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  • The Difference Between Graffiti And Graffiti

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    beauty or emotional power. (Oxford, 2012). As the years have passed Art has come to include expanding subgenres including architecture, murals and memorials (Newspaper Association of America, 2001). However, since the booming of Hip Hop culture, graffiti has also been acknowledged as a form of art in popular culture. “Pop Culture” is a term that includes society’s current collective preferences in music, film, sports, recreation, jokes, fashion and advertising (The Museum of Contemporary Art, 1990)

  • Relationship Between Graffiti And Graffiti

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    The Relations Between Street Art, Graffiti, and Culture Street art, also known as “guerilla art” and “neo-graffiti” is a literate and self-conscious form of visual art, created and displayed in public locations, as a way for artists to communicate directly with an audience. Popular in cities and densely populated urban areas, street art is often commonly confused with graffiti. However, the two mediums have their differences. Graffiti takes the form of written words, usually a name or a tag, scrawled

  • Graffiti Art

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    “Works produced by human creative skill and imagination.” (“Art” 2017). From these definitions, graffiti is art, yet in most cases, it’s considered vandalism because it is done without permission of the property. When graffiti is done in a designated place or with the permission of the property owner, then it can truly be considered art. But even if these circumstances are not met, if the graffiti goes beyond a simple tag, it is art. If you walk through almost any city, the buildings, bridges

  • Vandalization Of Graffiti

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    For several decades, graffiti has been a subject of great contention. Is it art that should be appreciated? Or is it vandalism that must be condemned? Semantics aside, what can be definitively agreed upon is that graffiti is an urban phenomenon and that its many manifestations are unique in their own ways. The urban landscape that is the canvas for graffiti artists and taggers houses some of society’s most problematic factors, such as socioeconomic disparities, power struggles, political unrest,

  • Graffiti As A Vandalism

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    Graffiti is considered vandalism in some cities, streets, and underground tunnel where it is considered to have issues with the police. Yet in other places graffiti is considered a kind of art form where painting on the wall isn't consider a type of crime, but a kind of painting that is view on the streets instead in a museum. In different cities, countries have had graffiti art where street artists can consider themselves as an artist to express how they feel or to explain something through art

  • Graffiti War

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    What do the “graffiti wars” say about social relations of inequality and power in cities? Unequal power relations seemingly drive the war against graffiti. Arguably, this war targets marginalized individuals in poor communities, more specifically; it targets poor Black and Latino youth. Chronopolous (2011) argues that graffiti is seen as a threat to social disorder and suggests that communities festered with graffiti are “out of control” (Chronopoulous 2011, pg. 77-78). This is as a result of

  • Graffiti Essay

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    GRAFFITI: A VISUAL DIALOUGE Graffiti: term applied to the arrangement of institutionally illicit marks in which there has been an attempt by an individual or group of individuals (usually not professional artists) to display upon a wall or surface that is usually visually accessible to the public. Even if one has never seen graffiti before, a negative image would probably pop into one’s mind after reading this definition. Graffiti is not only a work of art, it also includes the underground culture

  • The Art Of Graffiti

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    of 2013, a graffiti artist by the name of 'Lady Pink' had police barge into her house in Queens and arrest her husband for vandalism. They took her art supplies, photo archives, and many of her prized possessions. She had to sit there, helpless, watching police take away her things. In today's world right now, expressing yourself creatively is one of the most important things you can do to help figure out who you are. A part of creative expression is art. Art makes people happy. Graffiti falls into

  • Graffiti Vandalism

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    consider the widespread art form of graffiti an eyesore, but others would disagree. Who's to say what is art as opposed to trash vandalism? Since the late 60’s people have hit the streets, cans of paint in hand, to scrawl their wildest dreams onto whatever “canvas” they could find. Philadelphia high school student Cornbread is credited with starting this movement in 1967 in attempts to get the attention of a girl he fancied (The History Of American Graffiti). Others took notice and began to search

  • Graffiti: Can it Be Prevented?

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    Graffiti: Can it Be Prevented? Introduction: What is Graffiti? ________________________________________ According to, graffiti is defined as a term applied to an arrangement of institutionally illicit marks in which there has been an attempt to establish some sort of coherent composition: such marks are made by an individual or individuals (not generally professional artists) upon a wall or other surface that is usually visually accessible to the public. The purpose of this report