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  • The Gold Rush

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    Migration to the gold fields The gold rush was the turning point of Australia’s history thanks to Edward Hargraves he discovered gold in New South Wales in April 1851 and soon the gold rush kicked off. Clear evidence has been provided on how Edward Hargraves started the gold rush started, Information on how push and pull factors influenced people to the gold fields. Stories have been recounted on how life during the gold rush was like in the gold fields. Information on how many numbers of migrants

  • Impact Of The Gold Rush

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    Gold is the catalyst for numerous events that develop the American economy just before the Civil War. Mankind appears to have a passionate, enduring, and daresay destined obsession with gold and mineral wealth. A gold rush is a force of nature that seems to shake up a culture just as much as an economy. This is evident particularly in early to middle 1800’s America where there is already this grand ideal that divine providence wills for a massive expansion of American territory. The introduction

  • Gold Rush And The Silver Rush

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    Gold rush Today I will be talking about the gold rush and I think it will be a lot of fun so I will just let you read about the gold rush It started when some men were working and they were digging.then they found gold it pretty much spread immediately. People came from everywhere to find gold. Then they started to make towns and people wanted the gold. They started to fight and it became kaos. After people moved in to the gold land people were charging 19

  • California's Gold Rush

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    "Gold! Gold! Gold from the American River!” shouted Samuel Brannan, a newspaper publicist from San Francisco, following the discovery of gold in California (Rhodes 168). This event sparked a new era of immigration to California in 1848. The gold rush began on January 24, 1848 when gold was found by James Marshall, a foreman for John Sutter, at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California (Bancroft 32). Initially the news was kept a secret due to the risk of a massive wave of gold seekers interfering with

  • The Gold Rush Effects

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    The goldfields were discovered in 1848 but the gold rush started in 1851. The first amount of gold was found by Edward Hargraves. Many people travelled from all around the world in hopes that they would find a lot of gold and become rich. For many people that didn’t happen, only a few people found a good amount of gold. Between 1851 and 1861 Australia produced one third of its gold. On the goldfields there was discrimination against the chinses immigrants and the Aboriginals. The miners had to carry

  • The Gold Rush And Discrimination

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    The Gold Rush and Discrimination California is the state that well known with the largest population in the United State, and it is the most culturally and racially diverse society.When walking in the street, it can see different kinds of races and hear many different languages. “Melting pot” is a good definition to explain this diverse phenomenon, which describes that the lost of different cultures living together harmoniously in a common society. Actually, numbers of these different cultural

  • The Gold Rush In California

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    The gold rush helped California industrialize. It is well known that industrialization in America started in the east. However, the gold rush was the reason why California industrialized much faster than the east. With the technological improvements, that the gold rush demands it helped California industrialize much faster. James Marshall first discovered gold on January 24 1848 on the south fork of the American river. A not so well know part of California history is that James Marshall was not

  • Gold Rush In California

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    ignited by the gold rush, and one of the changes were to the state’s water supply. When there’s an opportunity to make a lot of money people tend to uproot and move to where the success is happening and the gold rush proved to be no different. California’s population boomed because of the gold rush, and the increase in population caused an increase in gold mining which then caused an increase in polluted water. According to the Water Education Foundations article California Gold Rush and Today’s Water

  • The California Gold Rush

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    In 1849, an inundation of Chinese immigrants came to the United States to take part in the California gold rush. Relations between the Chinese and Americans started off neutral, but soon conflicts arose. White workers saw Chinese as a threat to their status and tried to solve this issue by passing the Chinese Exclusion Act; this severely limited the number of Chinese allowed to immigrate into the country at the time. Although this compromise satisfied the white protests, it only lead to more conflicts

  • The California Gold Rush

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    The California Gold Rush was a spectacular event in California’s history. It occurred from 1848-1855. Many people migrated to California to find the gold that was said to be there. This changed California from a dreary and unpopulated place to a thriving and happy place to be. Not everyone struck it rich, though, not even the person who discovered it, James W. Marshall. California’s motto, Eureka, is a reference to the Gold Rush. The California Gold Rush was a life-changing event for many people