well as the fact that the author, Tracy Kidder, had won a Pulitzer Prize in the past. Ultimately, this book turned out to be as remarkable as the reviews stated it was. 2. Paul Farmer had a very unusual upbringing in Massachusetts, Alabama, and

  • Descriptive Essay On Mountain Mountains

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    Holidays are times to enjoy with family and friends. Holidays to mountain resorts can be very adventurous and exciting. There are many mountain destinations in the world that you can take your family to have a glimpse of nature`s trails. Scenic wonder , ice capped mountains, winding valleys, steep hills, lush greenery, pure air to breathe are things that come into one`s mind when one thinks of a holiday at the mountains. Zermatt, Switzerland It is a small Swiss village at the foothills of Matterhorn

  • Mountains Beyond Mountains By Tracy Kidder

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    In the book Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, Kidder accompanies a doctor names Paul Farmer. Paul Farmer is a man who travels to different parts of the world including Peru, Haiti, Cuba and many more to help and cure patients with Tuberculosis(TB) and other illnesses. One of the illnesses that the books focuses on is multi drug resistant(MDR) TB. Multi drug resistant TB is a form in which a patient with TB forms or obtains a strain that is resistant to one or more drugs used to combat the

  • The Mountains Of The Rocky Mountains

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    The Rocky Mountains, also known as the Rockies, extends for some 3,000 miles (4,800 km), that covers land in two North American countries! With a distance of 3,000 miles, the Rockies must have a variety of physical features and landscapes that makes it an attractive area to tour and explore. However, all of the human interest in this mountain range could come at a devastating cost. Disturbances such as resource extraction, tourism/settlement, and farming in the Rocky Mountain region must cease because

  • The Book Mountains Beyond Mountains By Tracy Kidder

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    Nowadays, people strive to see characters focus on loving and taking care of others to get what they want. In fact, people can gain this satisfaction through people they can possibly meet in real life. Tracy Kidder, the author of the book Mountains Beyond Mountains, introduces his audiences to Dr. Paul Farmer, a man accountable for his tremendous work for his

  • Essay On Paul Farmer As A Hero In Mountains Beyond Mountains

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    a hero they usually think of a person that has superpowers or a famous person that made an impact on society and mass amount of people. But a hero can be as simple as someone who helps others and in the eyes of others is looked up to. In Mountains Beyond Mountains by Tracy Kidder, Paul Farmer a doctor, is this hero. His beliefs and ideas impacts the lives of many and his actions help many people around him. His commitment to the “long defeat” is what helps Farmer in his decision making to treat patients

  • Snowmobiling on Priest Mountain Essay

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    Snowmobiling on Priest Mountain In late May I never pictured myself carving a highmark on Priest Mountain. Priest Mountain is nestled on the east edge of the Grand Mesa National Forest. Deep sugary snow and feathery blue spruce trees cover the mountain and the area around. One fine day it occurred that I had the opportunity to carve my highmark and I still I have the mental image of my territory after that day. Even before that day, Priest has left a impression on me. Priest Mountain, for me, has been