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  • Horatio In Hamlet

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    the early 1600’s, William Shakespeare created the masterpiece play Hamlet. Since that day, numerous theaters have performed the play and many publishers have made they’re version of the original playwright (the original copy is at an unknown location.) For these years, there has been numerous debatable aspects of Hamlet - one of which being whether or not the ghost encounter with the deceased King Hamlet was real. Of course, Horatio is the credible witness to tell us of the ghost’s existence - but

  • Character Of Horatio In Hamlet

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    Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark’ by William Shakespeare, Hamlet has one true confidant that sticks to his side for his entire life. Some believe that Hamlet’s confidante, Horatio, is insignificant to the play’s development. However, it is undeniable that Horatio is the one true friend that is full of compassion and composure in all of his appearances. He foreshadows events and follows his gut instinct when facing a predicament. Although he has a confident feeling about right and wrong, Horatio ultimately

  • Hamlet Horatio Analysis

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    Hamlet’s Horatio Most of the characters in Shakespeare’s Hamlet are driven by self-desire or preservation. The main characters in this story do not seem to actually care for Hamlet and his wellbeing, except for Horatio. Through all the mad, sad, and crazy Horatio stays but Hamlet’s side. Horatio is the only true friend to Hamlet. The struggles Hamlet goes through are impossibly difficult and without someone to stand by him he would not have gotten through them as far as he did. Horatio is extremely

  • Horatio in Shakespeare's Hamlet Essay

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    Horatio in Hamlet      In Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet, the closest friend of the hero is a fellow-student from Wittenberg (Granville-Barker 93), an intelligent and understanding young man by the name of Horatio. This essay seeks to carefully present his character.   Marchette Chute in “The Story Told in Hamlet” describes Horatio’s part in the opening scene of the play:   The story opens in the cold and dark of a winter night in Denmark, while the guard is being changed on the

  • Hamlet and Horatio Essay

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    Hamlet and Horatio      Horatio holds the seat of honor in Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet, for being the only character among the dramatis personae who is extremely close to the protagonist. Horatio’s emotional bond with the hero is paradoxically closer than that of Hamlet’s mother to the hero. This essay will examine the character of Horatio, Hamlet’s truest friend.   D.G. James’ essay, “The New Doubt,” explains the hero’s passionate admiration of Horatio:   But we must remark

  • Hamlet and Horatio Essay

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    Hamlet and Horatio       When reading Shakespeare's Hamlet, one becomes involved with a number of relationships involving Hamlet (the tragic protagonist) and the main characters supporting the play. The characters involved include, but are not limited to, Hamlet (the ghost), former King of Denmark and deceased father to the protagonist; Horatio, friend to Hamlet; Gertrude, Queen of Denmark and mother to Hamlet; and Ophelia, daughter of Polonius and romantic interest to Hamlet. Although all

  • Hamlet Horatio Analysis

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    Shakespeare uses Horatio to unfold the story of Hamlet, beginning with the opening scene all the way until Hamlet’s death. In Act 1, Horatio foreshadows what is in store for Denmark and Hamlet. After encountering the Ghost once before, Horatio becomes skeptical of its presence. Although Horatio has now seen the Ghost, unlike before when the knights spoke to him of it, he fears that it has appeared to share some dark news. "A mote to trouble the mind’s eye/In the most high and palmy state of Rome/A

  • Similarities Between Hamlet And Horatio

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    In the book Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet and Horatio demonstrate a trustworthy friendship. Hamlet and Horatio demonstrate a loyal friendship because Horatio helps Hamlet with his plan to determine if Claudius was the one who killed his father. “Well, my lord. If he steal aught the whist this play is playing, And scape detecting, I will pay the theft” (Act3.Sc2.Pg141). This shows that Horatio is being trustworthy to Hamlet because he is going to help him with the plan and does not say anything

  • The Character Horatio in Shakespeare's Hamlet Essay

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    The Character Horatio in Shakespeare's Hamlet In the play Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the confidant Horatio is created to serve a number of different purposes. Horatio is a flat character. He is a loyal, obedient, and trustworthy companion to Hamlet. His character does not undergo any significant transformation throughout the play, except that he serves as a witness of the death of Hamlet, Claudius, and Gertrude. Horatio's role in the play seems to be as a utilitarian character that Shakespeare

  • Horatio Is The Alpha And Omega Of Hamlet

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    instance, Horatio is referring back to Roman ideas that he would rather commit suicide than outlive his friend, Hamlet. Many believe that Horatio is an unimportant character and was just put there as a filler character. However, this could not be farther from the truth. Without Horatio, Hamlet would be just a crazy. Horatio is a looked over main character that makes Hamlet’s story credible. If he did not choose to narrate, the entire play would be based on a mad man’s story. Horatio is the alpha