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  • The Health Center Is The Only Health Resource

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    The Student Health Center is the only health resource that is on campus for students to access. The staff at the health center consists of physicians, nurses, and other health care professionals that are available to help during open hours. For enrolled students, a visit to the health center is free of charge with the exception of certain labs and x-rays that ranges in costs. You can either walk-in Monday through Thursdays between 8am-6pm and on Fridays from 8am-4pm. You can also schedule a same

  • A Speech On The Health Center

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    prepare a 5 minute announcement about diabetes and the need to go and check with a doctor or at the local clinic. The brief info will include information to promote regular check-ups, maintain good weight, diet and exercise and the need to visit the health center regularly 8- Partnership with politicians The program will partner with politicians to ask them with their assistance by providing a brief message in the beginning of their campaign meetings, in order to address the crowd that is present during

  • Salina Health Care Center ( Sfhc )

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    Introduction Salina Health Education Foundation, founded in 1979 and Salina Care founded in 1991, merged in 2004 to form Salina Family Health Care Center (SFHC). Since the inception the clinic has served Saline County with health and dental care for uninsured and low income residents. In addition the clinic has provided residency programs for family medicine physicians for future roles as providers to rural Kansas towns. In December of 2004 SHEF became a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Following

  • Family Health Center Of Worcester

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    Family Health Center of Worcester is a full-service community health center accessible to all residents of Worcester and neighboring towns. FHC is a Joint Commission accredited, Federally Qualified Health Center, whose mission is to progress the health and well-being of all residents in Worcester County, with a special focus on culturally diverse populations, by providing access to reasonable, high quality, united, wide-ranging, and deferential primary health care (“Family Health Center of Worcester”

  • The Brockton Neighborhood Health Center

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    Resolution 624 11/4/10 Cross-Cultural Conflicts Professor, Rezarta Bilali Assignment # 2 Joseph A. Bettencourt The Brockton Neighborhood Health Center, an Institution Formed and Molded By Diversity Controversy According to behavioral theories of communication and decision-making the rational solution to a problem is not always the best answer. Therefore, when diversity creates controversy

  • The Center For Health Care Services

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    What is the agency you selected, and what is your rationale for choosing this particular agency? The center for health care services. I chose this agency because I like what it has to offer not only for its employees, but for the community. 2.What other agencies did you consider, and why did you not select them? Community Options, Inc., and Austin Area Mental Health Consumers, Inc. Community options inc is an amazing company. The fact that they go above and beyond for their clients with special

  • Evaluation Of A Health Community Mental Health Center

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    Evaluation Assessment Eskenazi Health offers various nationally-recognized programs and services. Overall, Eskenazi Health has a mission to advocate, care, teach, and serve community members. The specific agency I have chosen to research is Eskenazi Midtown Community Mental Health. There is an emphasis on vulnerable populations, and financial measures do not disqualify care. Located locally in Indianapolis, Eskenazi Health Midtown Community Mental Health Center provides comprehensive inpatient and

  • Family Health Center ( Ffhc )

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    Family Health Center (FFHC) is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) serving medically underserved populations in Chicago’s southeast and southwest areas. The FFHC sites include the main clinic Cottage Grove and 4 off-site locations; Ashland, Beethoven, Pulaski, and Western. FFHC patient populations consist of mainly uninsured or families on Medicaid. FFHC offers services in three main areas: Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Internal Medicine. Their services include health prevention

  • Cerritos College Health Center Research Paper

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    Cerritos College, I would say one of the most important and beneficial advantages of being a student is the health center. The health center is a place where s student can receive all types of care including mental health counseling, nutrition guidance, and checkups for physical well-being. With a place that’s not too far away and completely free of charge, the Cerritos College health center is certainly a place that can reassure students and help them reach success. Working toward a degree takes

  • Working At Texas State Health Center

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    with Karen Gordon - Sosby, associate director at the Texas State University Student Health Center made for an interview report. Ms. Karan has been working at Texas state health center for 23 years. She started her career with a public health degree in health education and a business degree in accounting and later moved to administration. Interestingly she has been working at a single place from the start of her health administration career; she made a remark on the disadvantage the younger generations