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  • Hemophilia

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    disorder known as Hemophilia, these clotting proteins are either missing from the blood or found in lower does than in the blood of the average human. This causes the patient’s blood not congeal properly when a laceration occurs, which can put the patient at risk of exsanguination, or death by loss of blood. Scientifically, the cause of

  • What Is Hemophilia?

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    What is Hemophilia? Hemophilia is a hereditary bleeding disorder in which people that have it lack blood clotting factor VIII. There are two types of hemophilia, Hemophilia A (Classic Hemophilia) and Hemophilia B (Christmas Disease). Hemophilia can also be known as Royal’s Disease. Causes Hemophilia is caused by an inherited X-linked recessive trait with the defective gene found on the X chromosome. Since females have two Xs, even if one of their chromosomes carries the disorder, they won’t usually

  • The Symptoms Of Hemophilia

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    What is hemophilia? Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder that slows down the blood clotting process. People who have hemophilia often have longer bleeding after an injury or surgery. People who have severe hemophilia have spontaneous bleeding into the joints and muscles. Hemophilia occurs more commonly in males than in females. The two most common types of hemophilia are hemophilia A (also known as classic hemophilia) and hemophilia B (also known as Christmas disease). People who have hemophilia A have

  • Hemophilia Essay

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    Hemophilia      Hemophilia is the oldest know, lifelong bleeding disorder(“Hemophilia”2004). It is named for two inherited diseases in which the blood does not clot normally. Several different plasma proteins must be present for blood to clot property. If one of the plasma proteins is missing, or present at low levels, blood clots very slowly(“Hemophilia” The Marshall Cavendish). The two most common types of hemophilia are: Hemophilia A or FactorVIII(8) deficiency and Hemophilia

  • Hemophilia Essay

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    Hemophilia is the oldest known hereditary bleeding disorder. There are two types of hemophilia, A and B (Christmas Disease). Low levels or complete absence of a blood protein essential for clotting causes both. Patients with hemophilia A lack the blood clotting protein, factor VIII, and those with hemophilia B lack factor IX. A person with severe hemophilia has less than 1% of the normal amount of a clotting factor - either Factor VIII (8) or Factor IX (9). People without hemophilia have between

  • The Rise Of Hemophilia

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    Hemophilia was a royal pain that changed the course of history. Throughout Europe, hemophilia directly affected the chains of succession in royal families and played a significant role in changing the forms of governments in some countries. Those changes in how different countries were governed changed the way they interacted with other countries around the world. For example, it is believed that the spread of hemophilia played a part in the rise of communism in Russia and the end of the monarchy

  • Hemophilia Royal Disease

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    Hemophilia, once called the royal disease is a problem with the clotting of blood. When a cut or bruise occurs it can bleed causing problems with people who suffer from hemophilia. Patients with hemophilia will continually bleed longer than a normal individual. This bleeding can lead to harmful levels of blood loss to internal bleeding. Hemophilia is very rare occurring once every five thousand people. Rare, however it is the most common x linked trait. When an injury occurs, blood cells called

  • The Common Type Of Hemophilia

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    Hemophilia, sometimes known as “bleeders’ disease” or “the love of blood”, is a genetic blood clotting disorder that causes abnormal, excessive bleeding. Approximately one in 10,000 males born in the US has hemophilia and it equally affects all races and socio-economic groups (Bellenir 96). A person with hemophilia, or a hemophiliac, has either an inactive or inadequate supply of one of several factors needed for blood to clot normally. The most common type of hemophilia is caused by the absence

  • Hemophilia Case Study

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    born with the disorder? (1 mark) People with hemophilia had a decreased life expectancy of around 11 years before the development of factor concentrates, this was before the 1960s. During the modern day, the death rate of males with hemophilia is double that of healthy males. However,

  • Case Study Of Hemophilia

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    Name: Hemophilia Overview: The Hemophilia is a rare disease in which the blood fails to clot normally; those suffering from hemophilia may bleed more than usual after an injury, you may also experience internal bleeding, especially in the knees, ankles and elbows, which can damage organs or tissues and endanger the patient's life. Hemophilia is usually an inherited disorder, which is transmitted from parents to children through genetic heritage; those suffering from hemophilia have clotting factors