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  • Helen Keller

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    Helen Keller Her life and legacy "While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done." -Helen Keller Hailan El-Naas Grade 9A April 28, 2013 Table of Contents 1. Outline 1 2. Introduction

  • Helen Keller Goals

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    Since Helen Keller’s early years in life she has always been blind, deaf and mute. Members in her family knew there was sure to be many difficulties in teaching her basic life routines, and from where the family stood there was no way to teach her. Helen sometimes got so frustrated she would lash out. Until one day her family, with hopes to teach her, hired someone with experience to help. The teacher's name is Annie Sullivan. Sullivan had some difficulties getting through to Helen, but once she

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    Helen Keller House and Museum at Ivy Green When I heard about this assignment I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I heard about a special lady who was born in Tuscumbia Alabama. The special lady I was referring too was Helen Keller, I didn’t really know much about her except for the fact that she was blind and deaf. I have also heard about the play and the movie “Miracle Worker” that was based off of her life. Little did I know I was in for a treat, learning about this magnificent woman’s

  • Helen Keller Contributions

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    Helen Keller, a very profound person, who was deaf and blind who turned into a great and sophisticated person after persevering to be a regular human. Helen Keller was diagnosed with blindness and deafness at age 1 and that impacted her for life. But, she had not let that get in her way and when she reached 18 years old she was able to perfectly talk and even wrote books which was unbelievable. She showed great sympathy when working at child care centers for the blind. Helen Keller greatly impacted

  • Helen Keller Accomplishments

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    Helen Keller was an amazing woman, before she became blind and deaf, she was already doing amazing things as a baby. At only six months old Helen was already starting to speak and form words. On Helen’s first birthday, she began to walk. As an infant she was already doing amazing things, things that most babies cannot do at that age. When Helen was only two years old, she got very ill and lost her senses of sight and hearing due to the fever and sickness. Helen was afflicted with feeling very lost

  • Helen Keller Contributions

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    disabilities. Specifically, Helen Keller has influenced many, young or old. Helen Keller is influential because she followed her passion, she overcame a great obstacle, and she had determination. The first reason Helen Keller is in influential is because she followed her passions. I know this because in the article Biography.com it states,”Beginning in 1887, Keller's teacher, Anne Sullivan, helped her make tremendous progress with her ability to communicate, and Keller went on to college, graduating

  • Helen Keller Obstacles

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    he wants, but his goal seems impossible to achieve. Helen Keller, a young woman who became blind and deaf at an early age, knew she wanted to communicate and overcame what some might have considered impossible obstacles. After analyzing several online biographies, it is clear that Helen Keller was a woman who refused to accept defeat. Helen Keller, even though blind and deaf, proved to be a very intelligent child. For example, after Keller lost her sight and hearing at only 19 months of age, she

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    fulfill her needs. This was exactly the way Helen Keller lived part of her childhood. If we think about Erik W. and Uncle Jim, they were only blind, whereas Helen Keller was deaf and blind. Living with two disabilities, going against society and reaching up to great heights, I believe Helen Keller faced the greatest obstacles. Helen Keller had come across tremendous difficulties, but the aspect that made her stand out was that she was blind and deaf. Keller developed the disabilities due to an unknown

  • Helen Keller Contributions

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    were thoroughly represented by the personality of and the life lead by Miss Helen Keller. Despite the fact that she was left permanently both deaf and blind at the age of 19 months she overcame numerous challenges and learned to communicate, eventually earning a degree from one of the leading universities in the United States. In doing so she represented the first quality of global citizenship, resiliency. Helen Keller was a huge believer in the ability of all people to do great things in the world

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    indefinite infection, which was alleged to be Scarlet Fever, Helen Keller became sightless and deaf near the age of one. While developing age, Helen had industrialized antagonism of not being able to hear or see, and because of that she became a short-tempered and a barren girl. Helen would eat food off of others plates, or throw pots and pans at whoever she could feel, and maybe throw in a lot of ear-piercing screaming too. While Helen was being coached by Anne Sullivan, Anne recognized how bad Helen’s