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    Frank Sinatra Howard Cosell, a legendary commentator, spoke words about this legendary man that more or less sums up his legendary career. He said "Frank Sinatra, who has the phrasing, who has the control, who understands the composers, who knows what losing means as so many have, who made the great comeback, who stands still, enduringly, on top of the entertainment world. Ladies and gentlemen, from here on in it's Frank Sinatra!" Frank Sinatra, the only singer in history to have hit records

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    string of horror stories about his vulgarity, hot temper and alleged ties to organized crime. Frank Sinatra was alluring and powerful not despite his contradictions, but because of them. He was bigger than life,

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    Frank Sinatra      As we inch towards the year 2000, we look back to the pre-dominant individuals of the 20th century. Time magazine voted Frank Sinatra as the world’s most influential vocalist of the 20th century. Frank Sinatra not only excelled but transcended music and became a true personality of our time. Whether you’re talking about recorded music, live performances, movies or simply living large, Frank Sinatra has done that all. He has become an international figure

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    Frank Sinatra Francis Albert Sinatra was born on December 12, 1915, in Hoboken , New Jersey . He began singing in amateur shows in 1933 and formed a musical group called the Hoboken Four . Bandleader Harry James discovered Sinatra's act at the Rustic Cabin in New Jersey in 1939 . Their best recording together , "All or Nothing at All ", did not become a hit until after the singer's solo career took off four years later . Then during the early 40's Frank Sinatra was getting involved

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    defined as eternal life. Frank Sinatra is one who will live forever. His music, his movies, his attitude, his eyes, whatever it is you remember him for, all the same, he IS greatness. Few people come along in the course of life that can be labeled great, Frankie is the symbol of greatness. Tens of millions of recordings, nine Grammys and two Academy Awards, over 60 films, worldwide tours, television specials, hundreds of millions of dollars raised for charities. Sinatra passed the tests of time with

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    Frank Sinatra was widely known from coast to coast. He was definitely one of the most popular stars of his era. (3) He, not only was a singer/ song writer, but as his career grew he shifted smoothly into acting and dancing. Ole Blue Eyes was an American icon who was capable of charming his way through each decade that rolled by. He had a sound that carried like no other. His soft voice could sweep women off their feet and right into his arms. Ole blue eyes had an extraordinary talent and sure did

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    one will argue against Frank Sinatra's success in the music industry. An Academy Award winner, 11-time Grammy winner, and a Peabody recipient, Frank Sinatra led what many consider a successful life. Although he died wealthy, married, and famous, one must wonder if Frank Sinatra was truly happy? Sinatra was known for mood swings which often resulted in fights, and had attempted suicide multiple times (“8 Things you didn’t Know about Frank Sinatra”). Just because Frank Sinatra was outwardly successful

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    1. I’m a fool to want you. I’m A Fool To Want You, is a Jazz standard that was composed by Frank Sinatra, Jack Wolf and Joel Herron, in 1951. The song has been recorded by many of Sinatra’s jazz contemporary’s, such as Billie Holiday and Chet Baker. Frank Sinatra was born on 12 December 1915 , and hails from New Jersey, America, and is seen as one of the biggest Jazz artists of the 20th century, having gone on to sell more than 150 million records all over the world. He gained prominence

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    Frank Sinatra Francis Albert Sinatra born on December 12, 1915, in Hoboken, New Jersey later became known as Frank Sinatra and one of the greatest entertainers of his generation. American singers - Bing Crosby and Billie Holiday, influenced Frank Sinatra. Sinatra then developed a signature vocal phrasing in his music that influenced generations of popular vocalists. Sinatra anticipated the decline of big-band instrumental jazz music, and helped establish an enthusiastic climate for

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    Chapter Two: Sinatra as a Cultural Icon In the first chapter, this essay primarily addressed the musical aspects of Frank Sinatra. This section will examine his celebrity image, and how it reflected the values of popular culture that spanned his career. Sinatra was the first musician, more specifically a singer, to achieve this kind of fame and notoriety among his audiences. Intentional or not, he started a trend in popular music that would later be replicated by many artists, including Elvis,