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     Oct. 30, 2013 Prof. Farve Exemplification Essay Types of Irony Is it strange how love can be a source of happiness, but also cause a lot of pain? Yet people tend to search for love, and once these people find love it comes with both pleasure and ache. Irony plays a role in love because love is what people perceive as joy but also causes hurt, yet people still search for love. In Kate Chopin’s Story of an Hour, there are different forms of literary, situational, and dramatic irony

  • Exemplification Essay

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    Kandace Gordon Exemplification Essay Another minor dispute has escalated into yelling and screaming, throwing of objects and breaking of hearts. Words that shouldn’t be expressed between two loving people cause tears and feelings of hatred, anger and disrespect. This is just one of many problems that could have been effortlessly resolved before the mole hill grew to the size of Mt. Everest but of course walking away from the situation isn’t always the easiest thing to do. If she only turned her

  • Exemplification Essay: Welfare, A Vicious Circle

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        It's Diana's turn at the tiny glass window. Her face burns red with shame as she is handed her monthly check. Two small children tug at her dress, their stomachs growling from a day without food. She looks down at her two children, her face filled with pain and guilt. What had happened to their happy life? With just the stroke of the pen across a divorce decree, Diana and her children were thrust into the humiliation of the welfare line. For two years now, Diana has tried to get back

  • Exemplification Essay: Why The World Is Doomed

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    Every day when looking out a window, people see a beautiful earth. The earth is intriguing, but hinges on a delicate balance. Many natural resources keep the grass green and the sky blue. Man has made quite an impression on our world, and has transformed the earth's resources into tools to make life easy. However, mans' manipulation on earth has become detrimental to the health of our planet and the safety of mankind. Through the use and production of resources such as oil and energy, man is gradually

  • Exemplification Essay: Separation of Church and State

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      Because of my strong beliefs, I have been called the Antichrist, a witch, an atheist, and a Satanist. Fervent Christians have told me that my “kind” is solely responsible for the downfall of American morals.   Actually, none of these labels fits me. I am not a witch because the only modern religion to practice witchcraft is Wicca (American Heritage 1381), and I am not a Wiccan. I am not a Satanist because modern Satanists do not believe in Satan as an actual entity; instead, they follow

  • Exemplification Essay: Euthanasia Should Be Legalized

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    Jack has just been in a serious car accident. He is suffering from brain damage and paralysis. His family does not want him to live the rest of his life this way, but do they have a choice in ending the pain and suffering of their loved one? According to most state governments and countries, the answer is no; however, there is method allowed in some states to stop the pain and suffering for both the patient and his family. This method is called euthanasia. Euthanasia is the deliberate, painless

  • Exemplification Essay: Cruising Should be Banned

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    Most of us have enjoyed "cruising" sometime in our lives. For many, it was one of our favorite pastimes. If you lived in the "American Graffiti" era, it was the in thing of to do. I remember when cruising was a popular activity on Main Street in Mesa for many years, until it was banned a few years ago. Now the controversy is over whether to ban cruising on Central Avenue in Phoenix. City officials are trying to reroute the weekend riders to Washington and Jefferson streets. Although cruising

  • Exemplification Essay: The Dead-end of Professional Sports

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    In 1995 Scotty Thurman was on top of the world. Thurman led the Arkansas Razorbacks to a NCAA basketball championship with one great performance after another. After this miracle season, Thurman made a decision that would change his fortunes. Rather than come back for his senior year and get his degree, he elected to make himself eligible for the NBA draft. With a NCAA championship under his belt, Thurman was confident he was ready for the NBA, but NBA scouts had different ideas. Thurman could only

  • Exemplification Essay: Mixing of Religion and the State

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      We have based the very existence of our country on the belief that complete separation of church and state is best for the church and is best for the state. However, throughout history the roles between religion and American public life remain interwoven and continue to shape our beliefs and values. In order to begin to understand the role of religion in American public life, one must first recognize that religion is present in many aspects of one's life. Even though the United States' Constitution

  • Casablanca: The Exemplification of Film in the 1940s and 50s

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    Nothing stays the same, and change never comes easy, especially for Americans. With the rise of popular culture in the 1940s and 50s, Hollywood film studios, music, television, and magazines became of great significance, considering that they were a key role in encouraging society to embrace changes and overcome our uncertainties. Enlisted by the United States government, the entertainment industry displayed various forms of wartime propaganda through films, radio, and even comic books. It was