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  • Film Analysis : ' Movie ' Of A Film '

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    For anyone who has ever watched a film is a critic in some form. They judge various aspects based on personal feelings or attitudes, then state them for anybody to hear. I, the writer, am guilty of this type of film analysis. I based my ‘review’ of a film solely on how I felt the narrative evolved or how well the acting was done. I never considered why the rhetor of film choose certain details or what might have influenced the rhetor in the first place. However, through this course I was exposed

  • Film Analysis : ' The Film '

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    elements can be used to make the audience feel a certain way about a scene or movie as a whole. In the Swedish horror film Let the Right One In there are three scenes in which the vampire Eli murders people. The director Tomas Alfredson uses space differently in each of these scenes, evoking different emotions in the audience each time and escalating the horror sequentially as the film progresses. In the first, the audience is shown everything; Alfredson uses a single take and a motionless camera in

  • Jaws Film Analysis

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    directed the film, accompanied by screenwriters Peter Benchley and Carl Gottlieb. Jaws has many film techniques that accompany the main characters. The main characters of the filmed are played by Roy Scheider (Brody), Robert Shaw (Quint), Richard Dreyfuss (Matt Hooper), and Murray Hamilton (Mayor Larry Vaughn). Director Steven Spielberg uses many different film techniques to emphasize different scenes in the movie and command the audience’s attention to the screen. The analysis of the film involves examining

  • Titanic Film Analysis

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    nothing other than preventing the public being misguided by those media and introducing critical perspectives to the audience. The 1997 movie Titanic is an epic film that gained massive attention by both general public and critics. The reasons for its popularity is not only the extraordinary creation, but also the historical background of this film. While this movie tributes its major plots to romantic stories between Jack Dawson (a penniless artist) and Rose Dewitt Bukater (a 17-year-old noble miss who

  • Film Analysis : Movie, Film, And Films

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    Background As a medium, films act as a very effective medium to share the stories and affecting people’s life. Since ancient times, the stage has been utilized to tell stories. When the motion picture was invented in the 19th century, it instantaneously captivates the world. Films have the power to hypnotize, bringing its viewer to certain realms. With its power to subdue its subject, film becomes a vocal tool to get inside people’s mind. Just like literature, film also creates and promotes cultures

  • Scarface Film Analysis

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    The Gangster film ‘Scarface’ (DePalma) is about the rise and eventual fall of Cuban immigrant, Tony Montana. Throughout the film the viewer witnesses how Tony Montana goes from a criminal in Cuba to a drug overlord in America. The average viewer cannot connect to the arc of Tony Montana. But, the average viewer can connect to what Tony Montana is working for, the American dream. Brain DePalma chooses purposefully to have a hyper-masculine, narcissistic, megalomaniac immigrant as the main character

  • Film Analysis : Film Scores

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    SPC 2608 INFORMATIVE FULL SPEAKING OUTLINE SPEECH TITLE: Film Scores 101 SPECIFIC PURPOSE: My purpose is to inform my audience about the history of film scores, how they are made, and how film scores have changed recently because of technology. CENTRAL IDEA/THESIS: Film scores are an undoubtedly important part of the movie watching experience, however you may not know about how they were first introduced, the process it takes to make them, or how they have changed over time. INTRODUCTION:

  • Film Analysis Of The Film 'Blue Velvet'

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    The film “Blue Velvet” was written and directed by David Lynch in 1986. This movie was inspired by Bobby Vinton’s cover of the song “Blue Velvet” that was released in 1963. In the film, David Lynch showed stylization through the opening and closing montages, as well as the ear of Denmark. Another stylized moment seen within this film is through the odd connection between Booth and Lincoln. Blue Velvet is a cult hit dealing with violence, sex, and kidnapping, all being glorified. Within the movie

  • Film Analysis Of The Film Thor : Ragnorak

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    does this company do so well in making their movies look so intriguing, yet not revealing the whole movie to the public? By analyzing the trailer for the very anticipated fantasy/science fiction film Thor: Ragnorak, we can see that this trailer is successful in rousing the viewers curiosity for this film by implementing the various types of camera angle shots they use in the trailer, such as close-ups on certain characters, which shows that they might be important in the movie, and the numerous amounts

  • The Difference Between Film And Film Analysis

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    The Distinction Between Films and Novels Even though films and novels are equally important to society, novels are greatly underappreciated. A film is a set of actions recorded by a camera that would later be processed into a story. On the other hand, a novel is a narrative book that represents characters and actions that might or might not have realism in it.  Major studios are making millions off of movies that are watched by people across the world (Box Office Mojo, 2016), while book publishers