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  • Gifted Hands Essay

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    Gifted Hands is an inspirational novel based around the life of Ben Carson, from his rugged upbringing in inner-city Detroit to his position as director of pediatric neurosurgery at John Hopkins Hospital at age 33. The novel foregrounds Carson’s struggle to defy all odds - aided by his iron will, tremendous faith, respect, meekness and an unconditional devotion to God. Carson displayed great determination and dedication from a young age. He thrived to be ahead of his studies and went the extra mile

  • The Alchemist And Gifted Hands Essay

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    to do or know something. Although reading can give you a lot of knowledge it’s not enough for you in the real world. To become a doctor you actually need experience but knowledge is just as important. I believe that this quote can be applied to “Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story” by Ben Carson with Cecil Murphey and “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho, because in these books the author portrays the challenges and hardships the people faced which is their experience and the

  • Gifted Hands Reflection

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    The portrayal of Dr. Ben Carson’s life in ‘Gifted Hands’ was truly inspirational and motivational. Through the depiction of his life, we realize that a person can still thrive despite encountering numerous adversaries. In the first part of the film, the audience saw a younger Ben, a kid who was hot-tempered and quite gullible, so far from who he is now. As a child, Ben was easily influenced and pressured by his friends — he succumbed to peer pressure as any adolescents would. Those specific attributes

  • The Challenges In The Novel 'Gifted Hands'

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    In the novel, “Gifted Hands”, the character Ben, the author, faced many challenges. One of them being the leaving of his father when he was 8 years old. The other one, his horrible temper, the ending of the first semester at Yale final exams, where he just wanted to give up and didn’t believe in himself, and the final and hardest one, the separation of the twins. There were many other challenges Ben went through all of his life, but I believe these were some of the main ones that changed him, made

  • Gifted Hands Book Report

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    Gifted Hands: a Benson Carson Story By: Julia Murtha While reading this enchanting book, I have realized that I should not let the little things in my life be taken for granted. Ben Carson had a rough child hood, but he was a good kid. As a child he wasn’t the brightest or the richest, but he was a well mannered child. He was teased a lot during his elementary school years, just because he was not the brightest student in his class. He was tired of

  • Thesis Statement Of The Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story

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    How Faith Created Gifted Hands Thesis Statement: Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, is an exceptionally well written, book and movie that inspires and tells a story of a pediatric neurosurgeon who overcame adversity with faith and determinism. I. Introduction: An imagination combined with faith is the birth of a beautiful creation, Ben Carson is a great example of this combination. Ben Carson’s autobiography was assigned to me by Professor Harkins-Pierre. I chose to evaluate this book as well as

  • Essay on The Power of Education in a Young Mens Life

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    life young adults and adolescents tend to be faced with many challenges that alter the out come of their adult years by either benefiting or harming it. This is evident in “The Pact,” by Drs. Sampson Davis, George Jenkins, and Rameck Hunt, and “Gifted Hands: A Ben Carson Story,” by Ben Carson. These two books are similar in multiple aspects such as: the influences, and environment the characters are exposed to; the characters goals and struggles; and the purpose for writing the books and the lesson

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    Study of Gifted Person Introduction A few months ago, my family watched the movie, “Gifted Hands”. Although I had never heard of the movie or the man, Dr. Ben Carson, I found his story and life inspirational. I felt drawn to know more about him. Following the movie, my daughter, Elizabeth, and I goggled Dr. Carson. Since the movie begins with Ben Carson as a poor child who is bullied and made fun of due to his poverty, poor grades in school, and lack of friends, Elizabeth could relate

  • Dr. Ben Carson As A Leader Of A Nation

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    Carson went so far as to exclaim in his own autobiography that, “For whatever reason, the God of the universe, the God who holds galaxies in His hands, had seen a reason to reach down to a campus room on Planet Earth and send a dream to a discouraged ghetto kid who wanted to become a doctor” (taleoftwocarsons), If Ben Carson were to read The Autobiography of Malcolm X, it could reconnect him with

  • The Importance of Maintaining Gifted Programs: Schools Must Not Neglect Gifted Children

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    Many people are of the opinion that special education programs for gifted children are an unnecessary burden on tightly-budgeted and under-funded school systems, but this is actually far from the truth. The gifted are perhaps the most neglected group of special needs children in almost every school district. Because many people assume that the gifted do not need extra attention, gifted programs are often the first program to be cut when budgets are reduced, but I suggest that they be the last to