Ethnic Conflict Essay

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  • Ethnic and Class Conflicts in Turkestan Essay

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    Despite the fact that the Russian mobilization of human and material sources during World War I impressed for its self-discipline, there was a considerable crisis in manipulating the civil industry. Russia concentrated its main workforce on the military munitions, therefore, the railway system paralysed, which meant a fail in military transportation. Administration needed to do something to compensate the labour shortage. The problem was solved, though not decisively; by the issuing of decree to

  • Inter Ethnic Conflict And Ethnic Conflicts

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    Topic Underlying Causes of Inter-Ethnic Conflict in Samburu County, Kenya Background Inter-ethnic conflict is one of the major problems facing most Kenya community and mostly the nomadic communities. Inter-ethnic conflicts involving pastoralists have become widespread and increasingly severe in the northern region of Kenya. Conflict has often resulted in severe disruption of social and economic development. It has also constrained efforts to reduce or end poverty and sustain basic human rights.

  • Cause Of Conflict: The Four Causes Of Ethnic Conflict

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    Causes of Ethnic Conflict Huntington argues in his book “clash of civilization” that cultural and ethnic differences between “civilizations,” namely, states or groups of states that distinguish themselves by cultural traits, will lead to conflict (1993). Throughout history, ethnic conflicts have long been a component of international politics. Even today, ethnic wars continue to be the most common form of armed conflicts around the world. In the recent past for example, there have been numerous

  • The Conflict of the Ethnic Groups

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    Ethnic groups' conflict Pastoralist Community Initiative And Development Assistance (PACIDA )highlights the insecurity as a consequence of race for the limited water and pasture in Marsabit area of Kenya (East Africa). Their report of the situation in Marsabit in 2009 indicated that within Marsabit, "security has been a major problem. Over the past months in the cause of the year, series of cattle rustling and loss of human lives was quiet frequent, especially in Marsabit. Over range of four month

  • Ethnic Identity, And Ethnic Conflict In Africa

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    Ethnic conflict is the dominant security issue of our time, 75 percent of all new conflicts are ethnic. Since 1989, ethnic conflict has killed at least 3.5 million and displaced 26 million people. Almost all ethnic conflicts, especially in the 21st century, occur in post-colonial settings. Colonialism is why we have ethnic conflicts, especially in Africa. There are many factors contributing to post-colonial ethnic conflict, however some have more influence over the others. I argue that during colonialism

  • Ethnic Conflicts In Sudan

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    result of ethnic fighting, The attack against the Ruop was carried out by the Pakem fighters in retaliation for the attacks that were carried out by a group of Ruop youths.  The fighting was very heavy, it left more than 45 people dead and many more injured. The military has since been deployed from the state capital to try and stop the violence that has seen the burning down of houses and property. These tribal clashes are not new in Sudan for example, the Ma'alya and Rizergat ethnic groups had

  • Ethnic Conflict: Kashmir

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    The conflict in Kashmir dates all the way back to 1947 and still continues to this day. Kashmir is an 85,806 square mile territory North of India and East of Pakistan. Kashmir was one of the many states governed by British rule before gaining its independence in 1947. This independence was not truly meant to be permanent; the ruler, Maharaja Hari Singh, was meant to join Kashmir to either India or Pakistan. The majority of Kashmir’s population was Muslim, so Pakistan, being a Muslim nation, expected

  • Nigeria: Ethnic Conflict Essay

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    Ethnicity is how individuals perceive themselves, and unlike race it can be changed. There are countries in which there are several different types of ethnic groups, and in some cases that could lead to conflict within a country, but as research will show it is not the only cause, and in some cases the conflict was purposely organized. In such cases it is usually in a developing country, which is “defined according to their Gross National Income (GNI) per capita per year. Countries with GNI of US$

  • The Conflict Of Ethnic Civil War

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    they reach different conclusions. In his analysis Kaufmann finds that eight ethnic civil wars have been resolved by negotiated agreements other than partition. This would ultimately speak against his finding that no ethnic civil war has ever been resolved by a power-sharing agreement. However, he contends that all these eight cases have in fact depended on grants of full or partial autonomy to a regionally concentrated ethnic group and were therefore based on physical separation rather than shared power

  • Ethnic and Religious Conflict in Nigeria

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    origin and history of ethnic conflict (societal wars and violence) can be traced from eternal (internal) state rivalry to external (physical). And its root cause is not very far from power competition and decision making over economic resources and other important human factor, like position. The